Friday, July 13, 2018

July 10th, 2018 - Toronto

Location : Cadillac Lounge
Categories : Fat Tony, Food & Drink
Episodes : Bart of Darkness, Kamp Krusty, Radio Bart
Winners : Kwik-E-Mart Gougers: We're Back in Business...That Was A Scary Couple of Hours.

* Does your team's score seem low? Don't blame the Bear Tax! You may have forgotten to hand in all your team sheets or changed your name half way through the night! Remember to hand them in at the end of each round or notify us if you've changed your name!*

1. Kwik-E-Mart Gougers: We're Back in Business...That Was A Scary Couple of Hours - 47 pts
2. Trivia Is In Danger of Getting Stale. We're Taking It To Strange New Places - 45 pts
3. Brain, It's All Up To You. If You Don't Think Of A Great Team Name, We'll Lose Matt Smith Forever. Eat the Pudding Eat the Pudding....... - 44.5 pts
4. Sex Cauldron - 42.5 pts
5. The Wee Turtles - 42 pts
5. You have selected REGICIDE - 42 pts
7. Forward, Back to Center! Center Holds It, Holds It...HOLDS IT!!! - 41.5 pts
7. The Whitey Whackers - 41.5 pts
9. The Devil's Cabana Boys - 40.5 pts
10. Should We Do This Trivia Gangland Style or Execution Style? - 40 pts
11. Your Older, Balder, Fatter Team. - 38.5 pts
12. Questions? Questions?! Oh, Our Whole Scheme Down The..I Mean Ask Away! - 37.5 pts
12. We've Got Two Tickets to Paradise! - 37.5 pts
14. Team Names Are So Long These Days! Isn't There Some Way We Could Make Money Off That? - 36.5 pts
15. Chris, Can You Set the Oven to Cold? - 35 pts
16. A Single Plum, Floating in Perfume, Served In A Man's Hat. - 34.5 pts
17. The Queens of the Harpies! - 34 pts
18. We Can't Answer Trivia Like We Used To, But We Have Our Ways. One Trick Is To Tell Them Stories that Don't Go Anywhere, Like the Time We Caught the Ferry OIver to Shelbyville...33.5 pts
19. Our Team Should Be Able to Run Over As Many Kids As We Want! - 32.5 pts
20. Iron Helps Us Play! - 31pts
20. Wait Chris, What Was That Last Thing You Said? Grandpa's Little Helper? WHAT'S THAT? - 31 pts
20. Each Answer Brings Us Closer to God. Catch Me Lord, Catch Me! - 31 pts
20. Always Tip Your Postal Workers - 31 pts
20. Men, There's a Little Crippled Boy Sitting in the Hospital Who Wants You to Win This Trivia. I Know, Because I Crippled Him Myself to Inspire You. - 31 pts
25. Chowders - 30.5 pts
26. And I'm Not Out of Order. You're Out of Order! The Whole Freakin' System Is Out of Order! You Want The Truth, You Can't Handle The Truth! Cause When You Reach Over and Put Your Hand Into A Pile of Goo That Was Your Best Friend's Face, You'll Know What To Do! FORGET MARGE! IT'S CHINATOWN! - 30 pts
27. The Happy Sumos - 28.5 pts
28. Nine Misfortunes - 27.5 pts
29. Bob Mackie Originals - 27 pts
30. By Reading This Team Name Out Loud, You Have Waived Any Legal Responsibility On Our Part in Perpetuity, Throughout the Universe. - 26.5 pts
31. Ogdenville Outlet - 26 pts
31. The Muddy Mae Suggins Experience! - 26 pts
33. This Has Trivia In It, Trivia Is A Fruit. - 24 pts
33. The Team Whose Name is Witty At First But That Seems Less Funny Each Time You Hear It. - 24 pts
35. Poochie's Home Planet- 23.5 pts
36. The Older, Balder, Fatter Sons - 23 pts

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