Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 11, 2014 - Toronto

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: Last Temptation Of Homer, I'm With Cupid, I Love Lisa
Categories: Milhouse, Hallowe'en
Winner: meh.

Final Standings:
1. meh., 50 pts
2. 'Tis No Team. 'Tis A Remorseless Eating Machine, 46 pts
3. The Team That Would Be Happy To Win Shameful Bronze, 44 pts
3. The Team That Doesn't Like The Idea of Milhouse Having Two Spaghetti Meals In One Day, 44 pts
5. Homercles Cares Not For Team, 43.5 pts
6. Hark To The Tale Of The Nelsons & The Boy The Loved So Dear, 42.5 pts
6. Here At Globez, We Don't Believe In Team Names. In Fact, I Didn't Even Give You My Coat!, 42.5 pts
6. We Would Also Like To Express Our Fondness For That Particular Beer, 42.5 pts
9. My Theory Is: Skinner Likes Dog Food, 42 pts
9. The Rand Corporation In Conjunction With The Saucer People Under The Supervision Of The Reverse Vampires, 42 pts
9. The Stupid Morons With Ugly Faces And Big Butts And Our Butts Smell, 42 pts
12. I Do Believe We're Naked, 40.5 pts
13. Sex Cauldron, 39 pts
14. Handsome Homer Simpsons Plus Three, 38 pts
15. Power Plant Projections For Pete Porter In Pasadena, 37.5 pts
15. The Team That's Always Standing And Walking, 37.5 pts
17. Maybe It's The Beer Talking Marge, But You've Got A Butt That Won't Quit, 37 pts
17. We're Here, We're Queer, We Don't Want Any More Bears, 37 pts
19. We're A Team Of Few Words. Any Questions?, 36.5 pts
20. Kees Us Or Vee'll Krush You, 35.5 pts
20. The Partilally-Gelatinated Non-Dairy Gum-Based Beverages, 35.5 pts
20. The Weiner Patrol, 35.5 pts
23. We Like Roy, 33 pts
24. We Came To Burgle Carnegie Hall, 32 pts
25. Be Unto Like The Boy, 31.5 pts
25. The Damn Hell Ass Kings, 31.5 pts
27. Pepito: The Biggest Cat In The Whole Wide World, 31 pts
28. Put It In H, 30.5 pts
28. Sweet Merciful Crap! My Car!, 30.5 pts
28. The Langdon Algers (They're Quiet And Enjoy Puzzles), 30.5 pts
31. The Big Team of British Smiles, 30 pts
31. The I Didn't Do It Dancers, 30 pts
33. The Doll's Trying To Kill Me And The Toaster's Been Laughing At Me, 29 pts
34. That Trivia Answer Wasn't Appropriate For Children! Really? I Keep My Pants On In This One, 28.5 pts
35. Abortions For Some, 28 pts
36. The Cadillac Lounge? They Didn't Even Give Free Beer To Those Freed Iranian Hostages, 27.5 pts
37. Bent Wookies, 27 pts
37. The Team With Bees In The Mouths, So When They Bark They Shoot Bees At You, 27 pts
37. We Like Roy! We Like Roy!, 27 pts
40. We Now Return To The Return Of The Pink Panther Returns, 26.5 pts
41. JP's Bonerland, 25 pts
41. Let's "Bee" Friends. It Says "Bee" And There's a Picture Of A Bee On It, 25 pts
43. Awww, the Denver Broncos!, 23.5 pts
43. This Team Was In The Cloest Making Babies, And I Saw One Of The Babies And The Baby Looked At Me, 23.5 pts
45. Simpsons Trivia - February 11, 2014. Creativity Ho!, 23 pts
46. Man Alive, There Are Men Alive In Here, 20.5 pts
47. Team KKK…Uh, That's Not Good, 20 pts
48. Things That Rhyme With Corey, 19.5 pts
49. Is This Team Going To Win? Most People Would Say "No, Of Course Not. What Kind Of A Stupid Question Is That?", 19 pts
50. The Lesson Is: Never Try, 16 pts
51. It Was The Best Of Teams, It Was The Blurst Of Teams?!, 4 pts

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