Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 13, 2014 - Toronto

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: Mother Simpson, Bart's Inner Child, Home Sweet Homediddly-dum-doodly
Categories: Principal Skinner, Museums
Winner: Born To Runner-Up

Final Standings:
1. Born To Runner-Up, 44 pts
2. It's Not Batman!, 40 pts
2. The Rand Corporation In Conjunction With The Saucer People Under The Supervision Of The Reverse Vampires, 40 pts
4. Old Team Yells At Cloud, 39.5 pts
5. Another Trivia Night, Another Box Of Stolen Pens, 39 pts
5. The Investorettes, The Newest Member Of The Fleet-A-Pita Franchise! Maude! Helen! Agnes! Luann! Edna! Bart!, 39 pts
7. Sex Cauldron, 38 pts
8. The Team That's Only Here To Get Directions On How To Get Away From Here, 37.5 pts
9. The Nelsons feat. Oh, Come On Now Edna, We All Know This Team Has No Future, 37 pts
10. Let Me Get This Straight: You Bet AGAINST The Harlem Globetrotters?, 35.5 pts
10. Our Team Is Hatless! I Repeat, Hatless!, 35.5 pts
10. The Drawing Of Dignity, 35.5 pts
10. The Lizard Queens, 35.5 pts
14. Previous Instances In Which I Professed To Like You Were Fraudulent, 34.5 pts
15. Jesus Did Not Have Wheels, 34 pts
15. We Can't Live The Button Down Life Like You, 34 pts
17. The Great Thing About This Table Is That The Team Gets In The Hammock With You, 33.5 pts
18. Big Chief Crazy Cone, 32.5 pts
19. P.C. Thugs, 31.5 pts
20. Package of Plant Profit Projection For Pete Porter In Pasadena. Priority? Precisely, 31 pts
20. The Wallet Inspectors, 31 pts
20. The Wiener Patrol, 31 pts
23. Man Alive! There Are Men Alive In Here, 30.5 pts
24. A One-Man Conga Line, 30 pts
24. Attn: Trivia Nerds. This Is Mother Goose. The Following Cars Have Been Broken Into, 30 pts
26. Gudger College Dropouts, 29.5 pts
27. Press Any Team...There Doesn't Seem To Be Any Any Team!, 29 pts
28. On This Team, We Obey The Laws Of Thermodynamics, 28 pts
28. The Team That Lives Above A Bowling Alley And Below Another Bowling Alley, 28 pts
30. Your Team Is Named Milhouse Too? So This Is What It's Like When Doves Cry, 27 pts
31. Painless Dentistry (Formerly Painful Dentistry), 26.5 pts
32. Compared To Mr. Burns, This Team Is Judge Freakin' Reinhold, 26 pts
32. The Good Thing About The Cadillac Lounge Is That Chris Gets In The Hammock With You, 26 pts
34. Worker And Parasite, 25 pts
34. Christmas Ape Goes To Summer Camp, 25 pts
36. My Team's A Box! Damn You! A Box!, 23.5 pts
37. The Chesty LaRues, 23 pts
38. Smiling Politely, 22 pts
38. The Hootie McBoobs, 22 pts
40. Works On Contingency? No, Money Down!, 20.5 pts
41. We've Come A Long Way From The Team You Knew Nothing About In High School, 20 pts
42. The Know-Nothing Know-It-Alls, 19 pts
42. No Lisa, But I Sure Don't Want To Eat This Crappy Bar Food, 19 pts
44. Here At The Globex Corporation, We Don't Believe In Team Names. In Fact, I Didn't Even Give You My Coat, 18.5 pts
44. Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo, 18.5 pts
46. Dr. Hibbert's Flat-Top, 17.5 pts
47. I Think I Swallowed A Toothpick, 17 pts
48. Stupid Babies Need The Most Attention, 16 pts
49. They Called Me Kid Gorgeous. Later On It Was Kid Presentable. Then Kid Gruesome. And Then Finally Kid Moe, 15 pts
50. Bent Wookies, 14.5 pts
50. Hey Poochie, You Look Like You Have Something To Say. Do You?, 14.5 pts
52. I Assure You Our Low Score Is Due To An Unrelated Alcohol Problem, 14 pts
53. Grimey, 11 pts
54. Moleman, 9.5 pts
54. The Lousy Blintzes, 9.5 pts
56. And Now A Special Award For The Team That Obviously Had No Help At All From Their Parents, 8.5 pts

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