Friday, January 22, 2016

January 18, 2016 - Vancouver

Location: The Tiki Bar At The Waldorf
Episodes: Homer Badman, Bart Sells His Soul, Lisa The Iconoclast
Categories: Reverend Lovejoy, Religion
Winner: The Little Rory Calhouns

1The Little Rory Calhouns 44.5 pts
2. What this team needs is a name that's witty at first but seems less and less funny each you hear it 40 pts
3. Hey buddy, you gotta slow your car down and let this team in, because We’re a big fat team and we can't go anywhere! Because there could be some poison gas, I mean there's REALLY going to be poison gas, and everybody's going to be dead, especially us! 38 pts
4. Hoju 36.5 pts
5. In the area under "do not write team name here", he wrote "okay". 36.5 pts
6. You are watching Fox 34.5 pts
7. Stupid Lisa Garbage Face 33 pts
8. Forget about the trivia, when do we get the freakin' guns?! 33 pts
9. Selma Bouvier Terwilliger-Hutz-Mcclure 32.5 pts
10. This team has a lot of history. Buddy Holly came to us in 1958 and said "there is no way in hell that I want to play for this dump." 31.5 pts
11. I am tired of these jokes about my giant team name. Thr first such incidence occurred in 1956… 29.5 
12. Top Hat Entertainment 29.5 pts
13. Watch out Itchy! He's Irish! 28.5 pts
14. Three loins in the fountain 27 pts
15. Lenny and the Jets 26.5 pts
16. The Killing Team…*gasp*…don't let the name throw you Jimmy, they're not really a team 26.5 pts
17. Go banana! 24 pts
18. The suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked 24 pts
19. Quizly bare underwear 22.5 pts
20. Enjoy your death traps, ladies! 19 pts
21. Purple Monkey Dishwasher 17.5 pts
22. The Wildcats 16 pts
23. We eat dog food until our tears taste like dog food 14 pts
24. Flancrest enterprises 14 pts
25. The good guys at sports 13 pts
26. Sex Cauldron 12 pts
27. The Irregular Oreos 10 pts
28. Spiderpigs 8.5 

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