Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 8, 2014 - Toronto

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: Treehouse of Horror IV, Treehouse of Horror III, Treehouse of Horror II
Categories: Kang & Kodos, Treehouse of Horror
Winner: We Made Serak The Food Preparer Cry

Final Standings:
1. We Made Serak The Food Preparer Cry, 45 pts.
2. Ahhh… Fresh Victims For My Ever Growing Team of the Undead. "Sir, You Have to Let Go of the Button" "Well, Son of a B--", 42 pts
2. The Nelsons feat. Andy Williams, 42 pts
4. Sex Cauldron, 40 pts
4. We Ourselves Were Once Presidents of Algeria, 40 pts
6. The Rand Corporation, in Conjunction With the Saucer People, Under the Supervision of the Reverse Vampires, 39.5 pts
7. The Starting Line-Up of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers, 38 pts
8. Trivia Involves Being a Bit Underhanded, a Bit Devious, a Bit -- as the French Say -- Bartesque, 37 pts
8. If This Team Could Turn Back the Clock on Their Mother's Stair Pushing, They Would Certainly Reconsider It, 37 pts
8. The Horrors Of An Unfresh Bowl, 37 pts
11. Chicken Necks, 36.5 pts
11. Did Anyone See The Movie TRON?, 36.5 pts
13. A Mountain of Sugar is Too Much for One Team. It's Clear Now Why God Portions them Out in Those Tiny Packets and Lives on a Plantation in Hawaii, 36 pts
13. The Gremlins On The Side Of The Bar, 36 pts
15. We're the Stupid Morons with Ugly Faces and Big Butts and Our Butts Smell and We Like to Kiss Our Own Butts, 35.5 pts
16. Nude Conspiracy, 34.5 pts
16. Please Don't Tell Anyone How We Live, 34.5 pts
18. The Team That Stayed Up All Night Eating Cheese, 34 pts
19. The Speed Holes, 33.5 pts
19. We're a Family Team. A Happy Family. Maybe Single People Play Trivia. We Don't Know. Frankly, We Don't Want To Know. That's One Market We Can Do Without, 33.5 pts
21. The Team Name That Is So Scary, You'll Wet Your Pants… Too Late, 33 pts
22. I'm Sorry If You Heard Disneyland, But I Distinctly Said Simpsons Trivia Night, 32.5 pts
22. We Can Tell the Difference Between Butter and "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter", 32.5 pts
24. Woozle Wazzle, 32 pts
25. There's A Team Name Behind That Rock, 31.5 pts
25. Super Friends Deluxe, 31.5 pts
25. Zombie Flanders, 31.5 pts
28. The Erotic Adventures Of S, 30 pts
28. Team Abortions for Some… Miniature American Flags For Others!, 30 pts
28. Let Arby's Worry About It, 30 pts
28. The Blunchblacks Of Blotre Blame, 30 pts
32. The B. O'Problems, 29.5 pts
33. The Sweet Sweet Cans, 29 pts
33. To Pronounce it Correctly, I'd Have To Rip Out Your Tongue, 29 pts
35. The Law Talkin' Guys, 27.5 pts
36. Designated Drivers: The Life-Saving Nerds, 27 pts
36. Abortions For All, 27 pts
36. The Joy Of Cooking Milhouse, 27 pts
36. Mules With Spinning Wheels, 27 pts
36. Hollywood Upstairs Medical College, 27 pts
41. No Homers, 26.5 pts
41. This Team Name Contains Potassium Benzoate, 26.5 pts
41. The Free Frogurts, 26.5 pts
44. Is This Team Too Late For the 4:30 Autogyro?, 26 pts
44. This Team No Function Beer Well Without, 26 pts
46. Hollywood Upstairs Medical College Dropouts, 25.5 pts
47. Skittlebrau, 25 pts
48. The Free Range Children, 24.5 pts
49. K-W-Y-J-I-B-Os (22 points), 23 pts
50. Man Alive… There Are Men Alive In Here, 22.5 pts
51. Too Crazy for Trivia Town, Too Much Trivia for Crazy Town!, 22 pts
52. "Do Not Touch Willie" - Good Advice, 21.5 pts
53. We're Not A State, We're A Monster, 21 pts
54. Armin's Frozen Peas, 20.5 pts
54. I've Got a Feeling Uter's Around Here Somewhere. After All, Isn't There a Lot of Uter in all of Us? In Fact, You Might Say We Just Ate Uter and He's In Our Stomachs Right Now. Wait… Scratch That Part, 20.5 pts
56. Careful! They're Ruffled!, 20 pts
57. The Joey Joe Joes, 19.5 pts
57. I'm Idaho, 19.5 pts
59. Forwards, Not Backwards! Upwards, Not Forwards! And Always Twirling, Twirling, Twirling Towards First Place!, 17 pts
60. The Malibu Stacies, 14.5 pts
61. Only THIS Team May Dance, 13.5 pts
61. George Cauldron & Jack Ladle, 13.5 pts
63. Duff Beer Boys, 12 pts
64. The Dogs With Bees in Their Mouths (and When They Bark They Shoot Bees at You), 12 pts
64. Born To Runner-Up, 12 pts
66. Knock it Off With The Quotes Already. Please Guys. Babies Love Balls, But Stop Adding More Balls. (The Balls are a Metaphor), 10.5 pts
67. Cool, Twice The Pet And None Of The Mess, 9 pts
68. Linguo? Dead?, 6 pts

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