Sunday, December 30, 2018

December 22, 2018 - Calgary

Location : Dickens Pub
Categories : Sideshow Mel, Karol along with Krusty
Winners : What? It's not Maggagies birthday?
Best Team Name : This team engaged in sexual intercourse with your spouse or significant other (now that's trivia)

1. What? It's not Maggagies birthday? 49 2. Funzo and the galaxy of prawns 47.5 3. Hello, Shaya and Adam? This is detective Don Brodka, from Dickens security. That's right Don Brodka. Your sound guy Ezra has been caught shoplifting. Uh-huh. Yeah it's a shame I know but well try and have a merry Christmas. 46.5
4. Allied Biscuits the cracker exclusively for single people 46 5. The Popli Kids 45.5 Do not touch - Willie 41
6. We got this trivia sheet for Christmas. It was filled out by a team of children with crayon. The answer to five was fries. 41 7. Using your cell phone, that's a paddlin. Yelling out the answers, that's a paddlin. Paddlin the hosts.... oh you better believe that's a paddlin 27 8. Not Pride but less Shame 33.5 Mr. Sparkle 22

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