Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 6, 2013 - Brooklyn

Location: Berry Park
Episodes: Bart's Friend Falls In Love, Bart After Dark, Stark Raving Dad
Categories: Fat Tony, Nicknames
Winner: The Team That's Doing Quite Well In Home Ec

Final Standings:
1. The Team That's Doing Quite Well In Home Ec, 47 pts
2. The Pimps and The C.H.U.D.S., 44.5 pts
3. The Alight Eam, 43.5 pts
3. It's A Bob Mackie, 43.5 pts
5. Senor Ding Dong's Door Bell Fiesta, 43 pts
6. The Congealed Group, 42.5 pts
7. Dickety, Highly Dubious, 41 pts
8. Flavor Bar And The Marzipan Joy-Joys, 40.5 pts
8. We Made Enough Gazpacho For All!, 40.5 pts
8. I'm Not Wearing A Tie At All, 40.5 pts
8. I Want You To Play With My Ding-A-Ling, 40.5 pts
12. Raisin Roundies, 40 pts
12. The Other Babies, 40 pts
14. Yvan Eht Nioj, 38 pts
14. A Team That Gets Bizzay, Consistently and Thoroughly, 38 pts
16. Annual Gift Man Lives On The Moon, 37.5 pts
17. The Team That's Not Only Not Learning, But Forgetting Stuff They Used To Know, 36.5 pts
18. A Group of Oil Tycoons Who Make Foolish Purchases, 36 pts
19. It's Not Really A Floor, More Of A Steel Grating That Allows Trivia To Sluice Through, 35.5 pts
19. Hark To The Tale Of Nelson and The Boy He Loves So Dear, They Remained The Best of Friends For Years And Years And Years, 35.5 pts
19. Holy Smokes, This Team Needs Booze, 35.5 pts
22. Wang Computers, 34.5 pts
23. Disparaging The Boot Is  A Bootable Offense, 32.5 pts
23. But Moe, The Dank, The Dank!, 32.5 pts
25. Mrs. Krebappel And Principal Skinner Were In The Closet Making Babies And I Saw One Of The Babies And Then The Baby Looked At Me, 31.5 pts
26. The Suckiest Bunch Of Sucks That Ever Sucked, 30 pts
27. The Damn Hell Ass Kings, 28.5 pts
28. Pepsi Presents Addition And Subtraction, 28 pts
29. Milpool, 27 pts
30. With Sexy Results!, 26 pts
30. The Damn Weiner Kids, 26 pts
32. This Team Isn't Popular Enough To Be Different, 25.5 pts
33. Stupid Babies Need The Most Attention, 25 pts
34. The Big Book of British Smiles, 24 pts
35. I'll Be Gus, The Lovable Chimney Sweep: Clean As A Whistle, Sharp As A Thistle, Best In All Westminster, Yeah, 22.5 pts
36. The Leader Beans, 21 pts
37. Purple Fruit, 20 pts
38. Needs More Dog, 19.5 pts
39. Rocky VII: Adrian's Revenge, 18 pts
39. Mattel & Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour, 18 pts
41. If You're Reading This, You Have No Life, 17.5 pts
42. We Need More Bort License Plates, I Repeat, We Are Sold Out Of Bort License Plates, 9 pts
43. Bake 'Em Away, Toys, 8 pts
44. The Popes of Chilitown, 7 pts

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