Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 22, 2015 - Calgary

Location: Dickens Pub
Episodes: The Last Temptation of Homer, $pringfield (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling), Homer the Vigilante
Categories: Lisa Simpson, Rocks and Stones
Winner: We Must Move Forward, Not Backward; Upward, Not Forward; and Always Twirling, Twirling, Twirling Towards Freedom!

1. We Must Move Forward, Not Backward; Upward, Not Forward; and Always Twirling, Twirling, Twirling Towards Freedom!, 45 pts
1. The Department of Missing Babies, 45 pts
3. More Testicles Means More Iron, 43 pts
4. Diddly-iddly’s, 42.5 pts
5. The Flying Hellfish aka The Fighting Hellfish, 41 pts
6. The Handsome B. Wonderfuls, 40.5 pts
6. The Suckiest Bunch of Sucks That Ever Sucked, 40.5 pts
8. Sidewalk-Surfing Cube Gleamers, 39 pts
9. Pin Pals, 38 pts
10. Capitol City Goofballs, 36 pts
10. Finally Bagged Me a Homer, 36 pts
10. Mr. Sparkle “A Joint Venture of Matsumura Fishworks and Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern”, 36 pts
13. Our Team is Otto! We Love to Get Blotto!, 35 pts
14. Sweet Sweet Cans, 33.5 pts
15. I’m a Big Four-Eyed Lame-o and I Wear the Same Stupid Sweater Every Day, 31.5 pts
16. The Junior Campers, 31 pts
17. Hell’s Satans, 29 pts
18. Two Bad Neighbours, 25 pts
19. The Itchy Lot,  24 pts
20. Are Poo and Ass Taken?, 23 pts
21. Doesn’t It Strike you as Odd that √úter Disappeared and Suddenly They’re Serving Us this Mysterious Food Called “√úterbraten”?, 20 pts
22. The Inanimate Carbon Rods, 15 pts
23. The Bus that Couldn’t Slow Down, 8.5 pts

Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Mayor Quimby, Video Games
Episodes: Mom and Pop Art, Bart's Comet, Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming
Winners: Well, Another Monday Night is Upon Us. What Will You Be Doing, Neil? Something Gay, No Doubt?

1. Well, Another Monday Night is Upon Us. What Will You Be Doing, Neil? Something Gay, No Doubt?, 50 pts
2. These Are This Team's Only Friends: Grown Up Nerds Like Neil Arsenty. And Even He's Kissed More Boys Than This Team Ever Will, 48.5 pts
3. Dick Face, 46.5 pts
4. You Don't Want to Sit Downstairs With The Rest of Those Scum. I Only Consider You Scum When A-Compared to Neil Arsenty! Yeah, You See How You Scum, 46 pts
4. Daaaaaaarrrrryl, Daaaaaaarrrrryl, Daaaaaaarrrrryl, Daaaaaaarrrrryl, 46 pts
6. No, All-You-Can-Eat Pizza for Me! I've Got a Class to Teach!, 45.5 pts
6. Stop Sending This Team Links to that Ned Flanders Metal Band, 45.5 pts
8. Are Poo and Ass Taken?, 44.5 pts
9. There Are No Children Here at Simpsons Trivia Either. Am I So Out of Touch? No, It's the Children Who Are Wrong, 43.5 pts
9. No More Apples in the Vending Machine Please!!!, 43.5 pts
9. The Phony Popes with Their High-Top Sneakers and Incredibly Foul Mouths, 43.5 pts
12. Let Me Try a Canine-Human Mind-Meld. It's an Incredibly Rare Psychic Power Possessed Only By Me and Everyone Else on This Team. OK….Ruff! Ruff! I'm Restless! Need Change in Life! Ruff! Like Imported Leather Leash! Ruff! Blue Contact Lenses! Ruff! 200-volt Shock Training Collar, 42 pts
13. South American Sensation: XOXCHILA, 40 pts
13. What's Wrong With Our Team? Flu? Protein Deficiency? Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?, 40 pts
15. The Rumpy Doppelgangers, 38.5 pts
16. Property of Bart Simpson, 36.5 pts
17. The Krusty the Klown Story: Booze, Drugs, Guns, Lies, Blackmail & Correct Answers, 35.5 pts
18. Family, Religion, Friendship. These are the 3 Demons You Must Slay if You wish to Be Successful at Trivia, 35 pts
18. To Overcome Arsenty's Curse, Simply Quote a Bible Verse, 35 pts
20. Ginger Ale, Boiling Hot Texas-Style Ginger Ale, 34.5 pts
21. If Anyone Asks, We're Sophisticated Millionaires, 34 pts
22. Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net, 33.5 pts
22. Homer, Are You Wearing a Tie to Impress Neil? (Do You Think He Noticed?), 33.5 pts
24. An Escaped Mental Patient Tampered with the Pizza, 32.5 pts
25. The Elephant That Couldn't Stop Laughing was Put to Death, 30.5 pts
25. The Team That Obviously Had No Help from Their Parents, 30.5 pts
27. They Called Us Team Gorgeous. Later On, It was Team Presentable. Then, Team Gruesome. And Finally, Team Moe, 28 pts
28., 26 pts
29. Country Fried Rubes, 25.5 pts
30. The Doodletown Pipers, 24.5 pts
31. Bumblebee Man and His Bumblebees, 22.5 pts
32. Worker and Parasite, 21.5 pts
33. Robotic Richard Simmons, 21 pts
34. The Cane from Citizen Kane, 20.5 pts
35. No Trivia and No Beer Makes Team Something Something, 19.5 pts
36. Pin Pals, 19 pts
37. We're In It For the Pizza and Regret, 18.5 pts
38. Welcome Aboard the Team of Lost Souls. (The Name On the Back Says, "Honeybunch"), 17.5 pts
39. Lisa Needs Braces, 4 pts

Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 14, 2015 - Ottawa

Location: Grace's
Categories: Mr Burns, Complete the Quote
Winner: The 9th Bearded Infantry

1 The 9th Bearded Infantry 41.0
2 Eye Off Springfield 40.0
3 Matsumura Fishworks 34.5
4 Knifey-Spoony 34.0
5 Shelbyville Shelbyvillians 32.5
6 Capital City Goofballs 31.0
7 Cesspool *on* the Potomac 29.5
8 Springfield Isotopes 28.5
9 Team A Fridge Too Far 27.5
9 Team Sacrilicious 27.5
10 The Model UN 26.0
11 Searing Gas Pain Land 25.5
11 Team Doh! 25.5
12 The Bort Identity 14.0

August 13, 2015 - Ottawa

Location: Hooley's
Categories: Grampa Simpson, Complete the Quote
Winner: Trambompoline!!!

1 Trambompoline!!! 40.0
2 Nuts and Gum - Together At Last! 39.5
3 Android Dungeon 35.0
3 The Mighty Pigs 35.0
4 We No Function Beer Well Without 33.5
5 Bat-Can-Do 33.0
6 Are "poo" and "ass" taken? 31.0
6 Kid Moe 31.0
6 Pin Pals 31.0
7 Three Bad Neighbours 30.0
8 Funk-dancing For Self-defense 29.5
8 The Stonecutters 29.5
9 Bovine University (fmr Table 5) 29.0
9 Can I Borrow a Team Name? 29.0
9 Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors 29.0
10 5 Little Rory Calhouns 28.5
11 Everybody Hates Raymond 27.5
11 The First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Excellence in the Field of Trivia 27.5
12 The Non-Giving-Up Trivia Guys 26.5
13 Lenny and the Jets 23.5
14 O.J. is my Favourite Simpson 22.0
15 That's it! Back to Winnipeg! 20.5
15 Weekend at Burnsies 20.5
16 Honk if You're Horny 20.0
17 Cesspool *on* the Potomac 18.5
18 Stupid Lisa Garbage Face 15.5
19 The Movementarians 9.0

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 6, 2015 - Brooklyn, NY

Location: Berry Park
Categories: The Characters of Albert Brooks; Feminism
Episodes: Homer Loves Flanders, Natural Born Kissers, Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington 
Winner: Simpsons Trivia Update: The Dans sleep nude in an oxygen tent which they believes gives them SEXUAL POWERS!

1. Simpsons Trivia Update: The Dans sleep nude in an oxygen tent which they believes gives them SEXUAL POWERS 46 pts
2. The chubbiest kickline in town 42.5 pts
3. So does this mean the Dans are also virgins? 42 pts
4. The Team that obviously had no help from their parents 39.5 pts
5. But we already came up with a team name. it took us seven hours, but we did it. it's done 39 pts
6. When dinosaurs get drunk 38 pts
7. Hollywood upstairs medical college 37.5 pts
7. Is the remarkably sexist drivel spouted by Mr. Ozzi intentional or is it just a horrible mistake? 37.5 pts
9. The team with bees in their mouths and when they answer they shoot bees at you 37 pts
10. We had a trivia host named Andrew, he died, he died. Dans said he was sleeping, they lied, they lied. Why oh why is my trivia host dead? Couldn't that Chrysler have hit the Dans instead? 36 pts
11. We've also arrested your older balder fatter son 33.5 pts
11. Avenge my death, kimba. I mean, simba 33.5 pts
13. Harry Shearer, if you don't like your job you don't strike, you just go in and do it really half assed, that's the america n way! 33 pts
14. Well we couldn't possibly solve this mystery... can you? 32.5 pts
14. Simpson and son revitalizing tonic 32.5 pts
16. This looks like fun...A Bench! 31.5 pts
17. Ted Cruz Has Joined ISIS 30.5 pts
18. The Krusty Partially Gelatinated Non- Dairy Gum Based Trivia Team 29 pts
18. I do believe we're naked, by funky see funky do 29 pts
20. Porch Pals 28.5 pts
21. The team that gets results you stupid chief!!!! 28 pts
22. Rowdy Roddy Peeper (RIP) 27.5 pts
22. We tried coming up with a clever team name, but much like The Simpsons writing staff, we are out of ideas 27.5 pts
24. Donny's discount gas 24.5 pts
25. 2 Hairy Footballs 23 pts
26. Nice outfit dan, it makes you look like a homosexual 22.5 pts
26. What's a team name? 22.5 pts
28. Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp 21.5 pts
29. We shaved our bikini zone for nothing 20.5 pts
30. Santas little helpers 20 pts
31. The mattel and mars bar quick energy trivia team 19.5 pts
31. Legend of the Dog Faced Woman 19.5 pts
31. 200 Candidates, Nothing but Cats 19.5 pts
34. Possi-blimies! 19 pts
35. In America, First you get the questions, then you get the answers, then you get the women 17.5 pts
36. Robotic Richard Simmons 17 pts
37. Jiko Kanri 14.5 pts
38. Simpsons Trivia turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually i didn't even notice 14 pts
39. Rudiger 13.5 pts
40. See you in hell, candy boys! 13.5 pts
41. I just talked to Jesus, he said what up Yeezus 12.5 pts
42. Captain lance murdock's broken bones 11.5 pts

August 11th, 2015 - Toronto (5th Year Anniversary!!)

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: Call of the Simpsons, You Only Move Twice, Fear of Flying, Last Exit to Springfield
Theme Round: Krusty, Music, Mystery Round(5's)
Team names are listed in no specific order:

2.  The Team That's Worried They're Not Getting Enough......Estrogen
3.  My Team is Also Named Bort
4.  Chris Please, We Enjoy All the Meats of Our Cultural Stew
5.  Here At Globex, We Don't Believe In Team Names. In Fact, We Didn't Even Give You Our Coat!
6.  Hans Moleman Productions
7.  You Here for Simpsons Trivia? No!! I'm Here for Microwave Cookery! No Wait...Simpsons Trivia
8.  The Real Saturdays, Not Like Those Fake Saturdays that Almost Get You Fired
9.  Some Guy, Discoverer of Bonerland
10. A Team Full of Hope and Some Cement
11. Whitey Whackers
12. The Indignation Co-ordinators ft. Flatulent Fox
13. Don't Blame Us, This Team Voted for Kodos!
14. Come Back Zinc! Come Back!
15. We Bent Our Wookie
16. When Simpsons Trivia Started They Said It Wouldn't Last a Month. And You Know Where Those Reviewers Are? All Dead!
17. For He Himself Has Said It! And It's Clearly To His Credit! That He Is An English Man! He Remains an EeEeEeEeEeEeENGLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISH MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!
18. Winners By Default
19. R....Q....J....?.....=)
20. Fireworks: The Silent Killer
21. Can't We Go One Trivia Night Without Digging Up a Corpse?
22. Is Poo or Ass Taken?
23. The Older, Balder, Fatter Sons
24. Our Team Name Could Not Be More Simple Chris! You Want Us to Show This to the Cat, and Have the Cat Tell You What It Is? Because the Cat's Going to Get It!!!
25. Snrub
26. The Northern Reticulated Chipmunks
27. We Don't Get Mad, We  Get Stabby
28. A Lot of Teams Are Going to Want to Have Sex With Us and We Want Them to Think They Can
29. Lenny = White.....Carl = Black
30. We Play Millionaires At Parties. At Least...We'd Like To.
31. We Don't Know Anything!
32. Oh, This Teams Problem Goes Far Beyond Eugene and Rusty
33. I Begged You To Look at My Score First.....I BEGGED YOU!
34. The Sandal Wearing Goldfish Tenders
35. It's Not Maggaggie's Brithday?
36. Iron Helps Us Play!
37. Two Bad Neighbours (illustration could not be replicated here but trust us, its great!)
38. This Team Is Directly Under the Earth's Sun............Nnnnnnnnow!
39. Man Alive! There Are....Men Alive In Here
40. Stealin' Our Answers-That's a Paddlin'!
41. We Like the Way Snnnrub Thinks!
42. Call 1-800-DOCTORB, The "B" is for Bargain!
43. PurpleMonkeyDishwasher
44. You May Remember Us From Such Made for TV Movies as "Locker Room Towel Fight: The Blinding of Larry Driscoll
45. Handsome Homer Simpson + 3
46. Team Discovery Channel
47. Where's My Burrito?
48. You'll Have To Speak Up, We're Wearing a Towel

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 4, 2015 - Hamilton

Location: Anchor Bar, Hamilton
Episodes: None - stupid technical difficulties
Round Theme: Medicine
Winner: Nachos Flanders Style

1. Nachos Flanders Style                                     46
2. Compuglobalhypemeganet                               44
3. DAMN YOU....A BOX!!                                    42.5
4. Stupid Lisa Garbageface                                  41.5
5. Hollywood Upstairs Medical College                  41.5
6. Here Come the Pretzels                                   40
7. Two Bad Neighbours                                        40
8. Das Trivia Team Ist Ein Nuisance Team            39.5
9. Look Who's Oinking                                         39
10. The Be Sharps                                               38.5
11. Bloodbath and Beyond                                    38.5
12. Pieman and the Cupcake Kid                          37
13. Loneliness and Cheeseburgers                        36
14. Bonerland Medical Association                       35
15. Party Posse                                                  34.5
16. Senor Spielbergo And His Non-Union               32
Mexican Equivalents
17. A Canadian Team Who Say Theyare Deathly   31.5
Afraid of Scorpions
18. The Wallet Inspectors                                    31.5
19. The Frogurt Is Also Cursed                             31.5
20. Crisitunity                                                     27
21. Checkout the Comic and the Nerd Podcast      26.5
22. The Space Coyote                                         25
23. How About the Angry Dads                             25
24. The Rowdy Roddy Peepers                             24
25. Fishbulb                                                        19