Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Mr. Burns, Cartoons
Episodes: Kamp Krusty, Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk, Brother from Another Series
Winners: There Goes the Last Lingering Thread of Neil Arsenty's Heterosexuality

1. There Goes the Last Lingering Thread of Neil Arsenty's Heterosexuality, 49 pts
2. L'il Lightning and the Honor Rollers, 48 pts
2. So, I Says to Mabel, I Says… I'll Finish This Later. Hi Neil! Our Team Name is No Homers. Anyways, I Says to Mabel, I Says…, 48 pts
4. This Trivia Contest is a Well-Made Piece of Non-Claptrap that Never Makes Me Want to Wretch, 47.5 pts
5. Bosom, 46.5 pts
5. Our Team's Water Dish is Empty!, 46.5 pts
7. 2-entum and Jowwy, 45.5 pts
7. Talk About a Preachy Trivia! Everybody's a Sinner! ... Except for That Guy, 45.5 pts
9. Neil=White, Carl=Black, 45 pts
10. We Think We Hate Neil Arsenty! No, Wait, We Find Him Informative and Witty, 44.5 pts
11. Sure, We're a Sham Team, But We'll Be the Envy of Every Other Sham Team at Trivia, 44 pts
12. Gentlemen, Start Your Whacking!, 41.5 pts
13. Can't We Have One Night of Trivia That Doesn't End with Us Digging Up A Corpse?, 41 pts
14. Jazz Holes, 40.5 pts
15. Hortense, the Mule-Faced Team, 40 pts
16. Hey Neil, We Carved Our Team Name from a Bigger Team Name!, 39.5 pts
17. Commie-Nazis, 37 pts
17. Two Bad Neighbors, 37 pts
19. A Bee Bit My Bottom, Now My Bottom's Big!, 36 pts
20. Opposition to Prop 305, 35 pts
21. Little Pwagnattasgarmesettport, America's Scrod Bucket, 33 pts
22. Smuggled Vegetables: The E-Z Road to Success, 32 pts
23. Whale-Kissing, Dukakis-Hugging Moon Maidens, 27 pts
24. Pizzeria Serio Has Apparently Been Taken Over - “Conquered” If You Will - By a Master Race of Giant Simpsons Fans. It's Difficult to Tell from This Vantage Point Whether They Will Only Consume Pizza or Merely Enslave Neil. One Thing is for Certain, There's No Stopping Them!, 26.5 pts
25. The Home Wreckers, 25.5 pts
26. Stupid Neil Garbage Face, 25 pts
27. Gin and Jews, 24 pts
28. Sex Cauldron, 23 pts
29. Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky, 12.5 pts
30. Now I Have Two Owwies, 11 pts

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