Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 1, 2015 - Brooklyn, NY

Location: Berry Park
Categories: Comic Book Guy, Trick and Treats
Episodes: The Springfield Files, Treehouse of Horror IV, Treehouse of Horror VIII
Winner: Marge, Are We Jewish? 

And here's photos of our annual costume contest!

1. Marge, are we Jewish?, 48.5 points
2. Welcome to a wonderful evening of trivia and picking up after yourself, 48 points
3. The first non brazillian team to travel back in time, 46 points
4. we wash ourselves with a rag on a stick (applause), 45.5 points
5. Dan, I've always admired your ability to be personally offended by broad social trends... Hah!, 43 points
6. History's greatest monsters, 39.5 points
6. iron helps us play, 39.5 points
8. Too many grandmas, 38 points
9. The 1976 philedelphia flyers, 37.5 points
10. The springfield police has told me that 91% of all incorrect trivia answers come from you six guys, 37 points
11. Yeah we know it's time for trivia, but we don't care, we won't play until we get our danish, 35 points
12. My team name is also named bort, 33 points
12. It's team Curie! We must flee!, 33 points
14. Dan, you're as dumb as a mule and twice as ugly. If a stranger offers you a ride, I say take it., 32.5 points
14. Oh okay i'll get along with the dans. then i will hug some snakes. i will hug and kiss some poisonous snakes, 32.5 points
14. You might even say we're a trivia team and we're answering questions right now!, 32.5 points
17. Dear Mr. President, there are too many trivia teams nowadays. please eliminate 3. ps. i am not a crack pot, 32 points
18. abortions for all, 31.5 points
19. Two crazy for team town, too much of a team for crazy town, 31 points
20, The team that obviously had no help from their parents, 30.5 points
21. Something something burt ward, 30 points
22. The hello missus cumberdale kids, 27.5 points
23. Leader beans, 25.5 points
23. I don't care what I said, this family has had it's differences and we've squabbled but we've never had knife fights before, and i blame the dans, 25.5 points
25. the dreaded rear admirals, 24.5 points
26. Gigantic Asses, 24 points
27. The Dale Gribble Blue grass experience, 23.5 points
28. The sweet kind reverends daughter and the devil's cabana boy, 21 points
29. Disparaging the boot is a bootable offense, 18.5 points
30. The first finest dish stuffed with the second finest dish, 16 points
31. I've had it with this school skinner, low test scores, class after class of ugly ugly children, 14.5 points
32. The team that can't like own a potato man, 13 points

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