Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Marge Simpson, Movies
Episodes: The Springfield Connection, Marge on the Lam, Marge in Chains
Winners: An Escaped Mental Patient Tampered with this Answer Sheet

1. An Escaped Mental Patient Tampered with this Answer Sheet, 48 pts
2. How Many People at Simpsons Trivia are Thinking of Killing Neil Right Now?, 46 pts
3. Neil A: Portrait of an Ass-Grabber, 44.5 pts
3. ...And the Team Was Cast into the Fiery Cauldron of Hell! The Searing Heat, the Scalding Rivers of Molten Sulfur!, 44.5 pts
5. They Should Call This Team Johnny Deformed, 41 pts
6. Habitat for Huge Simpsons Trivia Teams, 40 pts
7. This Trivia Night is a Part of Us All, A Part of Us All, A Part of Us All, 39 pts
7. Armin Tamzarian's Reign of Terror, 39 pts
9. Stupid Teams Need the Most Attention!, 38.5 pts
10. One of Neil Arsenty's Ether-Induced Hallucinations, 38 pts
11. Simpsons Trivia Rule 26: Every Team Must Win First Place At Least Once, Regardless of Gross Incompetence, Obesity, or Rank Odor, 36.5 pts
12. Come on, Neil. We're a Team! It's Uter-us, Not Uter-YOU!, 36 pts
12. Hey, Ansel Arsenty, Let's Go! Take the Team Photos!, 36 pts
14. Is Your Team Wearing a Tie to Impress Neil? Do You Think He Noticed?, 34.5 pts
15. Can I Borrow a Feeling?, 33.5 pts
15. Senor Beaverotti and the Wall E. Weasels, 33.5 pts
17. Sex Cauldron?!, 33 pts
18. Lies Make Baby Jesus Cry, 33 pts
19. Who Won? The LOSERS? No, They Lost, 31 pts
19. The Bowie Sharps, 31 pts
21. Hack the Bone! HACK THE BONE!!, 28.5 pts
22. Ol' Grimey, 27.5 pts
23. The Premium Dudes, 27 pts
24. We Order Our Steaks Through the New Yorker, 25.5 pts
24. 49 Staters, 25.5 pts
24. Team Gorgeous/Team Presentable/Team Gruesome/Team Moe, 25.5 pts
27. Hey Buddy, You Gotta Slow Your Car Down and Let Me In Because I'm a Big Fat Guy and I Can't  Go Anywhere Because There Could Be Some Poison Gas, I Mean There's Really Going to Be Some Poison Gas and Everybody's Going to Be Dead, Especially Me!, 24 pts
28. Purple Monkey Dishwashers, 23.5 pts
29. The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down, 22.5 pts
30. Immigants, I Knew It was Them, 22 pts
31. Roads Closed, Pipes Frozen, Albinos and Trivia Answers… Virtually Invisible!, 21 pts
32. It's Pronounced "Nucular," 14.5 pts
33. Listen Ladies, 13.5 pts
34. Pray for Mojo, 11.5 pts
35. Pinchy Would've Wanted it This Way, 10.5 pts
36. Banana House, 7 pts
37. Percy Dovetonsils III, 5 pts

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