Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 26, 2012 - Chicago

Location: Atlantic Bar & Grill
Episodes: Marge Be Not Proud, The Homer They Fall, Grift of the Magi
Categories: Krusty the Clown, Presents
Winners: The Damn Hell Ass Kings
Press Clippings: 

Show off your knowledge of The Simpsons' first 11 seasons by competing for prizes in the Classic Simpsons Trivia Chicago Boxing Day Spectacular. The bar will help refresh your love of the show by screening three Christmas- and boxing-themed episodes.

Final Standings:
 1. The Damn Hell Ass Kings, 48 pts
2. Hello Mr. Thompson, 47.5 pts
3. The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down, 47 pts
4. We’re Macy’s, You’re Gimbels, 46.5 pts
5. Remember That Time We Were Team Family Guy (pause for flashback), 46 pts
6. Prune Tracy, 45.5 pts
7. Nitsy, 44 pts
8. Team Discovery Channel, 43.5 pts
9. Perfectly Cromulent, 39.5 pts
10. D’ohmination, 33.5 pts
11. Team of Maximum Occupancy, 31.5 pts
12. I Demand to Speak to My Paleontologist, 27.5 pts
13. Stonecutters, 15 pts
14. Powell Motors, 10.5 pts

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