Sunday, October 13, 2019

October 7, 2019 - Hamilton

Location:  Levity Comedy Club, Hamilton
Winner:  The Popli Kids
Winner(s) Best Team Name:  I Will Iron Out This Sheet When You Iron Out The Inequities In Your Prize Drawing  (for reference - the answer sheets I gave out this week were all wrinkled)

1. The Popli Kids                                                                         48.5      
2. Especially After That Time Cover Story: "Levity, Canada's 
Worst Trivia Night."  "You Can See Gerry Hall In That Photo!"  44
2. I'm Seeing Double Here...4 Ryans!                                         44
4. I Will Iron Out This Sheet When You Iron Out The 
Inequities In Your Prize Drawing                                                       42
5. I've Said It Before And I'll Say It Again.  Democracy 
Simply Doesn't Work.                                                                            41.5
6. All Hail President Kang!                                                          39
7. Well McGarnigal, Gerry Hall Is Dead, They Slit His Throat
From Ear To Ear                                                                          37
8. I've Learned That Trivia Is Just One Crushing Defeat After 
Another Until You Just Wish Gerry Was Dead                            35
9. The Speed Holes                                                                    33
10. The Guys With Trivia In Their Mouths And When They
Bark They Shoot Trivia At You.                                                   31
11. The Wee Turtles                                                                    30

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