Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 10, 2016 - CALGARY

Location: Dickens Pub
Episodes: Deep Space Homer, Homer Loves Flanders, Bart Gets an Elephant
Categories: Rod & Todd Flanders, Redacted III
Winner: Not Right Now, I’m Too Drunk

1. Not Right Now, I’m Too Drunk, 48
2. Battling Seizure Robots, 41.5
2. So anyway, Ezra and Adam are never around on Saturdays and they don’t tell me where they go. It’s like a conspiracy! A conspiracy eh? You think they might be involved in the Kennedy assassination in some way? I do… now., 41.5
4. Adam, your infatuation is based on a physical attraction, talk to Ezra and you’ll realize you have nothing in common., 40.5
5. The Rand Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people, under the supervision of the reverse vampires are forcing Ezra and Adam to go to bed early in a fiendish plot to eliminate Simpsons Trivia - we’re through the looking glass, people., 36.5
6. Pin Pals 69, 33.5
7. I call the big one Bitey., 33.5
8. Hooty McBoob and the Fat Cats, 29.5
9. Bar Team +3, 27.5
10. Flancrest Enterprises, 23
11. No TV and no beer make us something something., 20.5
12. Ahhh, I’m just a big, toasty cinnamon bun. I never want to leave this bed. Uh oh, gotta take a quiz. Think man, think. Think, think, think! …I better get up., 15.5

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