Wednesday, December 15, 2010

August 17, 2010

Location: The Ossington
Episodes: Deep Space Homer, Cape Feare, Summer of 4 ft. 2
Special Categories: Krusty The Klown, Food, Music
Winner: We Like Roy
Press Clippings:

Any child of the nineties worth their salt has a hidden cache of Simpsons knowledge taking up valuable mental real estate, with tragically few opportunities to apply their hard-gained wisdom. Do you remember the name of Bart's elephant? Are you versed in the filmography of Troy McClure? Can you effortlessly rattle off Apu's daunting surname? Then you may just want to check out Woo Hoo! Classic Simpsons Pub Trivia, an evening of stumpers from the first eleven seasons of the longest running cartoon in history. Go head to head with fellow fans, win some prizes, and enjoy favourite episodes between rounds of Duff.

Toronto Star:

As my close friend and fellow misanthrope Shawn put it: “Usually I hate doing ‘stuff,' but this is f---ing great.” No great fan of group activities either, I nevertheless found myself in delirious spirits, an uncommonly competitive mood and the company of two Lisas (well, one was a Liisa) — which I took to be some sort of good-luck charm — for the first edition of south-end Ossington haunt's Simpsons trivia night.

Organizers didn't mess around, catering to the die-hard with genuine head-scratchers such as “Who are Steve Bennett and Lois Sanborn?” and “Name all five Sideshows” (look 'em up) that more often than not had the room perplexed. Our squad, “Team Discovery Channel,” turned in a thoroughly average showing and got blanked, resulting in several unbelievably bruised egos. We're now in training for the next round. Oh, and you haven't lived until you've heard an entire bar drunkenly singing along to the HMS Pinafore sequence in “Cape Feare.”

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