Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 23, 2015 Detroit

Location: One Eyed Betty's
Episodes: Lisa's Date with Density, Hurricane Neddy (Sort of, due to technical difficulties there was no sound)
Categories:  Marge, Presidents
Winner: Two Kids Posing as an Adult
1. Two Kids Posing as an Adult, 47.5
2. Up and at Them, 41.5 pts
3. Someone's Attractive Cousin, 40 pts
4. The Dead Malkmen, 39.5 pts
5. The Fifth Beatle, 37.5 pts
6. Go Banana!, 35 pts
7. Team Discovery Channel, 32
8. You'll Have to Speak Up I'm Wearing a Towel, 31.5 pts
9. The Genuine, Bonafide, Electrified, Six-Person Trivia Team, 27.5 pts
10. Mr. Snrub, 22 pts
11. Team Maple Leaf, 20.5
12. Head Bag, 15
13. Los Flanderinos, 14
14. Team Cobra, 10
15. My Cat's Breath Smells Like Cat Food, 2.5
16. Gotham City Playas, 2
17. Beer! Beer! Beer! Beer!, 0

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015 - Vancouver

Location: Nonna's Table Cafe & Pizzeria At The Waldorf
Episodes: Deep Space Homer, Itchy & Scratchy Land, The Springfield Files
Categories: Video Games, Edna Krabappel
Winner: Telling our trivia team to not win would be like telling Gene Krupa not to go "boom boom bap boom boom bap"

1. Telling our trivia team to not win would be like telling Gene Krupa not to go "boom  
boom bap boom boom bap" 41 pts
2. The team from Kual-la, kual-la…France! 37 pts
3. This team can't promise they'll try, but they'll try to try 36.5 
4. I don't want to alarm you, but there may be a boogeyman or boogeymen on this team! 36 
5. Doesn't this team know any songs that aren't commercials? I feel like chicken tonight! 34.5 
6. We, er, don't think this trivia is over yet, "Simon" and "Leonard", if those are your real names. We believe there is still a little something called the "swimsuit competition". 34 
7. Team not communists. We may be liars, pigs, idiots, communists, but we are NOT porn stars 33 
8. The real teammates shouldn't burn so quickly 32 
9. The sensitive, yet unfortunately titled team: Puke-a-hontas 30 
10. Royce McCuthceon and the Moon-Monies 27.5 
11. I think the team was called…the bus that couldn't slow down 27.5 
12. Starland Vocal Band? They suck! 26.5 
13. It's the same team, but with a new hat 25.5 
14. Wee turtles (too quick for you!) 24.5 
15. Steve Guttenberg Fan Club 24.5 
16. This team no function beer well without 21.5 
17. Iiiit's a secret….Shuuuuut Uuup! 18 
18. Sex Cauldron 15.5 
19. Bleeding Gums 13 
20. Team Discovery Channel 13 
21. I can't believe we ate the whole thing 13 
22. The Mellons

July 20, 2015 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Lisa Simpson, Animals
Episodes: Bart of Darkness, Summer of 4’2”, Itchy and Scratchy Land
Winners: Let Us Have One of Those Porno Magazines, Large Box of Condoms, a Bottle of Old Harper, a Couple of Those Panty Shields (and Some Illegal Fireworks) and One of Those Disposable Enemas. Ah, Make It Two.

1. Let Us Have One of Those Porno Magazines, Large Box of Condoms, a Bottle of Old Harper, a Couple of Those Panty Shields (and Some Illegal Fireworks) and One of Those Disposable Enemas. Ah, Make It Two. 47.5 pts (won tie-breaker)
1. Can't We Have One Trivia Night That Doesn't End with Us Digging Up a Corpse?, 47.5 pts 
3. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, 45 pts
4. This Old Gray Team, She Ain't She Used to Be, Ain't What She Used to Be, Ain't What She Used to Be…, 42.5 pts
5. Team Lizard Queen, 41.5 pts
6. Don't Look Up My Dress Unless You Mean It, 41 pts
7. The Crappy Little Elves, 40.5 pts
8. There Goes the Last Lingering Thread of My Team's Heterosexuality, 39.5 pts
8. You're Banned From Pizzeria Serio! You, and Your Children, and Your Children's Children... For Three Months, 39.5 pts
10. Good Guy at Sports, 39 pts
10. Neeeeeeil, Let's Have Sex, 39 pts
10. Pruuuuune Tracy!, 39 pts
13. Doing Thirteen While She's Elevening Your Five, 38.5 pts
13. Look! That Team's Got Bosoms! Who's Got a Wet Towel? Get Over Here, Butterball!, 38.5 pts
13. The Spungos, 38.5 pts
13. These Other Teams Chose a Life of Celibacy. Our Team Simply Had Celibacy Thrust Upon It, 38.5 pts
17. Trivia Sucks! Let's Play Hungry Hungry Hippos, 38 pts
18. Remember When I Got Caught Stealing All Those Answers from Neil? Well, That's Nothing Because YOU Have a Gambling Problem, 37.5 pts
18. The Absence of Mark Rodkin... Oh Wait, There He Is, 37.5 pts
20. Satan's Boners, 36.5 pts
21. I Think That Team's Name is Mother Shabubu Now, 35.5 pts
21. Tramapoline! Trambapoline!, 35.5 pts
21. We Are So Smrt, S-M-R-T, 35.5 pts
24. The Association of Old Folks Who Want to Bring the Matlock Expressway to Chicago, 34.5 pts
24. The Starfish Poachers, 34.5 pts
26. Matlock Expressway, 34 pts
27. So Long, Stinktown!, 33 pts
28. WO__D_ F_IR, 32 pts
29. How to Cook Forty Trivia Teams, 31 pts
30. Oh No, the Corn! Neil Arsenty is Going to Have Our Legs Broke, 30.5 pts
31. Good Time Slim, Uncle Doobie, and the Great Bucktown Freakout, 28 pts
31. Number 8 (burp), Number 8 (burp), 28 pts
33. Principal Kahoutek and That Little Boy of His, 26 pts
34. Pray for Mojo, 23.5 pts
35. Super Nintendo Chalmers, 22 pts
36. Purple Monkey Dishwashers, 19 pts

Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 14th, 2015 - Toronto

Location : Cadillac Lounge
Categories : Gil, The World Around Springfield
Episodes : A Brush With Greatness, Rosebud, Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk
Winners : Who needs the Infinite Compassion of Ganesha When We've Got Chris Staring At Us From the Stage With Her Dead Eyes?!

1. Who Needs the Infinite Compassion of Ganesha When We've Got Chris Staring At Us From the Stage With Her Dead Eyes?! 49 pts
2. Sex Cauldron 46.5 pts
3. Our Team Is Hatless, Repeat, Hatless  44.5 pts
4. The Indignation Coordinators Feat. Grimey  43.5 pts
4. Dear Chris, There Are Too Many Teams Nowadays. Please Eliminate 3. PS We Are NOT Crackpots.  43.5 pts
6. Yar, This Team Doesn't Know What It's Doing  43 pts
7. Peach Tree! Here I Am Playing With My Peach Tree, Chris!  41.5 pts
8. This Is The Team With Electricity, But it Has Too Much Electricity, So, I Don't Know, You Might Want to Wear a Hat  40 pts
9. The Egg Council Creeps  39 pts
10. The Rand Corporation, In Conjunction with the Saucer People, Under the Supervision of the Reverse Vampires  38.5 pts
11. R, Q, J, ?, :)  37 pts
11. Here at Globex, We Don't Believe in Team Names! In fact! I Didn't Even Give You My Coat!  37 pts
11. Five Dollars??? Get Outta Here… 37 pts
14. That Team, like, Tries Too Hard. The Whole Thing Smacks of Effort, Man  36.5 pts
14. What Do You Mean the Cadillac Lounge is Out of Money!?!  36.5pts
16. The Finger Thing Means the Taxes  35.5 pts
17. Ethnic Mismatch Comedy #644  35pts
17. Number 3 With A Bullet  35 pts
17. A Perfectly Cromulent Team  35 pts
20. I Pride Myself on Being a Good Host So I Am Obliged to Offer You a Beer, but I'm So Darn Mad It's Going to Be Mostly Head!  34.5 pts
21. My Team's a Box! Damn You, a BOX!  34 pts
22. Careful! They're Ruffled!  33 pts
23. We're Doing it For McGarnacle. We're Telling Them What We Saw.  32.5 pts
24. Principal Kohoutek and That Team of His  32 pts
25. The Kids Can Call Us "Hoju"  31.5 pts
25. Tied For Sixth With Table Time and Allied Biscuit 31.5 pts
25. The LIZARD QUEENS!  31.5 pts
25. We're Patriots… Like All Those People in Jail  31.5 pts
29. Sacrilicious  30.5  pts
29. Iron Helps Us Play!  30.5 pts
31. I Heard Your Team Went Into a Restaurant and Ate All the Food In the Restaurant and They Had to Close the Restaurant  30 pts
31. We Like the Way Snnnrubb Thinks!  30 pts
33. Mr. and Mrs. Bananas  27.5pts
34. Come Back Zinc… Come Back!  27 pts
34. Das Ist Not Eine Boobie!  27 pts
36. Starland Vocal Band  25.5 pts
37. Nazi Supermen are Our Superiors  24 pts
38. It Was the Best of Teams, It Was the Blurst of Teams  22.5 pts
39. I Wanna C, U, P  22 pts
40. Sleek, Vigilant Puma, Principal of the Mountains  21.5 pts
40. The Team That Couldn't Slow Down  21.5 pts
42. This is Armin's Apartment, Armin's Liquor, Armin's copy of "Swank", and Armin's Frozen Peas  21 pts
43. The B Sharps  20 pts
44. The Shrieking Shieks  18.5 pts
45. THRILLHO  16.5 pts
46. Jeremy's Iron  16 pts
47. The Crayola Oblongadas  15 pts
48. Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo!!!!!  14 pts
49. Don't Ask Us, We're Just Girls!  5 pts
50. Well, If It's a Crime to Love One's Trivia Team, Then We're Guilty. And If It's a Crime to Steal a Dozen Answers From Our Neighboring Team and Hand it Over to Sex Cauldron, Then We're Guilty of That Too. And If It's a Crime to Bribe the Scorekeeper, Then So Help Us, We'll Soon Be Guilty of That! 3 pts
51. We're Bad, But We'll Die. 2 pts

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 9, 2015 - Brooklyn

Location: Berry Park
Categories: Reverend Lovejoy; Acting
Episodes: The Twisted World of Marge Simpson; Lisa the Beauty Queen; Homer's Phobia
Of course, The Dans do not provide any hints on how to WIN Simpsons Trivia, they are rather a chilling tale of conformity gone mad

Final Standings:

1. Of Course, The Dans do not provide any hints on how to WIN Simpsons Trivia, they are rather a chilling tale of conformity gone mad 47 pts 2. Uh, Dan, sir, people are becoming a bit.... confused by the way you and your co host are well, constantly holding hands 46 pts 3. Because Woo Hoo Classic Trivia Brooklyn couldn't exist without six white stripes, seven red stripes, and a hell of a lot of Dans! 43 pts 4. These Team Names are generating a dangerous amount of laughter 41 pts 5. The team that can't believe it but now it's pants are chaffing it 40 pts 6. We're here, we're queer, we dont want any more dans 39.5 pts 7. Born to Runner Up Sponsored by Avis Car Rentals 39 pts 7. Alright! You little freaks! THe fun stops here. You're gonna shut your stinkin traps and behave dammit! This is one team you're not gonna screw with! Our team! 39 pts 9. See my theory is, the Dans like dog food 38 pts 10. Oh Princess Jenny, wouldst thou grant me thine dainty hoof in marriage? 36.5 pts 11. I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells and i like to kiss my own butt 35.5 pts 11. The suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked 35.5 pts 12. We're pretty uptight for naked chicks 35 pts 13. Hail to the Chimp 34 pts 14. You want my opinion? I think you should buy this car 33 pts 15. The Richard Cho Experience Featuring Sabrina 32.5 pts 15. Our team may be ugly and hate filled but uh what was that third thing you said 32.5 pts 17. Saxy Boy 31.5 pts 18. The Dans never ruined their fun by giving into their throbbing biological urges 30.5 pts 19. Dan's Mom's say they're cool. 30 pts 20. Flancrest Enterprises 29 pts 21. Some bunch of fuckin assholes 28 pts 22. Legitimate Businessmen Social Club 27.5 pts 23. The one where Debra gets mad at Ray because Marie insulted her cooking.... wait are we at the right trivia? 27 pts 24. With all the Simpsons supergeeks down at Comic Con, we might have a chance to win this time 24.5 pts 25. Goons. Hired Goons. 23.5 pts 26. This Trivia Team Name is dedicated to the steel mill workers of america. Keep reaching for that rainbow 21 pts 27. Cock of Nothing! 19 pts 28. Booze Team Assemble 16 pts 29. Canyonero Inc 15 pts 30. Gudger College Dropouts 13 pts 31. Christmas Ape Goes to Trivia Night 12.8 pts 32. The Springfield Retirement Castle Residents 2 pts (this team was Dan and Dan's respective parents)

July 12, 2015 - Ann Arbor

Location: Study Hall Lounge
Episodes: Homer the Vigilante, Itchy & Scratchy the Movie, Two Bad Neighbors
Categories: Groundskeeper Willie, Itchy & Scratchy
Winners: Team From A Summer Place, From A Summer Place, The Team From A Summer Place, It's the Team

1. Team From A Summer Place, From A Summer Place, The Team From A Summer Place, It's the Team, 45 pts
2. Two Guys From Quantico, 42 pts
3. The Kill-Bot Factory, 41 pts
4. A Team That Won't Quit, 40 pts
5. Mr. Sparkle, 37.5 pts

Sunday, July 12, 2015

10, July, 2015 - Ottawa

Location: Grace O'Malley's
Categories: Bart, Season One Trivia
Winner: Springfield Isoltopes

1 . Springfield Isoltopes 34.5
2 . Cesspool on the Potomac 34.0
3 . Shelbyville Shelbyvillians 31.0
4 . Are "poo" and "ass" taken? 30.5
4 . They Found Us on the Mensroom Floor 30.5
5 . 742 Evergreen Terrace 23.5
6 . Hellfish 22.0
7 . Skittlebräu 13.0