Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 5, 2013 - Brooklyn

Location: Berry Park
Episodes: Lard of the Dance, War of the Simpsons, Das Bus
Categories: Snake, education
Winner: Smooth Jimmy Apollo's Lock Of The Week

Final Standings:
1. Smooth Jimmy Apollo's Lock Of The Week, 46 pts (won tiebreak)
1. Non-Threatening Boys, 46 pts
3. The Team That Is Directly Under The Earth's Sun....Now, 44.5 pts
4. Senor Ding Dongs Doorbell Fiesta, 43 pts
4. The Team That Still Has Enough Money To Buy The Cleveland Browns, 43 pts
6. Punch It Neddy! I Can't, It's A Geo, 42.5 pts
7. Trivia Teams Can Be So Cruel, 42 pts
8. Rabbi, Is It Right To Attend Simpsons Trivia Instead of Synagogue?, 41.5 pts
9. Forget About The Team Name, When Do We Get The Freakin' Guns?, 39.5 pts
10. The She-She Lounge, 39 pts
11. A Mathematician, A Different Kind of Mathematician, and A Statistician, 38.5 pts
12. The Brotherhood of Jewish Clowns, 37.5 pts
13. A Team That Is Just Like The Other Teams, But With One Important Difference. Oh. They Took That Out. Then Yes, It Is Just Like The Other Teams, 37 pts
14. Bovine University Reunion Party, 36 pts
15. Iron Helps Us Play, 35.5 pts
16. The Christ Punchers 2, 35 pts
17. We Are Not Communists. We May be Liars, Pigs, and Communists, But We Are Not Porn Stars, 34 pts
18. Who Are We? The Wildcats! Who Are We Gonna Beat? The Wildcats!, 32 pts
19. Are You Wearing A Grocery Bag? I Have Misplace My Pants, 31.5 pts
19. Lee Carvalho's Putting Challenge, 31.5 pts
21. Sex Cauldron, 31 pts
22. History's Greatest Monster, 28.5 pts
23. The Finger Thing Means The Taxes, 27.5 pts
24. A Chinese Cartoon Where Robots Turn Into Blingwads, 27 pts
25. The Greased Scotsman, 26 pts
26. Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo, 25.5 pts
27. We're Buying Our Score On The Installment Plan, 22.5 pts
28. Get Confident, Stupid, 18.5 pts
28. The Team Whose Name You'd Love To Touch, But You Mustn't Touch, 18.5 pts
30. The Globex Corporation, 17.5 pts
31. It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Blurst Of Times, 16.5 pts
32. Hell's Pals, 15 pts
33. Thrillho, 14 pts
34. Pee-Pee-Soaked Heck Hole, 13.5 pts
35. The Holy Rollers, 13 pts
36. The Rusty Barnacles, 11 pts

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