Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 20, 2015 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Comic Book Guy, Products
Episodes: Three Men and a Comic Book, Whacking Day, Deep Space Homer
Winners: Are We Hot? We Are Not.

1. Are We Hot? We Are Not, 46.5 pts

3. Red Breem and His Team of Some Esteem, 44 pts
4. Recipe Related Simpsons Trivia Team, 43.5 pts
4. This Team is Going To Get You...  Some Ice Cream From The Store Because We've Been Saving So Much Money On Diet Cola!, 43.5 pts
6. We The Purple?, 43 pts
7. The Gudger College Alumni Association, 42 pts
8. Our Team Sleeps in a Drawer, 39 pts
9. Killer Robot Driving Instructors Who Travel Back in Time For Some Reason, 37.5 pts
10. We Don't Need To Win Trivia As Long As We've Got Our Health and Our Millions of Dollars and Our Gold House and Our Rocket Car, 37 pts
10. Brown & Water, 37 pts
12. The Illiterate, Tax-Cheating, Wife-Swapping, Pot Smoking Spendocrats, 35 pts
12. Team No Function Beer Well Without, 35 pts
14. Our Team Is Not Communist. We May Be Liars, Pigs, Idiots and Communist, But We Are NOT Porn Stars, 34 pts
15. Ah-ah-ah-ah Table Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive, 33.5 pts
16. Warren! Melvin! Gary! Dot! Gordy! (The Team Who Has Mittens Pinned To Their Jackets All Year-Round), 32 pts
16. Compadres, It Is Imperative That We Crush the Freedom Fighters Before the Start of the Rainy Season. And Remember, a Shiny New Donkey For Whomever Brings Me The Head of Neil Arsenty, 32 pts
18. Homer Jay Simpson, 31 pts
19. Constancy... Sweet Constancy, 28 pts
20. Stoners’ Pot Palace, 27 pts
21. When I Said My Stomach Hurt, You Were the Only One Who Believed Me, 26 pts
21. Your Dreams May Vary From Those of Globex Corporation, It's Subsidiaries and Shareholders, 26 pts
23. Ow! My Freakin’ Ears!, 22.5 pts
24. S.N.U.H., 20.5 pts
25. My Son Is Also Named Bort, 19.5 pts
26. This Team Doesn't Like the Idea of Milhouse Having Two Spaghetti Meals In One Day, 18.5 pts
27. Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbags, 16 pts
28. I'd Say 53 and 420 Pounds, 14 pts
29. Homer S.: Portrait of an Ass Grabber, 11 pts
29. The Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoos, 11 pts
31. A Nasty Clog and It's Partners, 10 pts
32. Boo-urns, 4 pts

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