Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 21, 2016 - Calgary

Location: Dickens Pub
Episodes: The Front, Whacking Day, Marge in Chains
Categories: Marge Simpson, What's in the Box?!

1. I’d kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer, 47.5
2. Don't You Hate Pants?, 45
3. Tramopoline! Trambampoline! That Trampoline is mine!, 44.5
4. Thank goodness I still live in a world of telephones, car batteries, handguns and many things made of zinc., 43.5
5. Lee Carvello’s Trivia Challenge, 41.5
6. Pre-Whacked Snakes, 41
7. Jeremy’s… Iron, 40.5
8. Children, I’ll be frank. In the event of nuclear war, we can only save our best and brightest. Therefore, space on the trivia team will be reserved for Lisa Simpson, Martin Prince, our championship kickball team and Ezra, but not Adam., 38.5
9. Joey Joe-Joe Junior Shabadoo, 37.5
10. Butthead Memorial Team (Dammit. I wish we didn’t let the students name this one.), 37
11. Put out an APB for a trivia team sitting at… a table of some sort in direction of, uh, you know… the place that has the fry bar. Team is hatless, I repeat hatless!, 35.5
12. NNeerrdddsss!, 34
12. Premium!!!! DUDE!!!, 34
14. Heads of the Spaceology Department at the Correspondence College of Tampa, 33
15. Go Banana!, 29.5
16. The KWIK-E-SMRTS, 27.5
17. The C-Sharps, 27
18. Santos L. Halpers, 26
19. Kids, you tried your best and failed miserably. The lesson is, never try., 24.5
20. I told you these are unmanned oil platforms, 20.5
21. Can I Borrow a Feeling, 15.5
22. Go, Banana!, 12
23. Santa's Little Helpers, 8.5

Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Rod and Todd Flanders, Bart’s Treehouse
Episodes: Boy-Scoutz N The Hood, The Last Temptation of Homer, The Twisted World of Marge Simpson
Winners: Hey, Where is Sideshow Bob and That Trivia Team That Eats People and Takes Their Faces?

1. Hey, Where is Sideshow Bob and That Trivia Team That Eats People and Takes Their Faces?, 47 pts
2. The Moon. For Several Years, She Has Fascinated Many, But Will Man Ever Walk On Her Fertile Surface? Democratic Hopeful Neil Arsenty Says So, 46 pts
3. Well, McGarnigle, Neil is Dead! They Slit His Throat from Ear to Ear. Hey! I’m Trying to Eat Pizza Here!, 45.5 pts
4. The I’m-On-A-Rolla-Gay, 43 pts
4. There’s More to Being Neil Arsenty than Not Caring About People, 43 pts
6. Well, It Will Be Okay. We’ll Get a New Teammate. One with an Untwistable Stomach!, 42 pts
6. Let Us Give No More Scrutiny to this Simpsons Trivia and Its Small Clientele of Loyal Perverts. Oh, I’m Afraid Their Problem Goes Far Beyond Julee and Neil, 42 pts
8. Wacky Shack!, 40.5 pts
9. I Don’t Know Our Team’s Name, But We Held Up a Liquor Store Last Year!, 39.5 pts
10. The Finest R-Rated Trivia Team Europe Has to Offer, 39 pts
11. All We’ll Use This Neil Arsenty for is Sleeping, Eating, and Maybe Playing a Little Trivia, 37 pts
12. There’s Your Answer, Fishbulb, 36.5 pts
12. No Offense, Neil, But Your Half-Assed Under-Trivia Hosting Was a Lot More Fun than Your Half-Assed Over-Trivia Hosting, 36.5 pts
14. Señor Beaverotti and the Wall E. Weasels, 36 pts
15. See How Many Questions We Can Answer in a Round and Then Try to Break That Record, 35 pts
15. A Groin-Grabbingly Good Team, 35 pts
17. Pin Pals, 34.5 pts
18. We Were Just Wondering How Someone Who Hosts Trivia in a Pizza Place Keeps Such a Trim Figure, 33.5 pts
19. The Team Next to the Team with No Name on It, 32 pts
20. Butter Up That Bacon, Boy!, 31.5 pts
21. No Deal, McCutcheon, That Moon Money is Mine!, 31 pts
22. Uncle Neil’s Family Feedbag, 30.5 pts
23. Hey Neil! Summer’s Almost Here, Which Kind of Sprinkler Do You Like? The One That Goes Like This: ffff---ssss--- or The One That Goes Like This fff---tttt Oh and There's This One!! Ffff---fffff, 28.5 pts
24. Super Nintendo Chalmers, 25.5 pts
25. RDRR, 22.5 pts
26. The 3 P’s, 16.5 pts
26. Sadgasm, 16.5 pts

April 18th, 2016 - Detroit

Location: Park Bar
Categories: Mr. Burns, Marriage
Episodes: Bart vs Australia, The Way We Was, I Married Marge
Winner: Such an Angry, Angry Young Team

1. Such an Angry, Angry Young Team - 45
2. Perfectly Cromulent - 44
3. Pray for Mojo - 40.5
4. Edna Krabopoly - 37.5
5. Sadgasm - 36.5
6. Fourth Place is Good Enough - 33
7. Ann Landers is a Boring Old Biddy - 29
8. Lewis & Clark Griswald - 23.5
9. Duffmen - 18

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 10th, 2016 - Toronto

Location : Cadillac Lounge
Categories : Agnes Skinner, Medicine and Health
Episodes : Homer's Triple Bypass, A Star Is Burns, Mother Simpson
Winners : Sex Cauldron

1. Sex Cauldron - 45.5 pts
2. "That Team Name Isn't Appropriate For Children" "Really? We Keep Our Pants on in This Version" - 41.5 pts
3. Simpsons Trivia? You Can't Eat That! - 40 pts
4. Oh I Have Had It With This Simpsons Trivia, Chris! The Low Trivia Scores, Team After Team of Ugly, Ugly Children - 38.5 pts
4. This Team is Celebrating the Feast of… Maximum Occupancy - 38.5 pts
6. We're The Stupid Morons with Ugly Faces and Big Butts and Our Butts Smell and We Like to Kiss Our Own Butts - 37.5 pts
7. Local Team Loses Teammate, Pants - 36 pts
8. The Kill-Bot Factory - 35 pts
8. You Have Selected Regicide - 35 pts
10. Iron Helps Us Play! - 34.5 pts
10. The Team That Isn't Into This… or That… It's Not That We're Afraid But We're Going to Hang Up Now - 34.5 pts
12. A Long Overdue Tribute to Trivia Itself - 34 pts
12. J&R Whiskey Liquor Lads - 34 pts
14. The Nelsons ft. Flinging Woo Like Nobody's Business - 33.5 pts
14. This Team No Longer Exists. Say Hello to Miguel Sanchez! - 33.5 pts
16. Underage Kids Drinking Beers Without a Permit - 33 pts
17. Globex Corporation - 32.5 pts
17. Persephone? People Don't Want Teams Named After Hungry Old Greek Broads! - 32.5 pts
17. Really? What Kind of Smart? Because a Lot of Teams are Booksmart, But it Takes a Special Type of Genius to Win - 32.5 pts
20. Out With Gout '88 - 32 pts
20. Six White Stripes, Seven Red Stripes, and a Hell of a Lot of Stars - 32 pts
20. Who's Charlene - 32 pts
23. The All 'Ighty 'Ollar - 31.5 pts
24. Grampa's Little Helper - 31 pts
24. The Non-Threatening Boys - 31 pts
24. The Rest of My Team Said We Were Going to Red Lobster - 31 pts
27. Eastern Europe's Favorite Cat and Mouse Team - Worker & Parasite! - 30.5 pts
28. Ooh Your Powers of Deduction are Exceptional! I Can't Allow You to Waste Them Here When There Are So Many Trivia Questions Going Unsolved At This Very Moment. Go! Go! For the Good of the City! - 29.5 pts
28. The Queens of Summertime - 29.5 pts
30. A World-Class Drunk - 27.5 pts
30. Jeremy's Iron - 27.5 pts
32. SMRT - 26 pts
32. The 3 Sharps - 26 pts
34. Dr. Nick Trivieras - 25.5 pts
35. 152 Americans Can't Be Wrong - 25 pts
35. The Clinking, Clattering, Cacophony of Collagenous Cogs and Camshafts - 25 pts
37. Shelbyville Sharks - 24.5 pts
37. We Play Millionaires at Parties… or At Least We'd Like To - 24.5 pts
39. Mr. Kookalabanza and Some Really Ugly Kids - 24 pts
40. Insect Overlords - 23 pts
40. The Bridal Feast of Beth Chadruharazzeb - 23 pts
42. Don't Ask Us, We're Just a Team - 22.5 pts
43. FlanCrest Enterprises - 21.5 pts
44. seulC… eht… tae… t'noD… muggiW feihC - 20.5 pts
45. Sector 7-G - 17.5 pts
46. Gentle Ben and the Bolivian Tree Lizards - 16.5 pts
47. Chair Softeners of Section 7-G - 15 pts
47. The No Homers Club - 15 pts
49. You Might Say We Just Ate Uter and He's In Our Stomachs Right Now! - 14.5 pts
50. The Trollops - 12.5 pts
51. Put it in H - 9.5 pts

Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 3, 2016 - HAMILTON

Location: Anchor Bar, Hamilton
Episodes: Bart Sells His Soul, Marge Be Not Proud, King Size Homer
Round Theme: Who Said It
Winner: Your Team Has Been Crushed Into A Cube.  You Have 30 Minutes to Move Your Cube.

1. Your Team Has Been Crushed Into A Cube. You     44.5
    Have 30 Minutes to Move Your Cube.
2. You're Older, Balder, Fatter Trivia Team               42.5
3. The Team That Likes The Way Snrub Thinks      42.5
4. The Southern Dandies                                       42
5. Somebody's Attractive Cousins                          42
6. Allied Biscuit                                                    39.5
7. Professor V.J Cornucopia's Fantastic                  39
    Foodmagorium and Great American Steakery
8. Pa-Tricia, Eli-Za-Beth, Su-San, Ro-Ber-Ta           39
9. Look Who's Oinking                                          36.5
10. Hollywood Upstairs Medical College                  32
11. The Team With The Heavenly Voice, Like Urkel 31.5
12. Lisa Needs Braces                                          30
13. Carhole, Counterfeit Jean Racket                     27.5
14. Rudiger                                                          27
15. Inanimate Carbon Rods                                   18

Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 23, 2016 - Calgary

Location: Dickens Pub
Episodes:  Bart Gets Famous, Homer and Apu, Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy
Categories: Principal Skinner, Dancing
Winner:  Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors

1. Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors, 46.5
2. Ken Griffey’s Grotesquely Swollen Jaw, 45
3. The Rowdy Members of Chug-a-Lug House, 43
3. The Tragically Ludicrous, The Ludicrously Tragic?, 43
5. Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?, 42.5
5. Mein triv team has a first name, it’s F-R-I-T-Z, Mein triv team has a second name, it’s S-C-H-N-A-C-K-E-N-P-F-E-F-F-E-R-H-A-U-S-E-N, 42.5
5. He He He He He He He He HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H HE HE HE HE wait, what was I laughing at again?! Oh yes that crippled Irishman, 42.5
8. This Simpsons Trivia doesn’t have a fire exit! Enjoy your deathquiz, nerds!, 41.5
9. The team that goes down together, I mean that gets off together, I mean…, 40
10. Women and seamen don’t mix, 38.5
11. Flancrest Enterprises, 37.5
11. I heard your dad went into a restaurant, and ate everything in the restaurant, and they had to close the restaurant., 37.5
13. Corey Hotline operators, 37
14. Don’t cry for us, we’re already dead., 35.5
15. Wait! Our team name is Krabappel?! I’ve been calling us Crandall. Why didn’t anyone tell me? Oh I’ve been making an idiot of myself!, 34.5
16. Team Love-a-Lot, the team that loves to love, 32
16. We Pay the Homer tax, let the bears pay the bear tax., 32
18. No one who speaks German could be an evil man, 31.5
18. Team Dignity, 31.5
20. The Puppy Formerly Known as Prince, 29.5
21. Football in the Groin, 26.5
21. Stupid Sexy Flanders, 26.5
23. THRILLHO, 25.5
24. This trivia tastes like burning, 25
25. In this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics, 23
26. That’s a paddlin’, 22.5
27. Team Crandall, 21.5
28. Flying Hellfish, 20.5
29. Those guys from Sector 7-G, 16.5
30. The Sampsons, 14.5
31. Stupid Lisa Garbage Face, 13

Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Martin Prince, Music Cues
Episodes: The Trouble with Trillions, Bart the Fink, $pringfield
Winners: Oh, Boo Yourself (tie)

1. Oh, Boo Yourself, 48 pts
1. How About Uncle Neil’s Family Feedbag? We Hate It, 48 pts
3. C’mon Neil, You and I Both Know These Trivia Players Have No Future! Prove Me Wrong, Trivia Players! Prove Me Wrong!, 46.5 pts
3. Only Who Can Win Classic Simpsons Trivia? You Pressed You, Referring to Me. That Is Incorrect. The Correct Answer is You, 46.5 pts
5. The Team That Waits for Women of Less Discriminating Taste, 45.5 pts
6. Simpsons Trivia is Not a Swindle! What You Do is, See, You Give Neil All Your Credit Card Numbers and If One of Them is Lucky, He’ll Send Ya a Prize!, 45 pts
7. A Realistic Down-to-Earth Team That’s Completely Off-the-Wall and Swarming with Magic Robots… and Also They Should Win Stuff By Playing!, 44 pts
8. Hey, Neil, Can We Borrow Your Underpants?, 43.5 pts
8. Neil Arsenty, He’s the Man Whose Name You’d Love to Touch, But You Mustn’t Touch! His Name Sounds Good in Your Ear, But When You Say It, You Mustn’t Fear, Cuz His Name Can Be Said By Anyone, 43.5 pts
10. Le Team? What the Hell is That?!, 40 pts
11. We Get All the Fun of Sitting Still, Being Quiet, Writing Down Answers, Paying Attention: This Team Has it All!, 38 pts
12. The Incessant Beep of the Global Positioning System is All the Companionship This Team Needs, 36.5 pts
13. Señor Beaverotti and the Wall E. Weasels, 34.5 pts
13. Wacky Shack, 34.5 pts
15. Who Won? The LOSERS? No They Lost…, 33.5 pts
15. What’s the Matter with You, Neil? You Told Me This Stream Was Shallow! Why You…!, 32 pts
17. Hello, Mr. Karsenty. Me Bad Want Points Now, Me Sick, 32 pts
18. Neil, What Do Trivia Fees Pay For? Oh, Why, Everything! Policemen, Trees, Sunshine! And Let’s Not Forget the Folks Who Just Don’t Feel Like Working, God Bless ‘Em!, 30 pts
19. Oh No, the Corn! Neil Arsenty is Going to Have Our Legs Broke, 28.5 pts
19. Spielbergo y Los Ding Dongs, 28.5 pts
21. Dear Neil, As I Write This, I am Very Sad. Our Trivia Team Has Been Overthrown and Replaced By the Benevolent General Krull. All Hail Krull and His Glorious New Regime, Sincerely, Little Girl, 27 pts
22. Pizza Embiggens Even the Smallest Team, 21.5 pts
22. It’s a Joke. When You Give Me That Look, It’s a Joke, 21.5 pts
24. RDRR, 16 pts
25. Kid Presentable, 15.5 pts
26. Who Shot Mr. Burns? Was It.. Officer Barbrady? Chef? The Denver Broncos?, 14.5 pts
27. Scratchy Lot, 14 pts
28. The Pöpli Kids, 13 pts
29. Choo-Choo-Choose Me!, 12 pts
30. What’s Your Team Name, Mr. Burns? I Don’t Know, 11.5 pts
31. Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net, 7 pts
32. The Flaming Moes, 6 pts
33. Homer Griffin Browns, 4.5 pts
34. Stupid Sexy Flanders, 3 pts