Thursday, August 16, 2018

August 14, 2018 - Toronto 8 Year Anniversary Show

Location : The Cadillac Lounge
Categories : JON LOVITZ!, Celebrity Guest Voices
Episodes : The Way We Was, Homer the Vigilante, The Day The Violence Died
Matt Smith Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Team Naming: Upon Closer Inspection, These Are Loafers, Former Gophers

*No scores were kept this month, it was just for fun!!! We do have winners from our Diorama-rama contest! Check out the Facebook group for photos AND awesome pics of the cromulent performance by The Be Sharps!*
Team names are listed in no particular order. Did we miss your team name? Did you hand your sheet in??? That's why we missed it! Remember to hand them in after each round

1. Chowders
2. The Homewreckers
4. Always Twirling, Twirling, TWIRLING Towards Victory!
5. Step Pause Pivot Pause Pivot Step Step NOT Step Pause Pivot Pause Pivot Step Pause *Shudder*
6. Lovematic Grampa
7. 3 Eyed Fish
8. Egg Advisory Council
9. Mr. Scorpion
10. The Shinning(Shhh, Do You Want To Get Sued?!?)
11. They Came to Burgle the Cadillac Lounge!
12. Upon Closer Inspection, These Are Loafers, Former Gophers
13. The Be Sharps
14. Team Discovery Channel Jeremy's Iron
15. Only WE May Dance
16. Ever See A Team Say Goodbye to a Shoe? Yes, Once.
17. Bob Mackie Originals : Our Team Name Is As Bad As The Tasteless Itchy and Sambo Cartoons of the 30's
18. Kwik-E-Mart Gougers : If We Could Turn Back the Clock on Sex Cauldron's Stair Pushing, We Wouldn't Reconsider
19. We Played Simpsons Trivia For Years and We Turned Out TV
20. The Buses That Couldn't Slow Down
21. Your Older, Balder, Fatter Team
22. Pin Pals
23. Chris Brazeau Has Taken Our Money to Build.....ONE HELLUVA SPACESHIP!
24. MENDOZA!!!!!
25. The Scoutmasters
26. The Al-Coholics
27. The Duds
28. Kippers for Breakfast, Aunt Chris? Is It Trivia Day Already? 'Tis! Replied Aunt Chris
29. An All-Star Team of Freelance Terrorists
30. No Homers Club
31. I Bent My Wookie
32. We Can't Wait to Eat That Monkey
33. The Popli Kids
34. Cesspool on the Don River (CESSPOOL CESSPOOL CESSPOOL!)
35. Dimoxinil
36. In Your Face, Space Coyote!
37. No Kids, 3 Money
38. The Starting Line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers

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