Friday, November 23, 2012

November 13, 2012 - Toronto

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: Hurricane Neddy, Simpson Tide, Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "Curse of the Flyish Hellfish"
Categories: Krusty The Klown, Army Matters
Winner: Champions of Winning Superb

Final Standings:
1. Champions of Winning Superb, 48 pts
2. Not A Quarter! Chris'll Be Dancing For Hours, 46 pts
3. I Don't Know Who You Are, But I'm Sure You're A Jerk, 44.5 pts
3. The Beer Barons, 44.5 pts
5. It Was A Gummi Bear, 44 pts
5. The Sickos At Modern Bride Magazine, 44 pts
7. Champions Of Winning Superb II, 43.5 pts
8. Trivia?! I'd Rather Be Watching A Connie Chung Christmas, 43 pts
9. Graduates of Bovine University, 42.5 pts
10. Sex Cauldron, 42 pts
11. The Nelsons, 41 pts
12. Stupid Like A FOX!!, 40.5 pts
13. Melvin & The Squirrels, 40 pts
13. The Team That's Gonna Change How We Think About Getting Hit By Pies, 40 pts
15. The Benevan Stanchianos, 38 pts
16. MENDOZAAAA!, 37.5 pts
17. Put It In H, 37 pts
17. 'Tis No Team; 'Tis A Remorseless Eating Machine, 37 pts
19. The Following Answers Are Lies, But They're Entertaining Lies, And Isn't That The Real Truth? The Answer Is No, 36.5 pts
20. Outstanding Soul, Spoken Word or Barbershop Album of The Year, 36 pts
20. This Little Team Writes Mysteries Under The Name J.D. MacGregor, 36 pts
22. Nuts & Gum: Together At Last, 34 pts
22. The Bake Sale To Raise Money For The Car Wash Has Been Cancelled Due To Confusion, 34 pts
24. The Team That Doesn't Wear Puffy Director's Pants, 33.5 pts
24. The Team That Swaggers About In Garish New Hats As If To Say "Look At Us, Rex Banner! We Have New Hats!", 33.5 pts
26. Let Arby's Worry About It, 33 pts
27. Bent Wookies, 32.5 pts
27. No One's Gay For Moleman, 32.5 pts
29. "This Team Name Is Just Between You And Me, Smashed Hat", 31 pts
29. Why Do You Think I Took You To All Those "Police Academy" Movies? For Fun? Well, I Didn't Hear Anybody Laughing, Did You? Except At That Guy Who Made Sound Effects. Where Was I? Oh Yeah: Stay Out Of My Booze!, 31 pts
31. Barnacle Bill's Home Pregnancy Test, 30 pts
31. Go Banana!, 30 pts
31. Pray 4 Mojo, 30 pts
34. The Ghost of Don Mattingly's Sideburns, 29 pts
35. Look! Lisa's Hanging Out With Some Cool Kids. And She Looks Like Blossom!, 28.5 pts
36. Flim Springfield Presents Pukahontas, 27.5 pts
37. The Suckiest Bunch Of Sucks Who Ever Sucked, 27 pts
38. Inanimate Carbon Rods, 26 pts
39. El Borto, 25 pts
40. Kwik-E-Smarts, 24.5 pts
41. Billy & The Cloneasaurus, 23 pts
42. The Spittle County Raiders: "Birthplace of the Loogie", 18 pts
43. The Team That Can Take A 6 Megaton Question, No More, No Less, 17.5 pts
44. Engine Block Eggs, 12.5 pts
45. "Be Like The Boy" - Gals, 5.5 pts

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