Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 10, 2016 - Calgary

Location: Dickens Pub
Episodes: Lisa on Ice, Fear of Flying, Homer the Great
Categories: Edna Krabapple, Redacted 2
Winner:  Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors

1. Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors, 46.5
2. You’re going to Simpsons Trivia pal! Bread and water, icy showers, hosts whomping your ass round the clock, and the only way out is suicide., 46
3. Hello! We’re Archie Bell and we’re also the Drells! This is the trivia you tighten up to!, 42
4. Dogs With Bees in Their Mouths, 41
4. Mom, you’re always trying to get us to play trivia. What is it with you? I just think it’s neat., 41
6. Dickens, I’ve come here to make amends for my disgraceful behaviour over the last 20 years. I broke your barstool, befouled your broom closer, and made sweet love to your pool table which I then befouled., 40.5
6. Oh yes! Oh yes! Calgary’s nakedest trivia hosts. They’re not even wearing a smile. Nod suggestively! Yes two, count em, two gorgeous hosts just dying for your leers and cat calls. Yowza yowza., 40.5
6. Trivia? I thought this was the line to Hang the DJ., 40.5
9. We’ve decided to bring in a few ringers. Professional Simpsons Trivia players. We’ll give them token jobs at Dickens and have them play on our trivia team. Honus Wagner, Cap Anson, Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown., 40
10. There sure are a lot of ugly hosts at your trivia event.. oh, look at that one!, 39
10. Uninteresting Staff Team Name, 39
12. The New York City C.H.U.D.s, 37.5
13. Laaatex condom. Boy I’d like to live in one of those!, 35
14. Unmistakable Cone of Ignorance, 24.5
15. Gummy de Milo, 23
16. Reverend Lovejoy and the Disciples, 20
17. At Woo Hoo Classic Simpsons Trivia first you get the answer sheet, then you win the trivia, and then you get the women., 19.5
18. The Diddlys, 19
19. Ned's Nerds, 13.5

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