Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 21, 2015 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Kirk van Houten, It Stinks!
Episodes: Brush with Greatness, Homer Defined, A Streetcar Named Marge
Winners: A Case of the S'posetas

1. A Case of the S'posetas, 48.5 pts
2. Neil, In Accordance with Your Parent's Wishes, You May Step Out of the Pizzeria and Pray for Our Souls, 46 pts
2. Special Day? Oh, What Have I Forgotten Now? Now, Don't Panic. Is It Bacon Day? No, That's Crazy Talk! Neil's Getting Impatient. Take a Stab At It. "Happy 3rd Anniversary, Woo-Hoo! Simpsons Trivia!", 46 pts
4. Did You See That Movie Where They Send a Nuclear Submarine to Fight the Piranhas and One of Them Swims Right Down the Periscope and Bites Neil in the Eye and He Goes "Ah, Ah, Ah!" and the Old Lady Told Him It Would Happen?, 45 pts
4. This Team'll See To It That Neil Arsenty Doesn't Get Apricot One, 45 pts
4. We Got a Team, It's Called Whippin' Cupcakes, 45 pts
7. Okay, He Can Join Our Team, But I Get to Treat Him Like Garbage!, 44.5 pts
8. FBI Light Opera Society, 44 pts
9. This Team Engaged in Sexual Intercourse with Your Spouse or Significant Other, 43.5 pts
10. Hey, Neil! Neil! Remember That Time We Got Loaded and Set Those Beavers Loose in That Pine Furniture Store?, 43 pts
11. We Watched "The Simpsons" in a Bar Last Night. The Sound Wasn't On, But I Think We Got the Jist of It, 42 pts
12. Look Out, Itchy! They're Irish!, 41.5 pts
13. These Hot Dogs Have Been Here for 3 Years, They Are Strictly Ornamental, 40.5 pts
14. Daddy's Chubby Little Secret, 40 pts
15. Kids, Tell Me When Neil Stops Scratching Himself... Kids? / We'll Tell You, Mom, 39.5 pts
15. On This Trivia Team, We Obey the Laws of Thermodynamics, 39.5 pts
17. Pizzeria Serio: Where Roving Gangs Aren't a BIG Problem Anymore, 37.5 pts
18. The Team That Surrendered West Point to the Hated British, 37 pts
18. Trump-Burns '16, 37 pts
20. Who Are We? The Wildcats! Who Are We Gonna Beat? The Wildcats!, 35.5 pts
21. American Breast Enthusiast, 35 pts
22. And Now, a Message From the Trivia Team by the Window: Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf!, 34.5 pts
23. The Major Players at the Sewing Store, 33.5 pts
24. Our Team Name Sounds So Made Up... I Mean, "Yom Kip Pur?", 33 pts
25. Springfield Bearded Brigade, 32.5 pts
26. The Popes of Chili Town, 31 pts
27. Our Team is Also Named Bort, 30 pts
28. Open Faced Club Sand Wedge, 29.5 pts
29. You Guys Are Pathetic! No Wonder Neil Arsenty Made Me Head Bee Guy!, 28.5 pts
29. Team Discovery Channel, 28.5 pts
31. And Now, a Message from the Church of Latter Day Saints, 27 pts
32. Can I Borrow a Feeling?, 26.5 pts
33. Up Yours, Children!, 25.5 pts
34. Pepito, the Biggest Cat in the Whole Wide World, 24 pts
35. Why'd I Have the Bowl, Bart? Why Did I Have the Bowl?, 23.5 pts
36. Santa's Little Helpers, 22.5 pts
37. A Black Day for Baseball, 21 pts
38. Chilli Willi, 19.5 pts
39. Union Rule 26: Every Team Must Win Team of the Week Regardless of Gross Incompetence, Obesity or Rank Odor, 19 pts
40. The Erotic Cakes, 14 pts
41. Nick Triviera, 12.5 pts
42. Free Trombopoli!, 12 pts
43. Lower Expectations, 11 pts

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