Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Jasper, Food
Episodes: Homer Loves Flanders, Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily, Mayored to the Mob
Winners: I Got a Better Name, It’s Called Whipping Cupcakes

1. I Got a Better Name, It’s Called Whipping Cupcakes, 46.5 pts
2. A Gay Time In My Life, Well, One Day Neil Arsenty & I Went On A Picnic. Boy, We Had Our Fair Share Of Wieners That Day, That Was a Gay Old Time, 45.5 pts
2. We Love Every Neil We See, From Arsent-A To Arsen-Ty, 45.5 pts
4. Good News Everybody: In Two Months, Neil's Moving Into His Own Apartment With Two Sexy Ladies!, 43 pts
5. Kill Wealthy Dowager, 41 pts
6. The Team That Does Find Something Funny About The Word "Tromboner", 40 pts
7. We Have Had It With This Event, Neil! The Low Trivia Scores, Team After Team of Ugly, Ugly Players!, 39.5 puts
8. Neil, Are You Really The Head Of Simpsons Trivia… (Yes) Really? (Yes) YOU?! (Yes), 39 pts
9. So I Said To Neil, "Look Buddy, Your Car Was Upside Down When We Got Here. And As For Your Co-Host, She Shouldn't Have Mouthed Off Like That!", 38 pts
10. My Dingaling! My Dingaling! I Want You To Play With My Dingaling!, 37 pts
11. I Just Can't Believe Neil Would Stoop To That… And Right In the Middle of Montana And Dakota's Wedding, 36.5 pts
12. No Mercy on Diversey, 36 pts
13. Now, To Present The Award For Outstanding Writing In A Cartoon Series, Krusty The Klown & Brooke Shields…, 35.5 pts
14. Follow This Team To The Springfield Aquarium, 35 pts
15. The Moochin' War Widows, 34 pts
15. "Where Are We Going Mom? Are We Going To Pizzeria Serio?" "Let's Just Say We Are Going To The Best Pizzeria In The Whole Universe." "So We're NOT Going To Pizzeria Serio.", 34 pts
15. The Four Elephants of the Apocalypse, 34 pts
18. This Is Simpsons Trivia, Not The Bleedin'… Splish Splash Show!, 33.5 pts
19. Winners Of The Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence, 32 pts
20. Loneliness & Cheeseburgers, 30 pts
20. The Perfectly Cromulent Team, 30 pts
20. The Paddling Of The Swollen Ass… With Paddles, 30 pts
23. Sure It's Not 1985 Now, But Who Knows What Next Month's Trivia Will Bring?, 28.5 pts
23. Queen Of The Harpies… Here's Your Crown, 28.5 pts
25. Everyone Is Stupid Except Us, 28 pts
26. Wacky Shaaaaack!, 27 pts 
27. A Team Whose Complete Lack of Business Sense & Managerial IMPOTENCE Sent The Number One Trivia Team In Town To a Tie For Sixth With Table Time and Allied Biscuit, 26.5 pts
28. You Know The Team's Name Is Bart. I Don't Know The Name of The Man… Bar! What's The Name Of The Man?, 21.5 pts
28. Those Guitars that are Like… Double Guitars, Ya Know?, 21.5 pts
30. So You're From Russia, Huh? You Drunk Yet? Poland, Eh? Too Easy. How Ya Doin' Germany? Here's My Impression of a Neil Arsenty "KISS ME OR I KILL YOU!”, 21 pts
31. Team S-E-X C-A-U-L-D-R-O-N, 16 pts 
32. Thrillho, 15.5 pts
33. Sex Cauldron?! I Thought They Closed That Place Down, 13 pts
34. Man Vs Nature: The Road To Victory!, 12 pts
34. "Do You Love Us Neil?" "Sure Baby, Like I Love Fresca! Isn't That Enough?”, 12 pts

36. The Rover Hendrix Experience, 10.5 pts

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