Thursday, August 18, 2016

June 2, 2016 - Brooklyn, NY

Location: Berry Park
Categories: Itchy and Scratchy; Arts and Crafts Episodes: Two Dozen and One Greyhounds, Ragin' Abe Simpson and his Grumblin' Grandson in the Curse of the Flyin' Hellfish; Saturdays of Thunder  
Winner: A Rusty Burger. That doesn't sound too appetizing... What kind of Dan do you have today?

1. A Rusty Burger. That doesn't sound too appetizing... What kind of Dan do you have today?, 47.5 pts
2. I'm a Ragaholic, I just can't live without Rageohol, 45.5 pts
2. And in Berry Park trivia, the highly anticipated match between Dan Mulhall and Rusty Harding ended in disqualification for use of dog doo on a stick, 45.5 pts
4. Which funny trivia was replaced by Rusty Harding? If you said Dan Ozzi, you are wrong. He was never funny, 42 pts
5. I don't get you Rusty, sometimes you seem kind of righteous, but then we see you fraternizing with lameoid Dans... which makes you a lamewad!, 39.5 pts
5. As for you, I don't know you but I'm sure you're a jerk!, 39.5 pts
7. The Queens of Summertime, 37 pts
7. The Puppy Formerly Known as Dan, 37 pts
9. Disemboweler IV: The Team where Condemned Criminals Dig at Each Other With Rusty Hooks, 35.5 pts
9. Garfunkel, Messina, Oates, and Rusty, 35.5 pts
11. Batman and Magellan, 35 pts
11. Wait, does this mean Rusty's a virgin too?, 35 pts
13. "I do not miss Dan at all." "I am glad he is gone." "As am I." "Boh!", 34.5 pts
13. Get me Dan Ozzi. (He's unavailable) Then get me his non union Mexican equivalent!, 34.5 pts
15. Yarr, that's Rusty Harding. He dances for nickels!, 32.5 pts
16. You're a dull boy, Billy, 31.5 pts
16. Dan Mulhall has no decency. He called me Rusty Hardon!, 31.5 pts
18. Well crying isn't gonna bring him back. Unless your tears smell like Dan food. So you can either sit there crying and eating can after can of Dan food until your tears smell enough like Dan food to make your Dan come back. Or you can go out there and find your Dan., 30 pts
19. Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag, 29.5 pts
20. That's how I was raised and I turned out TV, 28 pts
21. The Damn Hell Ass Kings, 26 pts
22. 123 Fake Street, 25.5 pts
22. That's why you're Dan and I'm the law-talkin' guy!, 25.5 pts
24. The Team that only comes out at night, or in this case, the day, 24.5 pts
25. No deal McCutcheon!, 23 pts
26. I need trivia to live, 22.5 pts
27. The team that ordered the London Symphony Orchestra...possibly while high?, 22 pts
28. The Inanimate Carbon Rods, 21.5 pts
29. Phineas Q. Butterfat , 19.5 pts
30. Trenchant Insight, 19 pts
31. T is for her Tooth Filled Mouth! T is for her Tooth Filled Mouth!, 18.5 pts
32. Dental Plan (Lisa Needs Braces), 18 pts
33. Team Discovery Channel, 16 pts
34. I Kill You Scum, 12.5 pts
34. They have the Internet on Computers now?, 12.5 pts
36. Here Puff! Here Puff!, 7.5 pts
37. Assal horizontology, 5 pts
38. The Medium of Gummy, 4.5 pts

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