Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 14, 2012 - Toronto (2nd anniversary edition)

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: Who Shot Mr. Burns? Pt. 1, Who Shot Mr. Burns? Pt. 2, Summer of 4 ft. 2
Categories: Comic Book Guy, Steve Allen
Winner: None (exhibition game)

Team Names:
1. Our Team No Function Beer Well Without
2. A Word To The Audience: Even Though Tonight's Simpsons Trivia Is Being Broadcast on Fox, There's No Need For Obnoxious Hooting and Hollering
3. Iron Helps Us Play
4. Team Dick Tracy, Take That Pruneface; Now I'm Pruneface, Take That Dick Tracy; Now I'm Prune Tracy, Take That Dick--
5. Local Team Loses Pants, Life
6. Young Women Are Going To Want To Have Sex With Us, And We Want Them To Think They Can
7. No One Ever Suspects The Butterfly
8. Of Course, My Sweet; This Team Will Make Soothing Ocean Sounds For You <wave><foghorn><squawk><wave><pirate 'Arr, Matey'>
9. The Ku Klux Klams
10. Some Blind Tiger Jerking Suds on The Side
11. Kwik-E-Smarts
12. We Need A Team Name That's Witty At First, But Less Funny Each Time You Hear It
13. A Crash Course In Depravity
14. We're The Stupid Morons With Ugly Faces And Big Butts And Our Butts Smell And We Like To Kiss Our Own Butts
15. Le Grille? What The Hell Is That?
16. The Pöpli Kids (I Just Hate Them So Much)
17. What Kind of Team Name Is Filled With Rambunctious Yahoos And Hot Jazz Music At 1 am?
18. Sparkling Cleae Mountain Goat
19. Steak?
20. The Suckiest Bunch Of Sucks That Ever Sucked
21. Loaf-time: The Cable Network For The Unemployed
22. A Team Fiendishly Clever In Its Intricacies
23. Rich Uncle Skeleton
24. Ariaga & Ariaga II
25. Mary-Ann's Hammocks
26. Team Discovery Channel
27. Thrillhouse of Horror
28. The Ennals Show Has Been Put On Hiatus For Retooling
29. The Team That Took The #1 Cracker Factory In Town To A Tie For Fifth With Table Time And The Allied Biscuits
30. This Team, Sir, Has The Boorish Manners of a Yalie
31. Born To Runner-Up
32. Sex Cauldron
33. Get Confident, Stupid!
34. Space Coyotes
35. We Make A Groin-Grabbingly Good Team
36. The Amanda Factor Fan Club
37. Andrew, We Liked Your Hustle. That's Why It Was So Hard To Cut You.
38. Tamaraguchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern
39. Up With Miniskirts
40. Hell's Satans
41. Hell's Satans (out of Bakersfield)
42. Ten Iroquois Twists
43. The Employees of Hypercompuglobalmeganet
44. That's How We Roll
45. Bonerland Medical Association
46. The Popes of Chilitown
47. Hey, That Bartender Looks Like John Travolta
48. The Tar Fumes Are Making Us Dizzy
49. Things That Rhyme With Corey
50. Professor P.J. Cornucopia's Fantastic Foodmagorium And Great American Steakery
51. Homer's Phobia
52. Mr. Snrub
53. Up Yours, Children!
54. The Holy Rollers
55. One Team REALLY Loves The Speedo Man
56. The Team Whose Name You'd Love To Touch
57. This Things I Believe
58. A Shiny New Donkey For The Team That Brings Us The Head of Colonel Montoya
59. We're So Hungry, We Could Eat At Arby's
60. Stupider Like A Fox
61. Poss
62. You See How You Scum
63. Hollywood Upstairs Medical College
64. Yeah...LOOKS like...
65. Here Comes The Metric System
66. The Team Who Grabbed Her Swee-Sw-Sw-Sw-Sweet Can
67. Melvin & the Squirrels
68. Where's My Burrito?
69. Mr. Ennals Stop Your Reading Of The Team Names is Becoming A Nuisance Stop If You Do Not Cease We Will Be Forced To Pursue Legal Action Stop This Team Hollywood California

Friday, August 3, 2012

August 2, 2012 - Brooklyn

Location: Berry Park
Episodes: Brother From The Same Planet, Realty Bites, A Fish Called Selma
Categories: Hans Moleman, Rivals
Winner: The Mediocre Presidents

Final Standings:
1. The Mediocre Presidents, 47.5 pts
2. The Antoine Bugle Boys, 44.5 pts
2. We're Here, We're Queer, We Don't Want Any More Bears, 44.5 pts
4. The Rory Calhouns, 44 pts
4. A Mathematician, A Different Kind of Mathematician, And A Statistician, 44 pts
6. Our Sodies Are Too Cold, Our Teef Hurt, 42 pts
7. The All Ighty Ollar, 41.5 pts
8. Skincare Consultant Rowena, 41 pts
9. The Simpsons, 40.5 pts
10. Pepito, The Biggest Cat In The Whole Wide World, 39 pts
10. Simpsons Trivia? I Thought This Was The Line For Metallica, 39 pts
12. Soon I'll Be Queen Of Summertime, 38.5 pts
13. Homer J. Fong, 38 pts
14. Gore Vidal Has Kissed More Boys Than Us, 36.5 pts
15. The Brotherhood of Fruit Packers and Unpackers, 36 pts
16. Do You Think They Should Talking About S-E-X In Front Of The C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N?, 32.5 pts
16. Two Comely Lasses of Virtue True, 32.5 pts
18. The Hammock District, 32 pts
19. Boiling Hot Texas-Style Ginger Ales, 31.5 pts
20. Krudler, 29 pts
21. The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel, 28.5 pts
22. We Like Our Beer Cold, Our TV Loud, And Our Homosexuals Flaming, 28 pts
22. Lee Carvallho's Trivia Challenge, 28 pts
24. Temple University Class of 1987, 27.5 pts
24. Barbeque Wrecking Know Nothing Know It Alls, 27.5 pts
26. Ku Klux Klams, 27 pts
27. Simpsons Christmas Boogie, 26 pts
27. Dig Up, Stupid, 26 pts
29. The Team That Picked Its Nose Too Much...Or Not Enough, 25.5 pts
30. Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo, 24.5 pts
30. Sherri But Not Terri, 24.5 pts
32. Fat Cats Eating Plankton, 22.5 pts
33. 2 Minus 3 Equals Negative Fun, 21 pts
34. Needs More Dog, 20 pts
35. Tibor, 18.5 pts
35. Team Discovery Channel, 18.5 pts
37. Well We Do Have A Warm Sense of Well-Being, And We Seem To Be Slurring Our Speech, 14.5 pts
38. Skinny Snorklers, 8 pts
39. Ah, An Interview With Lorne Michaels, -81 pts