Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 1, 2011 - Brooklyn

Location: Berry Park
Episodes: Hurricane Neddy, Homer Goes To College, Lisa's Rival
Categories: Moe Syzlak, Movies
Winner: Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors
Press Clippings:

New York Magazine - "5 Best Bar Trivia Nights"
Even Comic Book Guy would cringe at the prospect of fielding 50 questions culled from 248 episodes of any sitcom, let alone one as vividly detailed as The Simpsons. Yet the first Thursday of each month inspires scores of otherwise rational people to do just that at Berry Park, where the sitcom's first eleven seasons are divvied up into intensely specific categories — "Edna Krabappel," for instance, or "medicine." Thankfully, the event's ringleader, Andrew Ennals, helps jog rusty memories by screening popular episodes between rounds. And while there are no bar tabs or pots of money awaiting the victors, Ennals does present the best three teams with boxes of doughnuts from Peter Pan Bakery, and the bar provides the night's overall champions with a well-deserved bottle of champagne.

Time Out New York - Critic's Pick
Finally, someone created a pub quiz that rewards the hours you've devoted to watching our favorite prime-time animated TV family. Trivia master Andrew Ennals will pose 50 questions in categories that cover a supporting character (such as Lionel Hutz and Milhouse Van Houten) or a subject (like music or food). Screenings of the show in between rounds can help jog memories. Winners get boxes of Homer's favorite, doughnuts, and the top team wins a bottle of champagne (which they can pretend is Duff Beer).

CBS New York - Top 5 Things To Do In NYC Tonight
Hooray! Someone was finally smart enough to start a Simpsons Trivia night. Join trivia master Andrew Ennals as he shells out 50 questions in categories that cover a supporting character or a subject of the show. Think Milhouse Van Houten or a category like food or music. There will even be screenings of the show in between rounds. Of course, the winners receive a box of Homer's favorite doughnuts and a bottle of champagne. Sorry, it's not Duff beer. Games begin at 8 p.m.

Final Standings:
1. Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors, 46.5 pts
2. BYOBB - What's That Extra B For? That's A Typo, 45.5 pts
3. Langdon Alger, 45 pts
4. No Homers, 44.5 pts
5. The Wig Offensive, 43.5 pts
6. Works On Contingency? No, Money Down!, 42 pts
7. Pray For Mojo, 41.5 pts
8. Make Way For Grapefruit, 37.5 pts
8. Matsumura Fishworks & Tamaraguchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern, 37.5 pts
10. Christ Punchers, 36 pts
11. Christmas Ape Goes To Summer Camp, 35 pts
12. Worst. Team. Ever., 34 pts
12. Point of Odor, 34 pts

14. Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys, 33.5 pts
15. Can I Borrow A Feeling?, 31.5 pts
16. Semper Fudge, 31 pts
16. The Soul Mass Transit System, 31 pts
18. Inanimate Carbon Rods, 28 pts
19. Trab Pu Kcip, 27 pts
20. I Want To Help You George Washington, 26 pts
21. Super Nintendo Chalmers, 23.5 pts
22. Rowdy Roddy Peeper, 22.5 pts
23. Kwik-E-Mart Gougers, 20.5 pts
24. Thrillho, 18 pts
24. Milpool, 18 pts
26. The Spankological Protocol, 17 pts
27. I Dunno, Something About Being Gay, 11.5 pts
28. Nerdlinger, 10 pts

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