Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Mayor Quimby, Video Games
Episodes: Mom and Pop Art, Bart's Comet, Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming
Winners: Well, Another Monday Night is Upon Us. What Will You Be Doing, Neil? Something Gay, No Doubt?

1. Well, Another Monday Night is Upon Us. What Will You Be Doing, Neil? Something Gay, No Doubt?, 50 pts
2. These Are This Team's Only Friends: Grown Up Nerds Like Neil Arsenty. And Even He's Kissed More Boys Than This Team Ever Will, 48.5 pts
3. Dick Face, 46.5 pts
4. You Don't Want to Sit Downstairs With The Rest of Those Scum. I Only Consider You Scum When A-Compared to Neil Arsenty! Yeah, You See How You Scum, 46 pts
4. Daaaaaaarrrrryl, Daaaaaaarrrrryl, Daaaaaaarrrrryl, Daaaaaaarrrrryl, 46 pts
6. No, All-You-Can-Eat Pizza for Me! I've Got a Class to Teach!, 45.5 pts
6. Stop Sending This Team Links to that Ned Flanders Metal Band, 45.5 pts
8. Are Poo and Ass Taken?, 44.5 pts
9. There Are No Children Here at Simpsons Trivia Either. Am I So Out of Touch? No, It's the Children Who Are Wrong, 43.5 pts
9. No More Apples in the Vending Machine Please!!!, 43.5 pts
9. The Phony Popes with Their High-Top Sneakers and Incredibly Foul Mouths, 43.5 pts
12. Let Me Try a Canine-Human Mind-Meld. It's an Incredibly Rare Psychic Power Possessed Only By Me and Everyone Else on This Team. OK….Ruff! Ruff! I'm Restless! Need Change in Life! Ruff! Like Imported Leather Leash! Ruff! Blue Contact Lenses! Ruff! 200-volt Shock Training Collar, 42 pts
13. South American Sensation: XOXCHILA, 40 pts
13. What's Wrong With Our Team? Flu? Protein Deficiency? Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?, 40 pts
15. The Rumpy Doppelgangers, 38.5 pts
16. Property of Bart Simpson, 36.5 pts
17. The Krusty the Klown Story: Booze, Drugs, Guns, Lies, Blackmail & Correct Answers, 35.5 pts
18. Family, Religion, Friendship. These are the 3 Demons You Must Slay if You wish to Be Successful at Trivia, 35 pts
18. To Overcome Arsenty's Curse, Simply Quote a Bible Verse, 35 pts
20. Ginger Ale, Boiling Hot Texas-Style Ginger Ale, 34.5 pts
21. If Anyone Asks, We're Sophisticated Millionaires, 34 pts
22. Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net, 33.5 pts
22. Homer, Are You Wearing a Tie to Impress Neil? (Do You Think He Noticed?), 33.5 pts
24. An Escaped Mental Patient Tampered with the Pizza, 32.5 pts
25. The Elephant That Couldn't Stop Laughing was Put to Death, 30.5 pts
25. The Team That Obviously Had No Help from Their Parents, 30.5 pts
27. They Called Us Team Gorgeous. Later On, It was Team Presentable. Then, Team Gruesome. And Finally, Team Moe, 28 pts
28., 26 pts
29. Country Fried Rubes, 25.5 pts
30. The Doodletown Pipers, 24.5 pts
31. Bumblebee Man and His Bumblebees, 22.5 pts
32. Worker and Parasite, 21.5 pts
33. Robotic Richard Simmons, 21 pts
34. The Cane from Citizen Kane, 20.5 pts
35. No Trivia and No Beer Makes Team Something Something, 19.5 pts
36. Pin Pals, 19 pts
37. We're In It For the Pizza and Regret, 18.5 pts
38. Welcome Aboard the Team of Lost Souls. (The Name On the Back Says, "Honeybunch"), 17.5 pts
39. Lisa Needs Braces, 4 pts

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