Sunday, August 20, 2017

August 19, 2017 - CALGARY

Location: Dickens Pub
Episodes: King-Size Homer, Mother Simpson, Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming
Categories: Milhouse Van Houten, A Grab Bag of Questions that Belong in Different WOOHOO! Classic Simpsons Trivia Calgary Picture Rounds
Winner: Adam & Ezra’s Turtle (Alive and Well)

1. Adam & Ezra’s Turtle (Alive and Well), 48.5
2. Look, I know I haven’t been the best Simpsons fan. Usually when you’re up there blah blah blahing, I’m either mentally undressing Ezra. Anyway, can I have $10,000?, 46.5
3. Although, you know - though I started my Simpsons love several years before Ezra, so you know, I could never really have learned anything directly from him still, I think, in a way, in a very meaningful way, that, uh - that I - uh - uh -all of us - have - uh - learned from him. You know, that is by being at Simpsons Trivia for - for -for so many years. Even, even though you know, m-many of us we - we didn’t - we don't listen to his questions. Th - thank you., 45
4. “The Ballad of Pinchy and the Lemon” - We were at the beach/everybody had matching towels/somebody went under a dock/a there they saw a rock/it wasn’t a rock/it was a lemon/ LE-MON!, 43.5
4. Dear Ezra, you’re leaving Simpsons Trivia because you have lyme disease. Kevin’s biting me. Come back soon. Here’s a picture of a spirochete. Love, Ralph., 43.5
4. Muchas gracias, amigos, por todas las memorias. ¡Y super-gracias a Ezra!, 43.5
7. Jesus? Jesus? Don’t you kids know any team names? The Serpent of Reheboam? The Well of Zohassadar? The Bridal Feast of Beth Chadruharazzeb?, 41.5
7. Superfriends!, 41.5
9. The Confession of Ezra, 41
10. Ezra, I thought you might forget our little conversation, so I took the precaution of recording it: “Ezra, can we have the prize for best team name at Simpsons Trivia?” “You sure can.”, 40
11. The Rex Mars Atomic Discombobulators, 39.5
11. Somehow our team never made it to the big time. Why not? ‘Cause we lost 40 times in a row. That, plus politics. You know, it’s all politics. Lousy trivia hosts., 39.5
13. So that’s it after years of hosting Simpsons Trivia?! So long, good luck?, 38.5
14. No Homer’s Club, 38
15. A Giant Lizard!, 36.5
15. I’ve got nothing against you other teams, but I’m definitely going to make orphans of your children., 36.5
17. And since I’d achieved all of my goals as trivia host in one term, there was no need for a second. Hmm, good memoirs. Good, not great., 36
18. “Adam Upsets Ezra”, I’ll never forget that trivia night. “Adam!” “Shazam!”, 33.5
19. Get me Ezra’s non-union Mexican equivalent!, 33
20. Purple Monkey Dishwasher, 32.5
21. Step right up and witness the magnificent miracle of Ezra and Adam’s patented revitalizing Sprinklebräu! Put some ardor in your larder with our energizing, moisturizing, tantalizing, romanticizing, surprising, “her”-prizing, revitalizing Sprinklebräu!, 31.5
22. On this team, we obey the Laws of Thermodynamics!, 30
23. Simpsons Trivia is for jerks and lesbians., 29.5
24. In ’n Out Ear Piercing: If it dangles, we’ll punch a hole in it, 22.5
25. You don’t win trivia with salad, 18.5

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