Tuesday, March 26, 2019

March 23, 2019 - Calgary

Location: Dickens Pub
Categories: Hank Scorpio, Homer for hire
Episodes: The Homer they fall, Lisas Wedding, Duffless
Winner: The Moody Blues
1. The Moody Blues 48
2. Hark to the tale of teammates and the game they loved so dear they remained the best of teams for years and years and years! 45.5
3. People! You have to listen to me! Elementary chaos theory tells us that all trivia hosts will go berserk and turn on their audience in an orgy of blood and violence! 45
4. The I didn't do it dancers 43.5
5. Ayatollah Rasmara and his cadre of fanatics 42.5
6. This lesbian bar doesn't have a fire exit! 41
7. Thanks for coming! And don't forget to purchase some sprinklebrau for the long walk home! 40.5
8. Oh no we came to trivia during spring break! 40.5
9. Election in April, Election in April. What?!? Again? This stupid province! 38.5
10. My teammates are stupid morons with ugly faces and big butts and their butts smell and they like to kiss their own butts 37
11. Ruddager 33.5
12. Lets do it, lets call room service! 31.5

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