Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 12, 2013 - Toronto

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: I Love Lisa, Bart's Friend Falls In Love, War of the Simpsons
Categories: The Lovejoys, Romantic Gestures
Winner: These Tar Fumes Are Making Me Dizzy

Final Standings:
1. These Tar Fumes Are Making Me Dizzy, 43 pts (tiebreak winner)
2. We'll Get That Reserved Table Back, Or Choke The Rivers With Our Dead, 43 pts
3. Sex Cauldron, 42.5 pts
4. This Team Probably Misses Their Old Glasses, 41 pts
5. Sleek, Vigilant Pumas: The Trivia Team of the Mountains, 40.5 pts
5. MendozaaaaAAAA!, 40.5 pts
7. A Mathematician, A Different Kind of Mathematician, And A Statistician, 39 pts
8. Oh, The Taxes. The Finger Thing Means The Taxes, 38.5 pts
8. The Nelsons, 38.5 pts
10. Allied Biscuit, 37 pts
11. The Team That Knows What The Jazz Is All About, 35 pts
12. Let Arby's Worry About It, 34.5 pts
12. The Team That Should Send You To St. Louis, 34.5 pts
14. Born To Runner-Up, 34 pts
15. Stupider Like A Fox, 33.5 pts
16. It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Blurst of Times, 32.5 pts
17. People Who Look Like Things, 32 pts
18. The Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers, 31.5 pts
19. Put It In H, 31 pts
20. The 9th Bearded Infantry, 30.5 pts
20. The Queens of Summertime, 30.5 pts
20. The Team As Pretty As Princess Leia and As Smart As Yoda, 30.5 pts
20. Two Comely Lasses And A Pig, 30.5 pts
24. The Children Who Meddled With The Republican Party And Lived To Tell About It, 29.5 pts
25. We The Purple, 28.5 pts
26. Parade To Distract Joyless Citizenry, 28 pts
27. This Team Is A Part Of Us All, A Part Of Us All..., 27.5 pts
27. What I'd Like Is I'd Like To Hug And Kiss You, 27.5 pts
29. Damn Weiner Kids, 26.5 pts
30. This Place 'The Cadillac Lounge' Is A Business of Some Kind? It's a Pornography Store. We Were Buying Pornography, 26 pts
31. Damn Hell Ass Kings, 25.5 pts
32. Damn You Rock'em Sock'em Robots! Can't We All Just Get Along?, 25 pts
33. This Team Is A Lot Like A Refrigerator: 300 lbs, Tall, Makes Ice..., 24 pts
34. He's Not Popular Enough To Wear Pink, 23.5 pts
35. A Giddy Little Thrill At A Reasonable Price, 23 pts
35. Something Something Then You'll See You'll Avoid Catastrophe, 23 pts
37. The Be Sharps, 22 pts
37. The Big Butt Skinners, 22 pts
37. Not Quite A Mop, Not Quite A Puppet, 22 pts
40. The Never Tries, 18 pts
41. Twirl Kings, 17.5 pts
42. Call Us Mint Jelly, 'Cause We're On The Lamb, 16 pts
43. All Hail General Krull And His Glorious New Regime, Signed Little Girl, 14.5 pts
44. Did You See That Jerk? He Dropped His Notes, 12 pts
45. Six Simple Words: I'm Not Gay But I'll Learn, 5.5 pts

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