Monday, June 11, 2018

June 5, 2018 - Hamilton

Location:  Honest Lawyer on the Mountain, Hamilton
Winner: Now We Play...Simpsons Trivia.  Ah, Simpsons Trivia Sucks, Let's Play Hungry Hungry Hippos 
Winner(s) Best Team Name:  Max Power and the Chesty LaRues

1. Now We Play...Simpsons Trivia.  Ah, Simpsons 
Trivia Sucks, Let's Play Hungry Hungry Hippos               45       
2. That's Not Gerry Hall.  Sure It Is!  What Do You 
Think, I had Some Wino Host Trivia?                                43
3. Gerry's Passionate About Trivia.  Pfft...At Least St. 
Catherines Trivia Had That Giant Rabbit That Ran 
The Savings And Loan.                                                     40
4. I've Said It Before And I'll Say It Again:  Democracy 
Simply Doesn't Work                                                         39.5
4. Vita-Peach Health Logs                                                 39.5
6.  Mendozaaaaa!!!!!                                                             38.5
6. Well Gerry, We Made It.  Despite Your Directions!        38.5
8. Why Does The Weather Suck The First Tuesday Of
Every Month In Hamilton                                                   35.5
9. So It's Come To This - Another Simpsons Trivia 
Night                                                                                  31.5                      
10. The Crazy Old Man Singers..."The Old Grey Gerry
He Ain't What He Used To Be...                                        31
11. You Don't Win Trivia With Salad                                  30
12. Max Power and The Chesty LaRues                           29
13. Damn Hell Ass Kings                                                   12.5
14.  Nuclear Powerplants                                                   7

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