Wednesday, December 15, 2010

September 14, 2010

Location: The Ossington
Episodes: A Star Is Burns, Lisa's Rival, Bart Star
Special Categories: Principal Skinner, Movies, Sports
Winner: Schmos Working In A Box Factory
Press Clippings:


I could hardly believe it when I found out yesterday that the Simpsons has been on for over 20 years. If you were a fan during the first half of this run, tonight's trivia challenge may be right up your alley. "Woo Hoo! is three cromulent rounds of 20 questions about Simpsons seasons 1-11 (ending with 'Behind The Laughter'), plus three classic episodes on the big screen. Team up with up to six friends for maximum fun, and you could win delicious prizes." There's also cheap beer and no cover. So, yes, woo hoo!


The Ossington will again masquerade as Moe's Tavern, as popular demand brings about a second round of Classic Simpsons Pub Trivia. Grab some friends, crack a Duff, and test your knowledge on the first eleven seasons to win the title of Top Fan—and probably some donuts too. Know the origins of Mr. Sparkle, or for how many miles Grandpa chased the Kaiser to take back the word twenty? Then come be amongst your people.

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