Thursday, March 23, 2017

March 20th - DIORAMA-RAMA - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Milhouse, Rock and/or Roll
Episodes:Homer vs. the 18th Amendment, Lisa's Rival, A Fish Called Selma
Winners: Chicken Necks?
Diorama Winner: Monica Vazquez for Lisa Needs Braces
Best Team Name: Thanks to Emily! She'll keep our team from resorting to homosexuality…for about ten minutes.

1. Chicken Necks? 45 pts
2. When we grow up, we want to be trivia hosts or a caterpillar. We love you, Aaron and Warren! 44.5 pts
3. Thanks to Emily! She'll keep our team from resorting to homosexuality…for about ten minutes. 39.5 pts
4, I hate it when teams stick together, sticking together is what good teams do. 39 pts
5.The sweet, sweet cans 38.5 pts
6.200 teams and nothing but cats 37 pts
7. Ayn Rand's Team for Tots 36 pts
7,Your teenage son or daughter will think these new trivia hosts are really cool. 36 pts
9. The same Benedict Arnold who surrendered West Point to the Hated British 34.5 pts
10. They're like …some sort of…non-giving up…trivia guys 33.5 pts
11. We don’t know what phallocentric means, but no girls! 33 pts
11. The Dryyyyy Cracker 33 pts
13. Children's letter to God (To Jettison) 32.5 pts
14. People of Pizzeria Serio: Simpsons Trvia is a sham! It was started in 1924 as an excuse to beat up the Irish 32 pts
14. The Doodletown Pipers 32 pts
16. The team with bees in their mouths and when they answer questions they shoot bees at you 30.5 pts
17. Well that's just great, Seymour. We've answered six questions and you've already managed to lose trivia…sexless freak 29.5 pts
18. No one who speaks German could be an evil man 29 pts
19. Team discovery channel 28.5 pts
20. The Barts 27.5 pts
21. The team that couldn't slow down 17.5 pts
22. Honus Wagner, Cap Anson and Murdecai "3 Finger" Brown 16.5 pts

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