Thursday, December 28, 2017

December 12, 2017 - ST. CATHARINES

Location: Honest Lawyer - St. Catharines
Episodes:  Grift of the Magi, Lisa on Ice, Homer Badman
Winner: How Did We Get So Good At Trivia?  Pieced It Together Mostly From Sugar Packets.
Winner Best Team Name:  Baby On Board.  Something, Something...Burt Ward.

1. How Did We Get So Good At Trivia?  Pieced It 
Together Mostly From Sugar Packets                                47
2. Remember Jarvie?  He's Back, In Pog Form                42.5
3. You Can't Insult This Trivia Host.  You Call Him a 
Moron And He Just Sits There Grinning Moronily            38.5
4. Don't Make Me Run, I'm Full Of Trivia                            33
5. The Leader Beans                                                          31
6. Alright Brain, You Don't Like Me And I Don't Like You, 
But Let's Just Do This And I Can Get Back To Killing 
You With Beer.                                                                    27.5
7. Baby On Board.  Something, Somthing...Burt Ward       22.5
8.                                                           18
9. That Ancient Mystic Society Of No Homers                    15
10. Mathalete's Foot                                                            3.5

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