Thursday, April 19, 2018

April 18th, 2018 - Indianapolis

Location: Tappers Arcade Bar
Categories: _____ AND ______, At The Movies
Episodes: Kamp Krusty, Bart on the Road
Winner: Brotherhood of Jewish Clowns

1: Brotherhood of Jewish Clowns - 37
2: Honor Rollers - 36
3: Team Discovery Channel - 35
4: Cool, I Broke His Brain - 34
5: Say Hello To Miguel Sanchez! - 33
6: Vera Said That? - 30
7: Lemon Shaped Rocks - 26
8: You Don't Win Friends with Salad - 24
9: Kwik-E-Smarts - 18
10: Pin Pals - 16

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April 16th, 2018 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Hans Moleman, The Outdoors
Episodes: Stark Raving Dad, Two Dozen and One Greyhounds, Homie the Clown
WinnerThank Goodness We Still Live In A World Of Trivia, Pizza, Handguns and Other Things Made of Zinc
Best Team Name: Zookeeper! Zookeeper! The Two Trivia Hosts Are Killing Each Other

1.  Thank Goodness We Still Live In A World Of Trivia, Pizza, Handguns and Other Things Made of Zinc - 41.5 pts
2. Lousy Smapril Weather - 41 pts
3. Loneliness and All You Can Eat Pizza Are a Dangerous Mix  38 pts
4. This Team's Worse Than That Album Grandpa Put Out - 37.5 pts
5. Sorry, Son. I Didn't Know You, Aaron, and Warren were bathing a clown - 35 pts
6.  Zookeeper! Zookeeper! The Two Trivia Hosts Are Killing Each Other - 33 pts
7. Lucky Best Wash - 32 pts
8. This Team Sure Did Suck Last Month. We Just Plain Sucked. I've Seen Teams Suck Before But We Were The Suckiest Bunch of Sucks That Ever Sucked. Got to Go. The Dam Weiner Kids Are Listening. - 31.5 pts
9. So Come To Trivia To Get Sick And Die And Leave A Big Garlicky Corpse. P.S. Parking Is Ample - 30.5 pts
9. That Guy Ate All Our Pizza … And Two Plastic Lobsters! - 30.5 pts
11. I Like My Pizza Hot, My Beer Cold and My Trivia Hosts Fa-laaaaaming - 28 pts
12. Uh-oh, Aaron's Reading the Team Names Tonight. Is That Bad? Well He's Had It In For Me Ever Since I Kinda Ran Over His Dog. You Did? Well, Replace the Word "Dog" With The Word "Wife" And The Words "Ran Over" With "Boinked" - 27.5 pts
13. Specious Reasoning - 26 pts
13. We're Talking The Original Team From Hell. Cerberus? - 26 pts
15. Three Prawns Short of a Galaxy - 25 pts
16. I'm Just a Big Toasty Cinnamon Bun. I Never Want To Leave Dickety-eth Place - 22 pts
16. Go Banana! - 22 pts
18. Purple Monkey Dishwasher- 21 pts
19. Moochin' War Widows- 20 pts
20. Eww. Dog Water. You May Know Us From Such Films As "Marge The Doll's Trying To Kill Me" and "The Toasters Been Laughing At Me" - 6.5 pts

Sunday, April 15, 2018

April 10, 2018 - ST. CATHARINES

Location: Gord's Place - St. Catharines
Episodes:  The Front, Marge In Chains, Krusty Gets Cancelled
Winner:  The Legendary Esquillax!  A Horse With The Head Of A Trivia Team, and the Body...Of A Trivia Team
Winner Best Team Name:  The Trivia Team That Doesn't Find Gerry Sexually Attractive Anymore 

1. The Legendary Esquillax!  A Horse With The Head Of 
A Trivia Team, and the Body...Of A Trivia Team                 49.5
2. The B Sharps                                                                  40
3. What Kind Of Trivia Team Is Filled With 
Rambunctious Yahoos And Hot Jazz Music At 1:00am 
In The Morning?  Er, Uh, The Best Trivia Team In Town!  36.5
4. There's Your Answer, Fishbulb                                            34
5. The Trivia Team That Doesn't Find Gerry Sexually 
Attractive Anymor                                                                  32
6. Lace 'Em Up Gordie, You're Goin' In.                             31.5
6. Isotopes                                                                          31.5
8. We Got A Trivia Name For Ya, Gerry...A Fridge Too 
Far!                                                                                     29.5
9. I Can't Wait To Eat That Monkey!                                   28
9. The Cosmic Trivia...Goes On.  Does Anyone Want To
Switch Teams?                                                                   28
11. Stonecutters (We Do!  We Do!)                                    25
12. I'll Have A Crab Juice                                                           21.5 
13. That's It...Back To Winnipeg!                                              21
14. Steamed Hams                                                                       18.5
14. Football In The Groin                                                           18.5
16. Supernintendo Chalmers                                                     14

Tuesday April 3, 2018 - HAMILTON

Location:  Honest Lawyer on the Mountain, Hamilton
Winner: Nuts and Gum, Together at Last 
Winner(s) Best Team Name:  We Fell Off The Jungle Gym, And When We Woke Up We Were Here; I Heard This Song About This Lady, Proud Mary, And The Whole Song Is About How PROUD This Lady MARY Is.  I Think The Song Was Called Rollin'

1. Nuts and Gum, Together At Last                                  47         
2. Who Are We?  The Tiger-Cats!  And Who Are 
We Gonna Beat?  The Tiger-Cats!                                   44.5
3. They Slept, They Stole, The Were Rude To 
The Other Players, But Still; There Goes the Best 
Damn Team A  Simpsons Trivia Night Ever Saw.              44
4. Hello St. Louissss!  That's Hamilton, Gerry.                    43
5. I Heard This Song About This Lady, Proud Mary, 
And The Whole Song Is About How PROUD This 
Lady MARY Is.  I Think The Song Was Called Rollin        42.5
6. Don't Make Us Do Trivia!  We're Full of Chocolate!      42
7. I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down In My Heart.        39.5
7. The Suckiest Bunch Of Sucks That Ever Sucked         39.5
7. The Team That Seems To Really Love The 
Speedo Man                                                                            39.5                      
10. Right About Now You're Probably Saying, "Gerry, 
I've Seen Every Simpsons Episode, You Can't Stump 
Me!!  Well You've Got Some Nerve Mister!                       39
11. Trim Those Sideburns                                                 37.5
11. The Team That Wins At Trivia Almost 1/2 The Time   37.5
13.  We Fell Off The Jungle Gym, And When We Woke 
Up We Were Here                                                             36
14. Uh Oh, 2 Independant Thought Alarms In One 
Night.  The Teams Are Over Stimulated.  Gerry, 
Remove All The Trivia From This Bar.                              35.5
15. Pobody's Nerfect (It's Clever, Just Like You)              33
16. I Didn't Think It Was Possible, But This Team Both 
Sucks and Blows                                                               29.5
17. Sorry Surlys.  Shut Up!                                                26
18. The Thrillho's                                                               15
19. Springfield Isotopes                                                     11

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April 10th, 2018 - Toronto

Location : Cadillac Lounge
Categories : Dr. Hibbert, Pranks
Episodes : So It's Come To This-A Simpsons Clip Show, Lisa the Skeptic, Black Widower
Winners : Kwik-E-Mart Gougers: The Sara Farewell Tour
Matt Smith Award for Un-Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Team Naming:
Fruit Punch Advisory Board AND The Fruit Punch Advisory Board

* Does your team's score seem low? Don't blame the Bear Tax! You may have forgotten to hand in all your team sheets or changed your name half way through the night! Remember to hand them in at the end of each round or notify us if you've changed your name!*

1. Kwik-E-Mart Gougers: The Sara Farewell Tour - 48.5 pts
2. Hello, Our Name is "Team Snrub", and We Come From Someplace Far Away; Yes, That Will Do - 43 pts
3. Fruit Punch Advisory Board - 41.5 pts
4. They Slept, They Stole, They Were Rude to Matt Smith; Still, There Goes the Best Damned Team a Trivia Night Ever Had - 40 pts
4. This Answer Sheet Was Forged by Lucifer Himself! - 40 pts
6. All This Drinking, Violence, Destruction of Property. Are These the Things We Think of When We Think of Simpsons Trivia? - 33.5 pts
7. What are You Looking At? The Innocent Words of a Drunken Team. - 33 pts
8. Handsome Homer Simpson Plus Three (I LIKE IT!) - 30.5 pts
9. Tiffany, Heather, Cody, Dylan, Dermot, Jordan, Taylor, Brittany, Wesley, Rumor, Scout, Cassidy, Zoe, Chloe, Max, Hunter, Kendall, Kaitlin, Noah, Sasha, Morgan, Kyra, Ian, Lauren, Qbert, Phil - 29.5 pts
10. This Has Trivia In It. Trivia is a Fruit. - 28.5 pts
10. Who are We? The Wildcats! Who are We Going to Beat? The Wildcats! - 28.5 pts
12. The Chazwozzers - 28 pts
13. A Team Full of Hope and Some Cement - 27.5 pts
14. Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys - 26 pts
15. The Fruit Punch Advisory Board - 25.5 pts
16. Marge Simpson's Older, Balder, Fatter Quiz Team - 24 pts
17. My Team is Also Named Bort - 23 pts
17. Wait a Minute, Bart's Teacher is Named Brazeau? I've Been Calling Her Crandall. Why Didn't Somone Tell Me? Ohh, I've Been Making an Idiot Out of Myself! - 23 pts
19. THRILLHO - 22.5 pts
20. A Joint Venture of Matsumara Fishworks and Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern - 22 pts
21. Your Older, Balder, Fatter Team - 18 pts
22. Team Malk - 16.5 pts
23. Purple Monkey Dishwasher - 15.5 pts
23. Team Scum, Compared to Krusty - 15.5 pts
25. Santos L Halper - 13 pts
26. On This Team We Obey the Laws of Thermodynamics! - 10.5 pts
27. That's It! Back to Winnipeg! - 5.5 pts
28, Quizlamic State - 4 pts

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

March 27, 2018 - St. Catharines

Location: Gord's Place - St. Catharines
Episodes:  Barney Gumble's Sensitive Yet Unfortunately Titled Trivia Team:  Pukahontas
Winner Best Team Name:  The Honest Lawyer or Crab Juice?  Ew!  I'll Take The Crab Juice

1. Barney Gumble's Sensitive Yet Unfortunately Titled 
Trivia Team:  Pukahontas                                                   45
2. The Team The Doesn't Wish You Any Specific Harm     41
3. I'll Give You A TEam Name You Filthy Little Urchin!       39.5
4. Aurora Trivialis                                                                       36.5
5. Uncle Moe's Family Feedbags                                         36
6. That Is The Biggest Rice Krispy Square I've Ever 
Seen.  Gerry Sure Knows How To Live                               29
6. Big One Bitey                                                                  29
8. Shhhh Marge!  Gerry's A Good Digger                           28
9. Team Discovery Channel                                                26.5
10. Team Kwyjibo                                                                23.5
11. The Suckiest Bunch Of Sucks That Ever Sucked         22 
12. The Honest Lawyer or Crab Juice?  Ew!  I'll Take 
The Crab Juice                                                                               12 
13. D'oh...nuts                                                                                9.5    

Friday, March 30, 2018

March 26, 2018 - Detroit

Location: Tipsy McStagger
Themes: Money, Dr. Nick
Episodes: The Cartridge Family, Homer Simpson in “Kidney Trouble”, Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment
Winner: Secret Hobo Spices

1) Secret Hobo Spices - 45.5
2) Kwyjibo - 45.25
3) Elephants Don’t Have Keys - 44.0
4) Impeach Churchill - 41.5
5) Pin Pals - 35.0
6) Mmm... Open Faced Club Sand Wedge - 19.26