Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 14th, 2015 - Toronto

Location : Cadillac Lounge
Categories : Gil, The World Around Springfield
Episodes : A Brush With Greatness, Rosebud, Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk
Winners : Who needs the Infinite Compassion of Ganesha When We've Got Chris Staring At Us From the Stage With Her Dead Eyes?!

1. Who Needs the Infinite Compassion of Ganesha When We've Got Chris Staring At Us From the Stage With Her Dead Eyes?! 49 pts
2. Sex Cauldron 46.5 pts
3. Our Team Is Hatless, Repeat, Hatless  44.5 pts
4. The Indignation Coordinators Feat. Grimey  43.5 pts
4. Dear Chris, There Are Too Many Teams Nowadays. Please Eliminate 3. PS We Are NOT Crackpots.  43.5 pts
6. Yar, This Team Doesn't Know What It's Doing  43 pts
7. Peach Tree! Here I Am Playing With My Peach Tree, Chris!  41.5 pts
8. This Is The Team With Electricity, But it Has Too Much Electricity, So, I Don't Know, You Might Want to Wear a Hat  40 pts
9. The Egg Council Creeps  39 pts
10. The Rand Corporation, In Conjunction with the Saucer People, Under the Supervision of the Reverse Vampires  38.5 pts
11. R, Q, J, ?, :)  37 pts
11. Here at Globex, We Don't Believe in Team Names! In fact! I Didn't Even Give You My Coat!  37 pts
11. Five Dollars??? Get Outta Here… 37 pts
14. That Team, like, Tries Too Hard. The Whole Thing Smacks of Effort, Man  36.5 pts
14. What Do You Mean the Cadillac Lounge is Out of Money!?!  36.5pts
16. The Finger Thing Means the Taxes  35.5 pts
17. Ethnic Mismatch Comedy #644  35pts
17. Number 3 With A Bullet  35 pts
17. A Perfectly Cromulent Team  35 pts
20. I Pride Myself on Being a Good Host So I Am Obliged to Offer You a Beer, but I'm So Darn Mad It's Going to Be Mostly Head!  34.5 pts
21. My Team's a Box! Damn You, a BOX!  34 pts
22. Careful! They're Ruffled!  33 pts
23. We're Doing it For McGarnacle. We're Telling Them What We Saw.  32.5 pts
24. Principal Kohoutek and That Team of His  32 pts
25. The Kids Can Call Us "Hoju"  31.5 pts
25. Tied For Sixth With Table Time and Allied Biscuit 31.5 pts
25. The LIZARD QUEENS!  31.5 pts
25. We're Patriots… Like All Those People in Jail  31.5 pts
29. Sacrilicious  30.5  pts
29. Iron Helps Us Play!  30.5 pts
31. I Heard Your Team Went Into a Restaurant and Ate All the Food In the Restaurant and They Had to Close the Restaurant  30 pts
31. We Like the Way Snnnrubb Thinks!  30 pts
33. Mr. and Mrs. Bananas  27.5pts
34. Come Back Zinc… Come Back!  27 pts
34. Das Ist Not Eine Boobie!  27 pts
36. Starland Vocal Band  25.5 pts
37. Nazi Supermen are Our Superiors  24 pts
38. It Was the Best of Teams, It Was the Blurst of Teams  22.5 pts
39. I Wanna C, U, P  22 pts
40. Sleek, Vigilant Puma, Principal of the Mountains  21.5 pts
40. The Team That Couldn't Slow Down  21.5 pts
42. This is Armin's Apartment, Armin's Liquor, Armin's copy of "Swank", and Armin's Frozen Peas  21 pts
43. The B Sharps  20 pts
44. The Shrieking Shieks  18.5 pts
45. THRILLHO  16.5 pts
46. Jeremy's Iron  16 pts
47. The Crayola Oblongadas  15 pts
48. Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo!!!!!  14 pts
49. Don't Ask Us, We're Just Girls!  5 pts
50. Well, If It's a Crime to Love One's Trivia Team, Then We're Guilty. And If It's a Crime to Steal a Dozen Answers From Our Neighboring Team and Hand it Over to Sex Cauldron, Then We're Guilty of That Too. And If It's a Crime to Bribe the Scorekeeper, Then So Help Us, We'll Soon Be Guilty of That! 3 pts
51. We're Bad, But We'll Die. 2 pts

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