Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Ralph Wiggum, Celebrities
Episodes: Bart the Murderer, The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase, The Principal and the Pauper
Mr. Arsenty, Your Silence Only Incriminates You Further!  No, Mr. Arsenty, Don't Take Your Anger Out On Me!  Get Back Mr. Arsenty!  Noooo!

Mr. Arsenty, Your Silence Only Incriminates You Further!  No, Mr. Arsenty, Don't Take Your Anger Out On Me!  Get Back Mr. Arsenty!  Noooo!, 48 pts
2. Their Team Even Looks Like John Travolta, 47 pts
3. FBI Light Opera Society, 45.5 pts
Woo Hoo Classic Simpson's Trivia?  At This Time of Year?  At This Time of Day?  In This Part of The Country?  Localized Entirely Within Pizzeria Serio?, 45 pts
4. If We're Not Claimed Within the Next Hour, This Team Will Become Property of Blockbuster Entertainment, 45 pts
6. Local Team Loses Pants, Life, 44.5 pts
6. The Juice Looseners, 44.5 pts
8. Ah, There's Nothing More Exciting Than This Trivia Team.  We Get All the Fun of Sitting Still, Being Quiet, Writing Down Answers, Paying Attention... This Trivia Team Has It All, 43 pts
9. Independent Thought Alarm, 42 pts
10. That One Team That Seems To Love the Speedo Man, 41.5 pts
11. Now, Over the Years, a Team Learns a Number of Things That For One Reason or Another, They Just Cannot Report.  Doesn't Seem To Matter Now So... The Following Trivia Teams Are Gay..., 40.5 pts
11. Mr. Arsenty?  My Answer Sheet Went In My Mouth and Then I Swallowed It.  Can I Have Another One?, 40.5 pts
13. Works On Contingency?  No, Money Down!, 39.5 pts
The Dreaded Real Admirals, 39.5 pts
15. Can We Play Trivia Anymore?  Of Course You Can!  Well, We Couldn't Before!, 39 pts
16. Cause of Team's Death:  Got In My Way, 38.5 pts
17. The Simpsons, 38 pts
18. That Long Haired Freak's Played Trivia With Us For a Year, 37 pts
19. Our Team Is Just Like The Other Teams But With One Important Difference... Oh, We Took That Out, 36 pts
20. The Team That Engaged In Sexual Intercourse With Your Spouse or Significant Other.  Now THAT'S Psychiatry!, 35 pts
21. Can't We Have One Trivia Night That Doesn't End With Us Digging Up a Corpse, 34.5 pts
22. The Lovematic Grandpas, 33.5 pts
22. Guarantee Void in Tennessee, 33.5 pts
24. Soooooooooul Mass Transit System!, 32.5 pts
25. A Cool Glass of Turnip Juice, 32 pts
25. Just Cloud Talk, 32 pts
27. Rich, Creamery Butter, 31 pts
28. Man Getting Hit With Football, 27.5 pts
28. Let 'Em All Go To Hell, Except Cave 76!, 27.5 pts
30. An Embiggened Team With a Perfectly Cromulent Name, 27 pts
30. Harry Shearer's Non-Union Mexican Equivalents, 27 pts
32. If You Have a Complaint About This Team's Appearance or Odor, Press 1, If You've Given This Team a Haircut and Need To Order a Replacement Head, Press 2, 25.5 pts
33. Season 8, 23 pts
34. Stomp Aberdeen, 19.5 pts
35. The Only Existing Nude Photo of Mark Twain, 19 pts
35. The Damn Hell Ass Kings, 19 pts
37. Super Nintendo Chalmers, 15 pts 

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