Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 14, 2016 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Abe Simpson, Extended Family
Episodes: Bart vs Thanksgiving, Lisa the Greek and Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"
Winners: You Can Kill Neil but Two More Trivia Hosts Will Take His Place, Neil's Gone and He's Never Coming Back. Wait! There He Is! No, That's a Horse, and A Generation of Ultra-Strong Super Criminals

1. You can kill Neil but  two more trivia hosts will take his place (46.5 points)
2. Neil's Gone and he's Never Coming back. Wait! There he is! No, that's a horse. (46.5 points, lost tie-breaker)
3. A generation of ultra-strong super criminals (46 points)
4. Mr. Trump, how would you respond to the charge that petty vandalism such as graffiti is down 80%. While heavy sack beatings are up a shocking 900% (42 points)
5. Aaron , no civilization in history has ever considered chief trivia host as their true calling. Ahem. Yes, yes, fine. The     NeilArsentians (40.5 points)
6. If this is anyone but Steve allen, you're stealing our team name (38.5 points)
7. Tut-tut gentle Marge, for here at Pizzeria Serio, the gourmand metamorposizes into…the Voluptuary (37.5 points)
7. Urine-Soaked Hell-Hole (37.5 points)
9. Two Plastic Lobsters (35.5 points)
10. The Damn Hell Ass Kings (34 points)
11. Alright fine. If you want an experienced public servant, vote for me. But if you want to believe a bunch of crazy           promises about garbage men cleaning your gutters and washing your car, by all means vote for this sleazy lunatic         (32.5 points)
12. No, mom you idiot! I have Bloodstorm and Bone Squad and Bloodstorm 2 (31.5 points)
12. The Simpsons Predicted Neil leaving (31.5 points)
13. Forget about the team name when - when do we get the freakin' guns? (31 points)
14. Tom Landry's Hat (28.5 points)
15. Jinko-Kanri, The Japanese Art of Self Management (26.5 points)
16. Here Come the Pretzels (16 points)
17. Barney Mumble (3 points)

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