Friday, March 13, 2015

March 5, 2015 - Brooklyn

Location: Berry Park
Categories: Milhouse; Friendship
Episodes: Marge vs. the Monorail; Fear of Flying; Lisa's Rival
Oh we don't ask the trivia questions here. That's done in Flint, Michigan.

Final Standings:

1. Oh we don't ask the trivia questions here. That's done in Flint, Michigan., 47.5 pts
2. One of the Little Rascals, 47 pts
2. This can't be right, this trivia team is 104% body fat, 47 pts
4. Remember, Dan's the sweet perfect minister's daughter, and Dan's just yellow trash, 46 pts
5. Lamentably This Team's Gastronomic Rapacity Knows No Satiety, 42.5 pts
6. That giant inflatible dos equis bottle, 40.5 pts
7. I oughta replace it right now with that Chinese trivia where the hosts turn into blingwads but I'm a lazy lazy man Dan, 40 pts
8. Pukahontas, 35.5 pts
8. Homer Ozzi and the Straw, 35.5 pts
10. Dan Mulhall drives a car like this, but Dan Ozzi drives a car like this, 35 pts
11. Hello, this is the repo depot, I'm just pretending I'm a team name while we repossess your plow, 33 pts
12. Sisters Are DOing it For Themselves, 32.5 pts
13. The drunken Irish novelists of Springfield, 32 pts
14. Hello Newman, 31.5 pts
15. Hey you're Dan Mulhall... yes... you're good at simpsons trivia... yes.... i like simpsons trivia... so? ... so are you better than me? .... well i dont know you but yes, 29.5 pts
16. Neglectorinos, 28.5 pts
17. Goons. Hired Goons, 28 pts
18. Ho Ju, 27.5 pts
19. Can our team have the keys to the car lover? We feel like changing wigs, 26 pts
20. May the force be with you Alfalfa Nimoy, 25 pts
21. Everything's comin up Milhouse!, 24.5 pts
22. Hey Everybody, Im a stupid moron with an ugly face and an ugly butt and my butt smells aaaaand i like to kiss my own butt, 23.5 pts
23. Knoxville! knoxville! Knoxville!, 18 pts
23. This team will hug and kiss some poisonous snakes!... now that's sarcasm!, 18 pts
25. Works on Contingency? No! Money Down!, 17.5 pts
26. Up yours, children!, 15 pts
27. Thrillho, 9.5 pts
28. Those Big Wheels from the Cracker Factory , 6.5 pts

29. Al Coholics, 2 pts

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