Monday, September 25, 2017

September 18th, 2017 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Ralph, School
Episodes: Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy (VHS transfer with 90s commercials), Hurricane Neddy, Lisa's First Word
WinnerLegend of the Dog-Faced Team
Best Team Name: Chicago Has Moved Up to Number 299 of America's Most Tolerable Simpsons Trivia. Take That, Brooklyn!
FLIM Festival Winner: Rock Bottom entry

1Legend of the Dog-Faced Team - 46 pts
2. We Don't Like to Toot Our Own Horn, But We're The Only Trivia Team In Town That's Not Currently Under Investigation By the State - 45.5 pts
3. I Want to Register to Run For Trivia Host and Tell the Fat Cats Upstairs That Things Are Going to Change In This Town "Okay, But This Is Where You Register As A Sex Offender." - 42 pts
4. ♪The Hurricaaaaane!♪ - 41.5 pts
5. Chicago Has Moved Up to Number 299 of America's Most Tolerable Simpsons Trivia. Take That, Brooklyn! - 41 pts
6. We Want to Be John Elway - 39.5 pts
7. You Know the Dream Where You're In Bed Drinking Crab Juice and the Klav Kalash Comes Flying Through the Window? - 38.5 pts
8. Two Bad Hosts - 37 pts
9. Simpsons Trivia is the Biggest Farce I Ever Saw (What About the Emmys?) I Stand Corrected. - 35.5 pts
10. T is For This Tooth-Filled Team - 34 pts
10. Don Mattingly's Sideburns - 34 pts
12. Chicago Simpsons Trivia Night is Second Only to Brooklyn…Toronto, Detroit, Vancouver, well most of North America. But you can thank your lucky stars we don't live in Calgary! - 33 pts
12. With All the Craziness and Confusion and Mishegoss of Picking a Team Name… We Forgot to Pick a Team Name! - 33 pts
14. Mike Glennon Getting Hit By Football - 32.5 pts
14. Dead Wife 32.5 pts
16. The Gruesome Twosome - 32 pts
17. Two Naked Eight-Year Olds Who Are Married - 30.5 pts
18. Trivia 5 + Trivia 2 = Trivia 7: Adrian's Revenge - 29 pts
18. The Garbage Man Can - 29 pts
18. Pin Pals - 29 pts
18. Let the Bears Pay the Bear Tax, We Pay the Homer Tax - 29 pts

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