Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 19, 2015 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Uter, Money
Episodes: Treehouse of Horror I, Treehouse of Horror II, Treehouse of Horror IV
Winners: No Matter How Many Questions Neil Asks Us, We Don’t Do Nothing. We Don’t Want to Get Dragged into a Trivia Night, Here (tie-breaker winner)

1. No Matter How Many Questions Neil Asks Us, We Don’t Do Nothing. We Don’t Want to Get Dragged into a Trivia Night, Here, 49.5 pts (tie-breaker winner)
1. Our Feet Hurt. All This Trivia is Making Our Hair Move and We Don’t Know How Much Longer We Can Complain, 49.5 pts
3. The Caramel Cods, 49 pts
4. Have You Noticed Any Change in Neil? / New Co-Host? / No, He Looks Like Something Might Be Disturbing Him. / Probably Misses His Old Co-Host, 47 pts
5. New York is a Hell Hole and You Know How I Feel About Hell Holes, 46.5 pts
6. This Team is Moving In with Two Sexy Ladies, 46 pts
6. Dad, You Killed the Zombie Neil! / He Was A Zombie?, 46 pts
6. Hey Everybody! I’m a Stupid Moron with an Ugly Team and a Big Butt and My Team Smells and I Like to Kiss My Own Team, 46 pts
9. P.C. Thugs, 45.5 pts
10. Hey Neil… Wing Me Another One of Them, uh… Pizzas, Would Ya? Can’t Seem to… Stand Up Under My Own Power Anymore, 44.5 pts
11. This Team Constructed a Board with a Nail in It, But They Won’t Stop There.  This Team Will Construct Bigger Boards with Bigger Nails, and Then They'll Construct a Board with Nails in It So Big, It Will Destroy Them All, 43.5 pts
11. And That Little Boy Who Nobody Liked Grew Up to Be… Neil Arsenty, 43.5 pts
13. Well, We're Going to Stand Around for 3 Hours or So and Then We'll Close With the Ethnic Comedy of Arsenty and Dirschwitz, 42 pts
14. What’s a Team Conway? / About 500 pounds!, 41.5 pts
15. Wacky Shack, 40.5 pts
15. Some Stupid Aussie Drongos, 40.5 pts
17. Mr Arsenty, You Can Take Your Trivia and… Run It. And One More Thing: This Team Never Once Washed Our Hands. That's Your Policy -- Not Ours!, 40 pts
18. Neil Arsenty: Teacher, Mother, Secret Lover, 39.5 pts
19. Oh, You Americans with Your Simpsons Trivia and Fair Trials! This is Always So Much Easier in Mexico, 39 pts
19. Can We Get a Pool, Neil? Can We Get a Pool, Neil? Can We Get a Pool, Neil?, 39 pts
21. Senor Ding Dong’s Doorbell Fiesta, 38.5 pts
22. I'm a Big Four-Eyed Lame-o and I Wear the Same Stupid Sweater Every Day!, 36.5 pts
23. The Team That Has That Chewing Gum Walk (Very Wrigley!), 35 pts
23. The (Sigh) Wife, 35 pts
23. Yeah, Neil, the Bears Sure Did Suck Last Night. They Just Plain Sucked! I’ve Seen Teams Suck Before But They Were the Suckiest Bunch of Sucks Who Ever Sucked, 35 pts
23. The Popes of Chili Town, 35 pts
27. Worker and Parasite, 34 pts
28. We’re the First Non-Brazilian Team to Travel Backwards Through Time, 32.5 pts
29. Boo-urns, 28.5 pts
29. We’ve Got Paul Anka’s Guarantee, 28.5 pts
31. The Creators of Hi and Lois, 25 pts
32. Don’t Blame Canada - They Voted for Kodos, 24 pts
33. Millipede and the Whitey Whackers, 22.5 pts
34. Katherine Hepburn’s “Me”, 21 pts
35. We Prefer Freaks or Monsters, 19.5 pts
36. Mouthbreathers of Sector 7G, 9.5 pts

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