Monday, November 2, 2015

October 26, 2015 - Vancouver

Location: The Tiki Bar At The Waldorf
Episodes: Treehouse of Horror II, Colonel Homer, Treehouse of Horror V
Categories: The Many Jobs of Homer, Villians
Winner: Someone set this team to 'evil'
1. Someone set this team to 'evil' 40 pts
2. The team that's free from these male-imposed shackles (fwoosh) 38 pts
3. Ooooh, erotic cakes 38 pts
4. My fellow trivia teams, as a young child we dreamed of being a baseball. BUT TONIGHT, we say we must go forward, not backward. Upward, not forward. And always twirling, twirling, TWIRLING toward freedom! 34 pts
5. Dr. Marvin Monroe, child monster pshychologist and member of the Bonerland Medical Association 30 pts
6. This team contains potassium benzoate 30 pts
7. This team has had its differences and we've squabbled, but we've never had knife fights before 29 pts
8. The joy of cooking Milhouse 27 pts
9. The Killing Team. Don't let the name throw you, Jimmy, it's not a real team 27 pts
10. The erotic cakes 24 pts
11. The Sloppy Jimbos purple monkey dishwasher 24 pts
12. No TV and no beer make this team something something 23.5 pts
13. Team Discovery Channel 23 pts
14. The classic Glenn Fors film '200 Miles to Oregon' 23 pts
15. This team likes its beer cold, TV loud, and homosexuals flaming 21.5 pts
16. √úterbraten 21.5 pts
17. Hired goons 21 pts
18. I Do Believe We're Naked by Funky See Funky Do 21 pts
19. Trojan, Ramsey, Durex, Sheik 20 pts
20. NEEEEEEERDS 18.5 pts
21. Krusty's Komedy Klowns 17 pts
22. Jub Jub 16 pts
23. Flancrest Enterprises 15 pts
24. compuglobalhypermeganet 11 pts
25. The Wallflowers 8 pts
26. Forty Humans 4 pts
27. The Boo-urns 3 pts

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