Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15, 2014 - Vancouver

Location: Simply Delicious
Categories: Chief Wiggum, Song Lyrics
Episodes: Homer Goes To College, Lisa's Rival, You Only Move Twice 
Winner: Worker and Parasite

Final Standings:
1. Worker and Parasite 44 pts
2. The Sons of the Guy Who Played "Huggy Bear" 41 pts
3. The erotic adventures of Hercules 38 pts
4. Latex Condo…Boy! We'd like to live in one of those! 36.5 pts
5. Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others 35 pts
6. Rowdy Roddie Peeper! 34.5 pts
7. Wow, this is great, and all we've done is write down our name…Thrillhouse! 34 pts
8. The Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers 33 pts
9. Baby on board, something something Burt Ward…this thing practically writes itself! 32.5 pts
10. Lousy Smarch Weather 32 pts
11. Baby on board, something something Burt Ward 27.5 pts
12. Hell Damn Ass Kings 27 pts
13. 52 Slices of American Cheese 25.5 pts
14. Lead Paint: Delicious but deadly 24 pts
15. Cram it with walnuts, ugly 24 pts
16. There's a team behind that lemon-shaped rock 23.5 pts
17. 1-600 DOCTORB 23 pts
18. The Team Where Nothing Can Possibli Go Wrong 23 pts
19. Stupid Sexy Flanders 23 pts
20. The Denver Broncos 20.5 pts
21. Blackula Meets Black Dracula 18 pts
22. Dungeons and dildos 18 pts
23. Gonna paint a wagon, gonna paint it good 17.5 pts
24. Kang & Kodos 17 pts
25. The suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked 16.5 pts
26. A fridge too far 16 pts
27. The Lizard Queens 16 pts
28. Ken Griffey Jr.'s grotesquely swollen jaw 16 pts
29. Snowball 3 12 pts
30. Lisa need braces 7.5 pts
31. Pin Palspts
32. The stoney baloneys 4.5 

September 15, 2014 - Chicago (2nd anniversary edition)

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Episodes: Dancin’ Homer, Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song, Last Exit to Springfield
Categories: Homer Simpson, Birthdays
Winner: This Team Knows All Except Combination to Safe

Final Standings:
1. This Team Knows All Except Combination to Safe, 50 pts
2. New York is a Hellhole. And You Know How I Feel About Hellholes, 47 pts
3. We’re Here, We’re Queer, We Don’t Want Any More Bears, 46 pts
4. The Kids Can Call Our Team “HoJu”, 45.5 pts
5. Stacy-Con ’94, 45 pts
5. Diese Trivia Team ist Ein... Nuisance Team!, 45 pts
7. The Team Next to the Team with No Numbers on It, 43 pts
8. The Popes of Chili Town, 42 pts
9. Million Dollar Birthday Fries, 41.5 pts
9. Don’t Make Me Run, I’m Full of Pizza, 41.5 pts
11. The Team with No Numbers on It, 40 pts
12. Mr. and Mrs. Erotic American, 39.5 pts
13. Cause When This Team Reaches Over and Put Their Hands into a Pile of Goo That was Your Best Friend's Face, You'll Know What to Do! Forget It, Marge, It's Chinatown!, 39 pts
14. Nana nana nana nana LEADER, 38 pts
14. We Bet on the Other Teams to Win, 38 pts
16. St. Sebastian’s School for Wicked Girls, 37.5 pts
17. Whitey Whackers, 36 pts
17. Mediocre Presidents, 36 pts
19. All Right Marge: We're Getting' Drive-Thru and Doin' it Twice!!, 35.5 pts
20. The Merciless Peppers of Quetzalacatenango, 34.5 pts
21. Some Sort of Non… Giving Up… School Guy!, 32 pts
21. All in Favor, Say Die, 32 pts
23. Happy Smile Super Challenge Family Wish Show, 31 pts
24. The B-Sharps, 29.5 pts
24. Hitachi Tribe, 29.5 pts
26. Pin Pals, 27.5 pts
27. Seaweed Sharks, 22.5 pts
28. Hepped Up on Goofballs, 20 pts
29. The Dennis Miller Ratio, 18.5 pts

30. The Ides of Marge, 17.5 pts

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 9, 2014 - Toronto

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: The Secret War of Lisa Simpson, Homer Goes To College, Separate Vocations
Categories: Comic Book Guy, Back To School!

Winners: The Nelsons feat. FILM FESTIVAL! FILM FESTIVAL!

Final Standings:
1. The Nelsons feat. FILM FESTIVAL! FILM FESTIVAL!, 46.5 pts
2. Sex Cauldron, 45 pts
3. Simpsons Trivia: Where All Your Non-Sexual Dreams Come True, 43.5 pts

4. Amber! Knock Him Down If He's In Your Way! Ian! Ian, Go For The Face! The Nelsons Lost Their Shin Guard! Hack The Bone! HACK THE BONE!!, 42.5 pts
4. Na, Nei Dee Ngan, 42.5 pts
6. Porno, Porno, PORNO!, 41.5 pts
7. The Rand Corporation In Conjunction With The Saucer People Under The Supervision Of The Reverse Vampires, 41 pts
8. Hey Team Marking Us: Have You Always Been A Chick? I Mean, I Don't Want To Offend You, But You Were Born A Man, Right?, 39 pts
9. The Leg-Up Program, 37 pts
10. Miss Hoover, This Team Went In My Mouth And Then I Ate It, Can I Have A New One?, 35.5 pts
10. We're The Stupid Morons With Ugly Faces And Big Butts And Our Butts Smell And We Like To Kiss Our Own Butts, 35.5 pts
12. The Team That Watched The Simpsons In A Bar last Night. The Sound Wasn't On But We Think We Got The Gist Of It, 34 pts
13. I Got The Joy Joy Joy Joy Down In My Heart. Where? Down In My Heart! Where? Down In My Heart To stay! And If The Devil Doesn't Like It He Can Sit On A Tack! Ouch! Sit On A Tack, 33.5 pts
13. You're Dead Weight, Marty, 33.5 pts
15. Hired Goons?, 33 pts
16. Capital city Goofballs, 32.5 pts
16. We Don't Get Mad, We Get Stabby, 32.5 pts
18. Awwwwwww, the Denver Broncos?!, 32 pts
19. Put Some Ardor In Your Larder With Our Energizing, Moisturizing, Tantalizing, Romanticizing, Surprising, Her-prising Revitalizing Team!, 31 pts
20. John Smith & John Smith (1882), 30.5 pts
20. NRA4EVER, 30.5 pts
20. That's All Well And Good For Sheep, But What Are We To Do?, 30.5 pts
23. Knight Boat - The Crime-Solving Boat, 30 pts
24. A Couple Of Rory Calhouns, 29.5 pts
24. The Low Expectations Dating Service, 29.5 pts
26. The Larry Davis Experience, 28.5 pts
27. They Realized They Were No Longer Little Girls, They Were Little Women, 28 pts
27. This Team Is A Brilliant Team With Lots of Well Thought Out Practical Answers. They Are Ensuring The Success of This Trivia For Years To Come And..Oh Yes! Their Personal Hygiene Is Above Reproach, 28 pts
29. It's Gloria Vanderbilt, Out For Revenge!, 27 pts
29. Two Bad Neighbours, 27 pts
31. Flying Hellfish, 26 pts
31. So I Says To Mabel, I Says, 26 pts
33. Disgruntled Goat, Uncle Ant & Ku Klux Klam, 25.5 pts
33. Mr. And Mrs. Erotic American, 25.5 pts
35. The Chief Hydrological And Hydrodynamical Engineers, 25 pts
36. The B Sharps, 24 pts
37. Don't You Hate Pants?!, 23.5 pts
38. Not Only Did This Team Fail The Aptitude Test, They Got Trapped In A Closet On The Way Out, 23 pts
39. Can I Borrow A Feeling?, 22 pts
40. We're Just A Little Airborne, We're Still Good, We're Still Good, 18.5 pts
41. Die Team Die, 17 pts
41. Discovery Channel, 17 pts
43. Pure. West., 16.5 pts
44. I Bent My Wookie, 15.5 pts
45. If It's An Emergency Then, 15 pts
45. The Peter Griffins, 15 pts
47. The Popli Kids, 14 pts
48. My Team's A Box! Damn You, A Box!, 10 pts
49. Alright, You're Free To Go. Good 'cause I Got A Hot Date Tonight BUZZZ A Date BUZZZ Dinner With Friends BUZZ Dinner Alone BUZZ Alright! I'm Going To Sit At Home Alone And Ogle The Ladies In The Victoria's Secret Catalogue BUZZ Sears Catalogue DING! Now Would You Unhook Me Please, I Don't Deserve This Kind Of Shabby Treatment BUZZ, 9 pts
49. The Knifey-Spooneys, 9 pts
49. Tonight We're Going To Suck...Your Blood, 9 pts
52. The Stereotypes, 5 pts
53. I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Team, 4 pts
54. The Cause To And Solution To All Of Life's Problems, 3 pts

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hamilton - September 2, 2014

Location: Anchor Bar
Episodes: Homer's Phobia, Bart After Dark, The Twisted World of Marge Simpson
Winner: Steamed Hams

Final Standings:
1. Steamed Hams                                                          47 pts
2. Compuglobalhypermeganet                                   42 pts
3. The Dreaded Rear Admirals                                  38.5 pts
4. Globex Corporation                                                38.5 pts
5. Major Players Down at the Sewing Store         36 pts
6. The Christ Punchers                                            32.5 pts
7. Team X                                                                      32 pts
8. There's Your Answer Fishbulb                         31.5 pts
9. Rory Calhouns                                                        31 pts
10. Look Who's Oinking                                            29.5 pts
11. Happy Little Elves                                                28.5 pts
12. Goonsquad                                                            28 pts
13. Yvan Eht Nioj                                                       26.5 pts
14. People Who Look Like Things                         26 pts
15. The Movementarians                                           24 pts
16. Team Funzo                                                           22.5 pts
17. Party Posse                                                             18 pts
18. Keep Reaching For That Rainbow                 16.5 pts
19. Mooseknucklers                                                    11 pts
20. Rodney                                                                   6 pts

Monday, September 8, 2014

August 21, 2014 - Vancouver

Location: Simply Delicious
Categories: Moe, Food
Episodes: Bart of Darkness, Two Dozen and One Greyhounds, A Star Is Burns
Winner: OK, let's make a pact. This is going to be the best trivia night ever or we'll all agree to disband and join other trivia groups.

Final Standings:
1. OK, let's make a pact. This is going to be the best trivia night ever or we'll all agree to disband and join other trivia groups, 44 pts
2. Stop the Planet of the Apes, I want to get off!, 42.5 
3. Thrillhouse, 42 pts
4. Goons…Hired Goons, 41pts
5. Queen of the Harpies, 40 pts
6. Adrian's Revenge, 39 pts
7. Say Hello to Miguel Sanchez!, 38.5 pts
8. The Wildcats!, 37.5 pts
9. If I catch you I'm gonna stick a sausage down your throat and shove starving dogs up your butt, 36.5 pts
10. Strickland Propane, 36.5 pts
11. Super Nintendo Chalmers, 35 pts
12. Principal Kohotek and that BOY of his, 34.5 pts
13. The Newest Members of the Fleet-a-Pita Franchise: Brandi! Chirstine! Daniel! Jackie! Kirk! Paul! Bart!, 33.5 pts
14. Team Candy Apple Island, 32.5 pts
15. The Whitey Whackers, 31 pts
16. Pageant of the Transmundane, 30.5 pts
17. I can't believe it's a law firm, 30.5 pts
18. Chuck Mangiones, 27 pts
19. Inflammable means Flammable? What a world!!, 25.5 pts
20. I can't! It's a Geo!, 25 pts
21. Diablo Canyon 2, 25 pts
22. The Denver Broncos, 24.5 pts
23. The Inanimate Carbon Rods, 24.5 pts
24. The Jury of the Damned: including the starting line of the Philadelphia Fliers, 24 pts
25. Team Discovery Channel, 23.5 pts
26. Yustis-R Deewoh, 23.5 pts
27. We Steam a Good Ham, 23.5 pts
28. Team Discovery Channel (2), 21 pts
29. Lurleen Lumpkins,19.5 pts
30. The Damn Wiener Kids,19.5 pts
31. Fish Bulb, 17.5 pts
32. The Be Sharps!, 15.5 pts
33. Everything is coming up Milhouse, 13.5 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 4, 2014 - Brooklyn

Location: Berry Park
Categories: Moe; Flashbacks and Flashforwards
Episodes: Burns, Baby, Burns; The Front; Two Bad Neighbors
Winner: (tie) 
We Know You Can Read Our Thoughts, Dans. Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow (won tiebreaker) and That Trivia Was Fixed, Will's Team Was Using A Freakin' Ladder for God's Sake

Final Standings:
1. That Trivia Was Fixed, Will's Team Was Using A Freakin' Ladder for God's Sake, 48 points
1. We Know You Can Read Our Thoughts, Dans. Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow (won tiebreaker), 48 points
3. Stop Remembering TV and Get Back to Work, 46.5 points
4. Ah Yes. Shake it, Dan. Capital Knockers, 46 points
5. This Team May Be Ugly and Hate-Filled but Wait What Was the third thing You Said?, 44 points
5. Berry Park's Answer to a Question No One Asked, 44 points
5. Popes of Chili Town, 44 points
5. The Absence of Mark Radkin, 44 points
9. Two Guys from Kabul, 43.5 points
10. Stupid Lisa Garbage Team, 42.5 points
11. Wolf whistle, meow, eee eee eee eee, purr, pant, ruff, ayooooo, bebebebebebe, hubba hubba, 41.5 points
12. All These Teams at Berry Park are a Bunch of Little SOBs, 39.5 points
13. A Phone Shaped like Mary Worth, 37.5 points
14. The team where they send the nuclear submarine to fight the piranhas, and one of them swims right down the periscope, and bites the guy right in the eye, and the guy goes aaah aaah, and that old lady told him it would happen!, 36 points
15. Competitive violence, that's why we're here! , 34.5 points
16. Committee to Reelect Les Weinan, 33.5 points
17. Pray for Mojo, 33 points
18. Do you come with the car? Oh you! Do you come with the car? Oh you!, 32 points
19. The queens of summertime... we mean kings, 31.5 points
20. Worker and Parasite, 31 points
21. Oh my God, the dead have risen and they're voting republican!, 30 points
22. Sex Cauldron!, 29.5 points
23. Flavor Country (It's a big country), 27.5 points
24. Just Ask These Scienticians, 26.5 points
25. We are hummingbirds of some kind. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee..., 26 points
26. Discovery Channel, 21.5 points
26. Grainne and Semele, the Blue Birds of Unhappiness, 21.5 points
28. Ow! My freakin' ears!, 21 points
29. 64 Slices of American Glenn, 20 points
29. Bovine University Alumni Association, 20 points
31. My eyes! The goggles do nothing!, 8 points

32. Only who can prevent forest fires? You picked you, referring to me. That is incorrect. The correct answer is you, 4.5 points