Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 23, 2016 - Calgary

Location: Dickens Pub
Episodes:  Bart Gets Famous, Homer and Apu, Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy
Categories: Principal Skinner, Dancing
Winner:  Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors

1. Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors, 46.5
2. Ken Griffey’s Grotesquely Swollen Jaw, 45
3. The Rowdy Members of Chug-a-Lug House, 43
3. The Tragically Ludicrous, The Ludicrously Tragic?, 43
5. Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?, 42.5
5. Mein triv team has a first name, it’s F-R-I-T-Z, Mein triv team has a second name, it’s S-C-H-N-A-C-K-E-N-P-F-E-F-F-E-R-H-A-U-S-E-N, 42.5
5. He He He He He He He He HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H HE HE HE HE wait, what was I laughing at again?! Oh yes that crippled Irishman, 42.5
8. This Simpsons Trivia doesn’t have a fire exit! Enjoy your deathquiz, nerds!, 41.5
9. The team that goes down together, I mean that gets off together, I mean…, 40
10. Women and seamen don’t mix, 38.5
11. Flancrest Enterprises, 37.5
11. I heard your dad went into a restaurant, and ate everything in the restaurant, and they had to close the restaurant., 37.5
13. Corey Hotline operators, 37
14. Don’t cry for us, we’re already dead., 35.5
15. Wait! Our team name is Krabappel?! I’ve been calling us Crandall. Why didn’t anyone tell me? Oh I’ve been making an idiot of myself!, 34.5
16. Team Love-a-Lot, the team that loves to love, 32
16. We Pay the Homer tax, let the bears pay the bear tax., 32
18. No one who speaks German could be an evil man, 31.5
18. Team Dignity, 31.5
20. The Puppy Formerly Known as Prince, 29.5
21. Football in the Groin, 26.5
21. Stupid Sexy Flanders, 26.5
23. THRILLHO, 25.5
24. This trivia tastes like burning, 25
25. In this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics, 23
26. That’s a paddlin’, 22.5
27. Team Crandall, 21.5
28. Flying Hellfish, 20.5
29. Those guys from Sector 7-G, 16.5
30. The Sampsons, 14.5
31. Stupid Lisa Garbage Face, 13

Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Martin Prince, Music Cues
Episodes: The Trouble with Trillions, Bart the Fink, $pringfield
Winners: Oh, Boo Yourself (tie)

1. Oh, Boo Yourself, 48 pts
1. How About Uncle Neil’s Family Feedbag? We Hate It, 48 pts
3. C’mon Neil, You and I Both Know These Trivia Players Have No Future! Prove Me Wrong, Trivia Players! Prove Me Wrong!, 46.5 pts
3. Only Who Can Win Classic Simpsons Trivia? You Pressed You, Referring to Me. That Is Incorrect. The Correct Answer is You, 46.5 pts
5. The Team That Waits for Women of Less Discriminating Taste, 45.5 pts
6. Simpsons Trivia is Not a Swindle! What You Do is, See, You Give Neil All Your Credit Card Numbers and If One of Them is Lucky, He’ll Send Ya a Prize!, 45 pts
7. A Realistic Down-to-Earth Team That’s Completely Off-the-Wall and Swarming with Magic Robots… and Also They Should Win Stuff By Playing!, 44 pts
8. Hey, Neil, Can We Borrow Your Underpants?, 43.5 pts
8. Neil Arsenty, He’s the Man Whose Name You’d Love to Touch, But You Mustn’t Touch! His Name Sounds Good in Your Ear, But When You Say It, You Mustn’t Fear, Cuz His Name Can Be Said By Anyone, 43.5 pts
10. Le Team? What the Hell is That?!, 40 pts
11. We Get All the Fun of Sitting Still, Being Quiet, Writing Down Answers, Paying Attention: This Team Has it All!, 38 pts
12. The Incessant Beep of the Global Positioning System is All the Companionship This Team Needs, 36.5 pts
13. Señor Beaverotti and the Wall E. Weasels, 34.5 pts
13. Wacky Shack, 34.5 pts
15. Who Won? The LOSERS? No They Lost…, 33.5 pts
15. What’s the Matter with You, Neil? You Told Me This Stream Was Shallow! Why You…!, 32 pts
17. Hello, Mr. Karsenty. Me Bad Want Points Now, Me Sick, 32 pts
18. Neil, What Do Trivia Fees Pay For? Oh, Why, Everything! Policemen, Trees, Sunshine! And Let’s Not Forget the Folks Who Just Don’t Feel Like Working, God Bless ‘Em!, 30 pts
19. Oh No, the Corn! Neil Arsenty is Going to Have Our Legs Broke, 28.5 pts
19. Spielbergo y Los Ding Dongs, 28.5 pts
21. Dear Neil, As I Write This, I am Very Sad. Our Trivia Team Has Been Overthrown and Replaced By the Benevolent General Krull. All Hail Krull and His Glorious New Regime, Sincerely, Little Girl, 27 pts
22. Pizza Embiggens Even the Smallest Team, 21.5 pts
22. It’s a Joke. When You Give Me That Look, It’s a Joke, 21.5 pts
24. RDRR, 16 pts
25. Kid Presentable, 15.5 pts
26. Who Shot Mr. Burns? Was It.. Officer Barbrady? Chef? The Denver Broncos?, 14.5 pts
27. Scratchy Lot, 14 pts
28. The Pöpli Kids, 13 pts
29. Choo-Choo-Choose Me!, 12 pts
30. What’s Your Team Name, Mr. Burns? I Don’t Know, 11.5 pts
31. Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net, 7 pts
32. The Flaming Moes, 6 pts
33. Homer Griffin Browns, 4.5 pts
34. Stupid Sexy Flanders, 3 pts

March 21st, 2016 Detroit

Location: Park Bar
Categories: Ralph, Crime
Episodes: Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, Lisa's Rival, Homer vs The Eighteenth Amendment 
Winner: Guy Incognito

1. Guy Incognito - 39 pts
2. Oh, He Score Read Good - 38.5 pts
3. Badger My Ass, it's Probably Milhouse - 38 pts
4. Space Coyotes and the Wildcats - 37 pts
5. Santos L. Halper - 35 pts
6. Cram it With Walnuts Ugly! - 33.5 pts
7. Boaking Accident - 30.5 pts
8. I Call the Big One Bitey - 19.5 pts

Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 14th, 2016 - Ottawa

Location : 

Categories : Comic Book Guy
Episodes : *technical difficulties*
Winners : The 10 Dos and 500 Don'ts of Trivia Safety

April 12th, 2016 - Toronto

Location : Cadillac Lounge
Categories : Martin, TV
Episodes : Homer's Barbershop Quartet, So It's Come To This : A Simpson's Clip Show, The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase
Winners : Sex Cauldron

1. Sex Cauldron - 47 pts
2. The Beer Barons - 44 pts
3. Always Comes in Second - 43 pts
4. I'd Just Like to Say This Team Sucks! Hey, Up Yours, Trivia! - 42.5 pts
5. 50 Teams at Simpsons Trivia and Nothin' But Cats - 42 pts
6. Miguel Sanchez - 39.5 pts
7. The Popes of Chili Town - 38 pts
8. A Lot of Teams are Going to Want to Have Sex With Us, And We Want Them To Think They Can - 36.5 pts
8. The Damn Hell Ass Kings - 38.5 pts
10. The Globex Corporation - 36 pts
10. Us Fail English? That's Unpossible! - 36 pts
12. At the Risk of Editorializing. Chris Brazeau is Guilty, and Must Be Dealt With in a Harsh and Brutal Fashion - 35 pts
13. The Non-Union Mexican Equivalents - 34.5 pts
14. Somebody's Attractive Cousin - 33.5 pts
15. Teams Tend To Make a Lot of Noise. No Noise Suggests No Team.- 33 pts
15. The Team That Builds REAL Men, OUT of Snow - 33 pts
17. This Team Has Learned That Life is One Crushing Defeat After Another Until You Just Wish Flanders Was Dead - 32.5 pts
18. Don't Do What Donny Don't Doers - 32 pts
18. Jub Jub Grunts (bleegh bleegh) - 32 pts
18. This Team Needs a Name That's Witty at First, But That Seems Less Funny Each Time You Hear It - 32 pts
21. Live From the Cadillac Lounge! It's the World Series of Cock-Fighting! Oh, Son-of-a-Gun, We'll Have Big Fun on the Bayou Tonight! - 31 pts
22. Bonerz - 29.5 pts
23. Purple Monkey Dishwasher - 29 pts
23.Team Discovery Channel - 29 pts
25. Keen on Jesus - 27.5 pts
26. Skinner Says the Teachers are Going to Crack Purple Monkey  - 27 pts
27. Forgiveness Please! - 26 pts
27. The Suckiest Bunch of Sucks That Ever Sucked - 26 pts
29. Compuglobalhypermeganet - 25.5 pts
30. Igloo Hot or Igloo Cold - 24 pts
31. It's Step, Pause, Turn, Pause, Pivot, Step, Step. Not Step, Pause, Turn, Pause, Pivot, Step, Pause! - 24.5 pts
31. Lousy Beatniks - 24.5 pts
31. Two Bad Neighbors - 24.5 pts
34. Ahhh, Nothing Like Moonshine From Your Own Still - Oh, Simpsons Trivia, What are You Doing Here? - 24 pts
35. Worker and Parasite - 22 pts
36. The Old Radiation Kings - 21.5 pts
37. Homer Tax - 20.5 pts
38. Dr. Nick Triviera - 20 pts
39. My Trivia Team is Also Named Bort - 19 pts
40. The Lois Sanbornes and the Steve Bennetts - 16 pts
41. A Mule With a Spinning Wheel - 14 pts
42. The Improvident Lackwits - 13 pts
43. The Blurst of Teams - 11 pts
44. Genuine, Electrified, Bonifide Two-Men Trivia Team 9 pts
44. Squeaky Voiced Team
46. Flavor Country - 8 pts
46. The Spruce Moose - 8pts
48. Dr. Nick Triviera (The Lesser) - 7.5 pts
49. Don't Make Us Run, We're Full of Chocolate - 4.5 pts

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 5, 2016 - HAMILTON

Location: Anchor Bar, Hamilton
Episodes: Homer Alone, Bart The Lover, Homer At The Bat
Round Theme: Animals
Winner: Don't Ask Us, We're Just A Team...tee hee hee

1. Don't Ask Us, We're Just A Team...tee hee hee    44
2. You'll Have To Speak Up, I'm Wearing a Towel    41
3. Born To Runner Up                                           41
4. The Southern Dandies                                      40
5. Piano  Tuners Local 412                                   36.5
6. The Sandal-Wearing Goldfish Tenders                36
7. You're Older, Balder, Fatter Trivia eam                34.5
8. Willie Hears Ya.  Willie Don't Care                      33.5
9. The Movementarians                                        33
10.  Look Who's Oinking                                       31.5
11. Team Discovery Channel                                 31.5
12. The Suckiest Bunch of Sucks Who Ever          30.5
13. Stupid Babies Need The MOST Attention         30
14. Lisa Needs Braces                                         29
15. Di Di Mau                                                      26
16. Dr. Nick Triviera                                             25
17. Good Time Slim, Uncle Doobie and The Great  24
Frisco Freak Out                                                 
18. People Who Look Like Things                         18
19. Can We Have A Win Gerry? Can We Have A    16
      Win Gerry? Can We Have A Win Gerry?

Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 7, 2016 - Brooklyn, NY

Location: Berry Park
Categories: Marge, Money
Episodes: Bart the Murderer, Sideshow Bob Roberts, The Day the Violence Died
Winner: Cheating?! How could you! Haven't you learned anything from that guy who asks questions at Berry park. Captain Whats His Name. We play trivia with rules. Why do you think I made you listen to all those Worst Episode Ever podcasts? For fun! Well I didn't hear anyone laughing.

1. Cheating?! How could you! Haven't you learned anything from that guy who asks questions at Berry park. Captain Whats His Name. We play trivia with rules. Why do you think I made you listen to all those Worst Episode Ever podcasts? For fun! Well I didn't hear anyone laughing., 47.5 points
2. Well, I like Rachel's team because their pure of heart, Jarrod's team because they've got something to prove, and Will's team because they always cheat, 44.5
3. Groin Grabbingly Good Team, 43
4. Look sad and say D'oh , 42.5
5. The team that is better than dirt. Not that fancy store bought dirt. That stuff's loaded with nutrients, we can't compete with that..., 41.5
6. Less Artsy, more fartsy, 38.5
7. Dan Ozzi is a ... brilliant man with lots of well thought out practical ideas. He is ensuring the financial security of this trivia night for years to come. And oh yes, his personal hygiene is above reproach, 35
8. Milpool vs. Thrillo: Doves of Justice, 34
9. The Dan that we want is kindly and sage, and one who will work for minimum wage, 31.5
9. Officer Steve GRABOWSKI, 31.5
11. The Rand Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people, under the supervision of the reverse vampires, 31
12. Our team doesn't use the term heroes lightly, but you, Dans, are the greatest heroes in American History, 30
13. Then they realized they were no longer little Dans, they were little women, 28.5
14. Former President James Taylor, 28.5
15. Get Confident Stupid!, 26.5
15. Here comes two!, 26.5
17. This is just our team's memory. We can't give you any new information., 25
18. You pressed Dan, referring to Dan. That is incorrect. The correct answer is Dan, 24.5
19. What Id' like is I'd like to hug and kiss you, 21
20. University of Minnesota Spankological Protocol, 16
21. Impy and Jimpy, 15.5
22. Worker and Parasite, 15
23. The Suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked, 14.5
24. Me Fail English, 14
25. The Q-Zones, 9
26. Alright!! The Dans are ready for their mystical journey!, 7.5
27. What's the secret password? I love my sister..., 6