Monday, September 14, 2015

September 3, 2015 - Brooklyn, NY

Location: Berry Park
Categories: Lionel Hutz; Vacations/Trips
Episodes: Homer the Vigilante, The Two Mrs. Nahassapeemipetilons, Separate Vocations
Winner: It was worth sneaking into Berry Park. That was some good corn

1. It was worth sneaking into Berry Park. That was some good corn, 49 points
2. I know neil has his problems, but compared to the Dans, he's judge freaking reinhold!, 47.5 points
3. So I said look Dans, your car was upside down when I got here, and as for your grandma, she shouldn't have mouthed off like that, 47 points
4. They came to burgle berry park!, 46 points
5. But we already came up with a team name. It took seven hours but we did it. It's done, 45.5 points
6. The only foundation repair team in town, 43 points
7. The birthday boy or girl, 42.5 points
8. Here's You! (Unflattering drawings of Dan and Dan), 41.5 points
8. Masters of ceremonies, Mulhall and Ozzi, like to act tough but they also like to host simpsons trivia weaing control top pantyhose, 41.5 points
10. Skeleton Power, 41 points
10. GBM Seeking SOulmate, 41 points
12. Aurora Borealis at this time of year at this time of day localized entirely within this bar, 40.5 points
13. Hired Goons, 39 points
14. I am the lizard team!, 38 points
15. Manufacturers of Bort TM license plates, 37.5 points
16. Srgt Skinner and the Kill Bot Factory Veterans, 37 points
16. The Pin Pals, 37 points
16. Our team name is otto and we love to get blotto, 37 points
19. The dead white male bashing PC thugs, 36 points
20. The country fried rubes, 33.5 points
21. Attention Berry Park, your son Dan has been arrested. Attention Berry Park, we've also arrested your older balder fatter Dan, 32 points
22. Soon the Dans will be queens of summertime. Uh we mean Kings. Kings!, 31 points
23. Roger Corman's 1000 dollar movie, 30.5 points
24. Sweet Merciful Crap!, 29.5 points
25. Those Rowdy Members of Chug-a-Lug house, 29 points
26. I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer, 26.5 points
27. Little Johnny Live a Lot, 25.5 points
27. Halfback passes to center, back to the wing, back to center, center holds it. holds it! holds it!, 25.5 points
29. My team is also named Bort, 25 points
30. Stoner's Pot Palace, 24.5 points
30. Sportszilla and the Jabberjockies, 24.5 points
32. They stole, they slept, they were rude to the customers. Still, there go the best damn trivia hosts a bar ever had., 23.5 points
33. Dan your dumb as a mule and twice as ugly, 22.5 points
34. Dental Plan, 21.5 points
35. Fudd, 20 points
36. Hardcore Nudity!!!, 15.5 points
37. Hellfish bonanza, 11.5 points
37. Steamed Hams, 11.5 points

39. Not sure if diddly or ding dang doodly, 4 points

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