Friday, November 23, 2018

November 21, 2018 - Kitchener-Waterloo

Location : The Jazz Room
Categories : Comic Book Guy, Television
Episodes : Brother From Another Series, Cape Feare, Marge in Chains
Winners : The Blurst of Teams
Best Team Name : Get to the Money!

1. The Blurst of Teams - 44.5 pts
2. The Team That's Gotta Stop Fantasizing About Lee Majors - 31.5 pts
3. Dr. Nick Triviera - 31.5 pts
4. Get to the Money! - 29.5 pts
5. Earwigs, Ew! - 24 pts
6. I Have Misplaced My Pants - 19 pts
7. The Team That Hid Their Millions of Dollars Under a Big T - 17 points
8. It's My First Day - 5 pts

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

November 12, 2018 - ST. CATHARINES

Location: Gord's Place - St. Catharines
Winner:  This Team Contains Potassium Benzoate (that's bad)
Winner Best Team Name: I'm Giving This Trivia Host A 10.  Just Going To Write The Zero First...

1. This Team Contains Potassium Benzoate (that's bad)                50
2. A Robot Named Todd And His Brother Robot Rod Who Is 
Two Space Years Older Than Him                                                 46.5
3. The Wildcats                                                                               43
4. The Suckiest Bunch Of Sucks That Ever Sucked                         42.5
5. Mr. Sparkle, Uno You Beso Washooo!                                           40.5
6. The Bent Wookies                                                                       40 
7.  I'm Giving This Trivia Host A 10.  Just Going To Write The 
Zero First...                                                                                                39.5
8. The Be Sharps                                                                             38                                                                 
9. Worst...Team...Ever                                                                     37
9. Teamed Hams                                                                             37
11. Yvan Eht Nioj                                                                             36.5
12. The Okily Dokilies                                                                      33.5
13. Shandy                                                                                       15
14. Flaming Red Heads                                                                    14.5

November 19th - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Captain McCallister, Thanks & Giving
Episodes: Three Men & a Comic Book, Krusty Gets Kancelled, Lemon of Troy
Winner:Little Mat, Little Monica, Little Kathy *whiff!* And The Rest
Best Team Name: Look Aaron, I Got A Peptic Ulcer, A Wife Hocking Me For A New Car And I Need A Root Canal. Will You Quit Bugging Me About The Stupid Team Name?

1. Little Mat, Little Monica, Little Kathy *whiff!* And The Rest - 48.5 pts
2. Buddy Holly Sat In This Booth In 1958 And Said "There's No Way In Hell I'm Playing Trivia Here." - 46.5 pts
3. We're Going To Win Trivia This Time Due To WooHoo Union Rule 26. Every Team Must Win WooHoo Classic Trivia At Least Once Regardless of Gross Incompetence, Obesity or Rank Odor - 41 pts
4. 'Tis A Fine Team Name, But Sure 'Tis No Pool, English - 38.5 pts
5. Chimpan-A And Chimpan-Z - 37 pts
6. Trivia Is A Family Activity. Happy Families. Maybe Single People Play Trivia. We Don't Know. We Don't Want To Know. It's An Event We Can Do Without - 35.5 pts
7. We'll Never Be The Darling Of The So-Called Simpsons Trivia Team Masters Who Cluck Their Tongues, Stroke Their Beards And Talk About What's To Be Done With This Simpsons Trivia Team In The Corner - 35.5 pts
8. A Team That Should Really Stop Fantazing About Lee Majors - 35 pts
9.Woo Hoo Simpsons Trivia: The Game Where Condemned Criminals Dig At Each Other With Rusty Hooks - 34.5 pts
10. This is Pizzeria Serio, So Trivia Friendly Or I'll Take Your Trivia Away And Then No One Will Have Any Trivia To Trivia With - 33.5 pts
11. Look Aaron, I Got A Peptic Ulcer, A Wife Hocking Me For A New Car And I Need A Root Canal. Will You Quit Bugging Me ABout The Stupid Team Name? - 31 pts
12.We Work Hard. We Play Hard. The Half-Assed Approach To Inanimate Carbon Rod Shitposting - 29.5 pts
13. Burning Down The Milhouse - 27.5 pts
14. Stan Lee Never Left - 21 pts
15. Ok. I'm Going To Keep This Short. Friends, Family, Religion. These Are The Demons You Must Slay Should You Wish To Succeed At Simpsons Trivia - 21 pts
16. The Suckiest Bunch Of Sucks That Ever Sucked - 20 pts

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

November 13th, 2018 - Toronto

Location : Cadillac Lounge
Categories : Springfield Retirement Castle, Contests!
Episodes : Simpson Tide, Bart the General, Lisa the Beauty Queen
Winners : The Kwik-E-Mart Gougers: The Questions, They Do Nothing!
Matt Smith Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Team Naming Excellence : Curse the Man Who Invented Trivia! Curse Pierre Jules César Janssen!

* Does your team's score seem low? Don't blame the Bear Tax! You may have forgotten to hand in all your team sheets or changed your name half way through the night! Remember to hand them in at the end of each round or notify us if you've changed your name!*

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1. The Kwik-E-Mart Gougers: The Questions, They Do Nothing! - 48 pts
2. The Team That's A Little Rough Around The Edges. One Might Blame Their Truly Heroic Intake of Cocktails - 47 pts
3. Sex Cauldron - 46.5 pts
4. The Rest of Our Teammates are Presumed Dead or on Vacation - 45.5 pts
5. Curse the Man Who Invented Trivia! Curse Pierre Jules César Janssen! - 44pts
6. The Egg Council Creeps - 43.5 pts
7. Simpsons 10, Trivia 8 - 42 pts
7. The FBI Light Opera Society - 42 pts
7. The Nelsons feat. That Goat Legged Fellow - 42 pts
10. Heavens to Murgatroid - 41 pts
11. Oh, I'm Sorry, Chris. I DIdn't Know You, Jay Leno, and a Monkey Were Bathing Matt Smith. - 37.5 pts
11. This Trivia Team Contains Potassium Benzoate - 37.5 pts
13. Thank You, Doctor. Whenever the Wind Whistles Through the Leaves, I'll Think Matt Smith, Matt Smith. "My Name is Chris Brazeau." - 37 pts
14. She's the Fastest - 36 pts
14. The Team That Got Their Name Off a Hair Dryer - 16 pts
16. Bob Mackie Originals - 35 pts
16. This Has Trivia in It. Trivia is a Fruit. - 35 pts
16. We're Gonna Get Worse Before We Get Better - 35 pts
19. Super Nintendo Chalmers - 33.5 pts
20. Attractive Cousins - 30.5 pts
20. I Just Think They're Neat! - 30.5 pts
20. Teamed Hams - 30.5 pts
23. No, We're Quite Lowbrow - 30 pts
24. Let's Do It. Let's Call Room Service! - 29.5 pts
25. In Rod We Trust - 24 pts
26. You See, My Team, They Have Been the Most Vocal on the Subject of the Trivia Questions. Where's the Questions? When Are You Going to Get to the Questions? Why Aren't You Getting the Questions Now, and So On. So Please, the Questions. - 23.5 pts
27. The Holy Rollers - 18.5 pts
28. Linguo Dead?!!?? - 17.5 pts
29. Spruce Moose - 13.5 pts

Sunday, November 11, 2018

November 10, 2018 - Calgary

Location:  Dickens Pub
Episodes: Secrets of a successful marriage, the Springfield connection, Grade School Confidential
Winner: And now, Jess, Pete, Sam and Chris with a brand new support band, bringing their #2 trivia team "Born to runner Up"
Winner(s) Best Team NamePat Summerall and John Madden's Simpsons trivia play by play

1.  And now, Jess, Pete, Sam and Chris with a brand new support bad, bringing their #2 trivia team "Born to runner up" 45
2.  The Simpsons trivia of the future will not be held at Dickens, or at sea. It will be in space! Or possibly on the roof of a very tall bar. In any case most of the actual questions will be answered by small robots and as you go forth today remember always your duty is clear: To build and get drunk with those robots! 44.5

3.  Union rule 26: Every team must win Simpsons trivia at least once regardless of gross incompetence, obesity or rank odor 44
4.  Popli Kids 43
5.  Good evening everyone and welcome to a wonderful evening of trivia and picking up after yourselves 43
6.  Ah there's nothing more exciting than Simpsons trivia. You get all the fun of sitting still, being quiet, writing down answers, paying attention. Simpsons trivia has it all! 34
7.  Bo's Cavern 31
8.  They're only using you for your trivia knowledge. Shut up brain! I've got friends now I don't need you anymore 27
9.  Team discovery channel! 26
10. Pat Summerall and John Madden's Simpsons trivia play by play 3

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

November 6, 2018 - Hamilton

Location:  Honest Lawyer on the Mountain, Hamilton
Winner: The Chubbiest Kickline In The Honest Lawyer
Winner(s) Best Team Name:  Back You Robots!  Nobody Ruins My Simpsons Trivia Night But Me!   And Maybe Gerry.    

1. The Chubbiest Kickline In The Honest Lawyer                    49       
2. Dear Gerry Hall.  We're Sorry You Couldn't Make It To 
Trivia Tonight. Our Team Left You Hot Dogs.  They're 
Thawing In The Sink.                                                               46.5
3. A Couple Of Negative Nellies In Sector Two                       45
4. Back You Robots!  Nobody Ruins My Simpsons Trivia 
Night But Me!   And Maybe Gerry.                                           41.5
5. We Have A Life Outside Trivia You Know                             41
6. I Think Women And Seamen Don't Mix                               40
7. Prepare For Re-Neducation                                                 38
7. Sending Our Love Down The Well                                            38
9. Come On Gerry, I'm Not That Kind Of 'Head' Vampire         31.5
10. Vera Said That?                                                                  30
11. Easy Bake Coven                                                                20
12. The Nashasapeemapetilans                                               16.5
13. The Stingers                                                                        13.5

Monday, November 5, 2018

October 29, 2018 - Detroit

Location: Tipsy McStagger's
Episodes: ToH III, ToH IX, ToH VII
Themes: Halloween, Grandpa
Winner: Did Anyone See That Movie Tron?
Costume Contest Winner: Old Painty-Can Ned

1. Did Anyone See That Movie Tron? - 43.50
2. Hit 'Em With the Diddily - 38.17
3. Quoth the Raven: Eat My Shorts - 34.67

September 24, 2018

Location: Tipsy McStagger's
Episodes: Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 2, King of the Hill, The Call of the Simpsons
Themes: Friends, Hans Moleman
Winner: Pi is Exactly 3

1. Pi is Exactly 3 - 43.33
2. If It's Tangy and Brown, You're in Cider Town - 43.00
3. Pin Pals - 39.17
4. Prune Tracy - 39.00
5. We Selected the Wrong Carter - 38.33
6. Put It In H - 36.50
7. THRILLHO - 30.00
8. Alone Again, Natura-Diddily - 29.33