Friday, February 16, 2018

February 6, 2018 - Hamilton

Location:  Honest Lawyer on the Mountain, Hamilton
Episodes: I Love Lisa, Marge Vs. The Monorail, And Maggie Makes Three
Round Theme:  Football
Winner: My Worst Eh?  Smithers, release the robotic Gerry Hall 
Winner Best Team Name:  Hey Baby, My Shirt's Chaffin' Me.  (Other Side of Page) I Don't Believe It, Now My Pants are Chaffin' Me!

1. My Worst Eh?  Smithers, Release The Robotic
Gerry Hall                                                                   47.5         
2. The Team That's Back From The Gutter And 
We've Brought Somebody With Us.                           44.5
3. On Day, Honest Citizens ARe Gonna Stand Up
To You Crooked Trivia Hosts                                      42.5
4. We've Got To Stop Fantasizing About Lee Majors  41.5
5. Lord Huggintons                                                      38
6. This Team Is Hatless. I Repeat:  Hatless                  36.5
7. I've Got a Problem Gerry.  Once You Stop This 
Car, I'm Going To Hug You, And Kiss You, And 
Then I'll Never Be Able To Let You Go                        36
8. Ugh!  This Isn't About Jesus Is It?                           33
9. Hey Baby, My Shirt's Chaffin' Me.  (Other Side 
of Page) I Don't Believe It, Now My Pants are 
Chaffin' Me!                                                                 30.5                        
9. Look Out Gerry, He's Irish!                                       30.5
11. Hollywood Upstairs Medical College                      29
12. Weasling Out Of Trivia Is Important To Learn, It's
What Separates Us From The Animals...Except The
Weasel                                                                         28
12. Can I Borrow An Answer, Can You Lend Me A
Jar Of Clues?                                                               28
14. Come On Carter, Build Us A House You 
Lazy Bum!                                                                    27.5
15. Upon Closer Inspection, We Are Loafers               20
15. The Hatless Suspect                                              20

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