Saturday, October 22, 2016

October 17, 2016 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Bart Simpson, Monsters
Episodes: Treehouse of Horror VII, Treehouse of Horror III
Winners: This is Bob Arsenty, the Father of the Big Quitter. Well, I Just Wanted to Tell You, I'm a Big Quitter Too and I Quit! *winks*

1. This is Bob Arsenty, the Father of the Big Quitter. Well, I Just Wanted to Tell You, I'm a Big Quitter Too and I Quit! *winks*, 47 pts

2. Nee-eil. Ars-ent… “Y”?, 46 pts
3. Arsenty, Neil Arsenty, What Kind of Kids Like Neil Arsenty? Fat Kids, Skinny Kids, Kids Who Climb on Rocks: Tough Kids, Silly Kids, Even Kids with Chicken Pox! Like Arsenty, Neil Arsenty, the Guy Kids Love to Like!, 45.5 pts
4. In Answer to Your Question, Yes We Do Have Pizza and Simpsons Trivia in England, But We Call Trivia a “Pub Quiz,” 45 pts
5. You Know, You’re Right. Neil Truly was the Best Simpsons Trivia Host Ever. Now Let Us Never Speak of Him Again, 44.5 pts
6. Cheating at Simpsons Trivia is a Victimless Crime, Like Punching Someone in the Dark, 43.5 pts
7. The Dogs with Bees in Their Mouths and When They Bark They Shoot Bees at You, 42 pts
8. Little Bart, Little Lisa, Little Marge… and the Rest!, 41.5 pts
9. Alright, You Listen Up You Little Freaks! The Fun Stops Here. You're Gonna Shut Your Stinking Traps and Behave, Damn It! This is One Trivia Host You're Not Gonna Screw With: Aaron and Warren!, 39.5 pts
10. We’ve Spent Our Last $10 on this Simpsons Trivia, 39 pts
11. Our Team Likes Simpsons Trivia Cause We Don't Have to Pay the Hosts Squat! Plus, They Can Be Replaced and No One Can Tell the Diddly Difference!, 38.5 pts
12. He Slept, He Stole, He was Rude to the Teams. Still, There Goes the Best Damned Host Simpsons Trivia Ever Had, 38 pts
13. The Most Dim-witted Individuals Who Hold Advanced Degrees in Hyperbolic Topology, 37.5 pts
14. Can I Borrow a Neil-ing, 37 pts
15. Well, Get Me Neil’s Non-Union Mexican Equivalent! Listen, Senor Neilbergo…, 36.5 pts
16. I’ll Make A Wish That Can’t Backfire! I Wish for a Pepperoni Pizza on Thin Crust with Red Pepper and Extra Cheese and— AND… I Don't Want Any Zombie Pepperoni, I Don’t Want to Turn into a Pizza Myself and I Don't Want Any Other Weird Surprises. You GOT IT? Hey! Hmmm, mmmm Not Bad... Nice, Hot Sauce, Crispy Pepperoni, the Crust’s a Little Soggy... THE CRUST'S A LITTLE SOGGY! Oh, Foul Accursed Thing! What Demon from the Depths of Hell Created Thee??, 35.5 pts
16. Go Ahead, Neil. Leave Simpsons Trivia. I’ll Just Take a Lock of Hair to Remember You By. It’s Just You and Me Now, Lock of Hair, 35.5 pts
18. How to Cook for 40 Humans, 35 pts
18. With Neil Out of the Picture, We Will Be Free to Wallow in Our Own Crapulence, 35 pts
20. All Neil and No Neil Makes Neil a Neil Neil, 34.5 pts
20. O-E-O— E-Ohhhhh [Shhh!] (quieter) O-E-O— E-Ohhhhh, 34.5 pts
22. Behold the Ravages of Age!, 33 pts
23. Here Come the Pretzels!, 31.5 pts
24. Neil, If You Don’t Like Trivia, You Don’t Leave. You Just Go In Every Third Monday of the Month and Do It Really Half-Assed. That’s the American Way!, 30.5 pts
25. Can I Have Some Change to Go Get Loaded?, 29.5 pts
26. P is for Psycho, 29 pts
26. Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Kodos, 29 pts
26. WO__D_ F_IR, 29 pts
26. Book ‘Em Lou! One Count of Being a Bear and One Count of Being an Accessory to Being a Bear!, 29 pts
30. Wacky Shack, 28 pts
31. Three Misfortunes? That’s Possible. Seven Misfortunes? There’s an Outside Chance. But Nine Misfortunes? I’d Like to See That!, 25.5 pts
32. Gay for Moleman, 24.5 pts
32. The Arsentiest Bunch of Arsentys that Ever Arsentied, 24.5 pts
34. I Fell Off the Jungle Gym and When I Woke Up I Was in Here, 20.5 pts
35. Kodos/Dole ’16, 19.5 pts
35. Toss Neil in the Hole, Boys! There Goes a Real Sack of Crap, 19.5 pts
37. Rowdy Roddy Peepers, 17 pts
38. Mary Anne’s Hammocks, 15.5 pts
39. Stewie Griffin, 14.5 pts
40. The Dead Have Risen and are Voting Republican, 12.5 pts
41. The Sizzlin’ Syzlaks, 11.5 pts
42. Yellow Trash, 9.5 pts

October 19th, 2016 - Toronto

Location : Cadillac Lounge
Catergories : Hallowe'en Flanders, Costumes
Episodes: THOH 8, THOH 7, THOH 3
Winners : This Team Will Scare You So Much You'll Wet Your Pants (Too Late)
The Matt Smith Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Team Naming Excellence: Yes, Our Team Was Drinking Gasoline, MOTHER

1. This Team Will Scare You So Much You'll Wet Your Pants (Too Late) - 46 pts
2. Dear Ms. Brazeau: There are Too Many Teams These Days. Please Eliminate Three. We Are Not Crackpots. - 43 pts
3. The Team That's Going to be Frank With You. And By Frank, We Mean Devestating. - 42.5 pts
4. Grover Cleveland Spanked Our Team on Two Non-Consecutive Occasions - 41.5 pts
5. The Miniature American Flags For Others - 41 pts
6. Up Yours, Children! - 40 pts
7. Compuglobalhypermeganet - 39.5 pts
8. A Sex Farm for Sex Hookers - 39 pts
8. Sex Cauldron - 39 pts
10. The Bloodening - 38.5 pts
11. Principal Kahoutek, Him and that Trivia Team of His - 36.5 pts
12. Simpsons Trivia is Bad For the Economy Blah Blah Blah You Can Have a Trivia Contest Over My Dead Body Blah Blah - 36 pts
12. Team Discovery Channel - 36 pts
14. Meat Council: Partners in Freedom - 35.5 pts
14. Yes, Our Team Was Drinking Gasoline, MOTHER - 35.5 pts
16. This Team Stands by it's Ethnic Slur - 32.5 pts
17. Oh No the Corn! Paul Newman's Gonna Have My Legs Broke - 32 pts
18. Guess I Forgot To Put the Foglights In! - 29.5 pts
19. Owning Your Okayness - 27 pts
20. Pi is Exactly 3!! - 25.5 pts
21. The Zombie Flanders - 25 pts
22. Crappy Club for Jerks - 22.5 pts
23. The Ny Mets are My Favorite Squadron - 21.5 pts
23. Trivia? I've Got a Better Game… It's Called Whipping Cupcakes - 21.5 pts
25. Globex Corporation - 21 pts
26. Panamanian Strongman - 20.5 pts
27. Team Skeleton Power! - 20 pts
28. Take That Washington! Eat Lead Einstein! Show's Over Shakespeare! - 19.5 pts
29. Don't Your Hate Pants? - 16.5 pts
30. Hired Goons - 15 pts

Friday, October 21, 2016

October 6, 2016 - Brooklyn, NY

Location: Berry Park NOTE: This was our last time at Berry Park and we'll be changing locations! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more info!
Categories: Kang and Kodos; Losers
Episodes: Treehouse of Horror; Treehouse of Horror VII; Krusty Gets Kancelled  
Winner: This is indeed a disturbing trivia night.

1. This is indeed a disturbing trivia night, 48.5 pts
2. I didn't wear this costume for mobility, I wore it to salute the noble trivia hosts of the Atlantic Northeast, 48 pts
2. We think they're a good team, we like ‘em, we got nothing against ‘em, but we're definitely gonna make orphans of their children, 48 pts
4. And the Lord said whack ye all Dans which crawl on their bellies and thy trivia shall be a beacon unto others, 46 pts
5. If it's clear and yellow, you've got Dan there fellow. If it's tangy and brown you're in Dan Town, 44.5 pts
5. 101 Frozen Pops, 44.5 pts
7. It's just that the people who host Simpsons Trivia are always pathetic low-lives with boring jobs and - oh and you Dans, 43.5 pts
8. I call the big Dan bitey, 43 pts
8. And they went out into the city into berry park and they lodged there, - dan 21:17, 43 pts
8. Gloria Vanderbilt, out for revenge, 43 pts
11. Dear Woo Hoo Trivia. Maybe it's the beer talking, but you have a couple of trivia hosts that won't quit. They got these Dans here who just keep going (slurring) 10 dollars? Get outta here, 42.5 pts
11. To pronounce our team name correctly, i would have to pull out your tongue, 42.5 pts
13. Boogey man or boogey men, 40.5 pts
14. It's a candy dish, Dan, 90 dollars, 38 pts
14. A very rare Mary Worth in which she has advised a friend to commit suicide, 38 pts
16. Suspect is hatless, repeat hatless, 36 pts
17. Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos, 33.5 pts
18. Jeremy's Iron, 32 pts
19. It's the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, and the creamy middles, 31.5 pts
20. Rich Man's Heaven, 29.5 pts
20. Let those second place donuts be forever on your head!, 29.5 pts
22. Nothing can possiblie go wrong, 26.5 pts
23. This team contains potassium benzoate, that’s bad, 26 pts
24. Judge Judy and Executioner, 25 pts
25. Thank you Bill Cosby, you saved the Simpsons, 20.5 pts
26. Bleeding gums murphy, 10.5 pts

Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 15, 2016 - CALGARY

Location: Dickens Pub
Episodes: Treehouse of Horror II, Treehouse of Horror IV, Treehouse of Horror VI
Categories: Mayor Quimby; Trees, Houses, and Treehouses of Horror
Winner: Dickens Rule 26: Every team must win Simpsons Trivia at least once regardless of gross incompetence, obesity, or rank odor

1. Dickens Rule 26: Every team must win Simpsons Trivia at least once regardless of gross incompetence, obesity, or rank odor, 44.5
2. You See, The Kids, They Listen to the Rap Music Which Gives Them the Brain Damage, With the Hippin’ and the Hoppin’ and the Bippin’ and the Boppin, so They Don’t Know What the Jazz is All About, You See? Jazz is Like Jello Pudding Pop - No It’s More Like Kodak Film - No, Actually, Jazz is Like New Coke. It’ll Be Around Forever. Heh Heh Heh., 44
3. If this isn’t the best Simpsons Halloween team name ever may I go straight to hell where I will eat naught but burning hot coals and drink naught but burning hot cola, where fiery demons will punch me in the back, where my soul will be chopped into confetti and strewn upon a parade of murderers and single mothers, where my tongue will be torn out by ravenous birds, 42
3. Montreal Vampires, 42
3. Up and at Them, 42
6. Okay, let’s go over the ground rules. You can’t write your answer til you chug a beer, any man with a correct answer must chug a beer, you have to chug a beer a the top of all odd numbered rounds, oh, and the fourth round is the beer round. Hey, we know how to play trivia!, 41
7. For a team with no Asian kids we put on a good science fair, 40
7. Team Kang - Why Vote for a Lesser Evil?, 40
9. Give us best team name or I will read you my play; Kippers for breakfast said Aunt Helga? Tis it St. Swithens Day Already? Tis replied Aunt Helga, 39.5
10. The Know Nothing Know-It-Alls, 39
11. If anyone asks, Mike is a clergyman, Thomas is seven people, and Brendan was wounded in Vietnam., 35
12. Erotic Awakening of S, 32
13. Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all, 30
14. Stupid Sexy Flanders [Table 302], 27.5
15. Once upon a quiz night dreary, while I pondered over many a trivial detail of classic Simpsons lore, distracted by my neighbour’s yapping, with tricky questions I was grappling, so my fingers went a tapping, tapping on my iPhone 4. “Tis a cheater,” someone muttered, “tapping on his iPhone 4.” Quoth the quiz hosts, “Bosh! Flimshaw!”, 23
16. Foolish Humans, 19
17. Get Confident, Stupid!, 18.5
18. The Embiggeners, 16.5
19. Stonecutters, 16
20. The Christ Punchers, 9
20. Stupid Sexy Flanders [Table 202]

Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 11, 2016 - ST. CATHARINES

Location: Honest Lawyer - St. Catharines
Episodes: Homer's Triple Bypass, Marge Vs. The Monorail, Brother From The Same Planet
Round Theme:  Comic Book Guy
Winner: The Chalk-Faced Goons

1.The Chalk-Faced Goons                                                   44
2. The Starting Line-Up of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers          43
3. There's No Such Team As The Spungos                           41.5
4. Stop! We Have Reached The Limits Of What Rectal Probing
Can Teach Us!                                                                   41
5. All Hail Krull and His Glorious New Trivia Team.  Sincerely,
Little Girl.                                                                          40.5
6. How to Beat 40 Humans (at trivia)                                   35
7. Chesty Larue                                                                 31.5
8. The Jubjub Fan Club                                                       25
9. The Spungos                                                                  34
10. Mmm...Beer                                                                  19
11. Duff Huffers                                                                   9.5
12. Can I Borrow An Answer?  Can You Lend Me A Cup of
Trivia?                                                                                5.5

Saturday, October 8, 2016

October 5, 2016 - HAMILTON

Location:  Honest Lawyer, Hamilton
Episodes: Homer's Barbershop Quartet, Cape Feare, Homer Goes To College
Round Theme:  Contests
Winner: Stupider Like a Fox

1. Stupider Like a Fox                                            46
2. The Southern Dandies                                        42.5
3. No T.V. And No Audio Make This Team 
   Something, Somthing...                                      42.5
4. Esquillax, The Team With The Head Of a Rabbit, 
    And The Body...Of a Rabbit                               42
5. You'll Have To Speak Up, I'm Wearing A Towel    39
6. Numberous Threatening References To The U.N. 35.5
7. The Team With Bees In Their Mouths, And When
    They Bark They Shoot Bees At You                   32.5
8. Furious George                                                 22.5
9. The Jagged Metal Krusty O's                             20
10. Bonerland Medical Association                         19.5
11. Damn Weiner Kids                                           15.5
12. Party Posse                                                    14