Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 6, 2014 - Brooklyn

Location: Berry Park
Episodes: I Love Lisa, Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk, Bart Sells His Soul
Categories: Troy McClure, weather
Winner: This Team Doesn't Go In For These Backdoor Shenanigans. Sure, They're Flattered, Maybe A Little Curious, But The Answer Is No Yes

Final Standings:
1. This Team Doesn't Go In For These Backdoor Shenanigans. Sure, They're Flattered, Maybe A Little Curious, But The Answer Is No Yes, 48.5 pts (won tiebreaker)
1. Gentlemen: To Evil, 48.5 pts
3. That Team Where You're Lying In Bed And We Fly In Through The Window, 47 pts
4. Hell Labs: Ironic Punishment Division, 44 pts
5. All The Other Teams Are S.O.B.s, 43 pts
6. The Mediocre Presidents, 42 pts
7. Our English Is Not Perfect But We Must Tell You: Your Trivia Is Like Swill To Us? Do We Have That Right? We Are Saying Only A Swine Would Answer This Trivia. Ja, But Thank You Anyway, 41 pts
7. We Always Imagined We'd Spend our 20s In A Bar Playing Simpsons Trivia, But Then We Were Very Depressed Children, 41 pts
9. This Trivia Will Have No Effect On Your Grades, It Merely Determines Your Future Social Status And Financial Success…If Any, 40.5 pts
10. Welcome To Dumpsville, Population: You, 39 pts
11. Hortense The Mule-Faced Team, 38.5 pts
12. They're All Here: Otto Von Bismarck, Maurice Chevalier, Right Down To Jay Leno, 37.5 pts
13. The First Non-Brazilian Team To Travel Back In Time, 36.5 pts
14. This Is A Fine Team But Sure 'Tis No Pool, English, 35 pts
15. Blabbermouth, The Jerky Team For Jerks, 34 pts
16. Works On Contingency? No, Money Down!, 33.5 pts
17. We Want Chilly Willy, 33 pts
18. The Cleveland Show, 32.5 pts
19. We Still Love Ya Ciggy, 31.5 pts
20. Discovery Channel, 30.5 pts
21. The Falkland Islands Have Just Been Invaded, I Repeat, The Falklands Have Been Invaded, 29 pts
22. You Don't Even Want To Know What That Team's Into, 27.5 pts
23. Sarcastic Horse, 26 pts
24. The Itchy Lot, 25.5 pts
25. The Legend Of The Dog-Faced Woman, 23 pts
25. How Many Gazebos Do You She-Males Need?, 23 pts
27. Nothing At All, Nothing At All, Nothing At All, 21.5 pts
28. Knifey-Spooney, 19.5 pts
29. Dig Your Own Grave And Save, 16 pts
29. Team Discovery Channel, 16 pts
31. Everything's Coming Up Milhouse, 12.5 pts
32. Good Team Names Don't End In -Eum, They End In -Mania Or -Teria, 8 pts
33. A Name That's Witty At First But Seems Less Funny Each Time You Hear It, 7.5 pts
34. Formerly Wandering I Nudist Colony, 7 pts

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