Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 10th, 2015 - Toronto Valentine's Edition

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: New Kid On The Block, Bart's Friend Falls in Love, The Way We Was
Categories: Selma Bouvier, Sentimental Moments
Winners: The Nelsons Ft Why Does The Team Name Need to be Zany

1.The Nelsons Ft Why Does The Team Name Need to be Zany, 47.5 pts
2.Hellooo, that Sounds Like A Trivia Team Fainting(Our Team and Mr Simpson split a case of malt liquor), 44.5 pts
3.Sex Cauldron, 43 pts
4.The Older They Get The Cuter They Ain't, 42.5 pts
5.The Rand Corporation, in conjunction with the Saucer People, under the supervision of the Reverse Vampire, 41.5 pts
6.Keep That Handsome Co-Host Out Of Sight, He`s Distracting the Female Trivia Players, 41 pts
6.Team`s Named Like My Name, 41 pts
8.Beer Barons, 40.5 pts
9.The Indignation Coordinators, 40 pts
10.Gloria Vanderbilt Out For Revenge, 39
11.Prisoner 24601, 38.5 pts
11.Soon We Will Be The Queens of Trivia…..Kings! Kings!, 38.5 pts
13.The Class of 1974 - Heyyy…Sit On It!, 38 pts
14.We`re The Stupid Morons with Ugly Faces, 37.5 pts
15.My Team`s A Box! Damn You, A Box!, 36.5 pts
16.Remember When I Went To Trivia and I Forgot How To Drive?, 36 pts
16.We Love You Dr Zaius, 36 pts
18.As of this Moment this Team No Longer Exists, Say Hello to Miguel Sanchez!, 35.5 pts
18.Sheri but Not Terri, 35.5 pts
20.Legitimate Businessman`s Social Club, 35 pts
21.The Honor Rollers, 34 pts
21.Ugly & Hate Filled, 34 pts
23.We Sir, Are Baboons! Baboons Baboons Baboons. BABOONS!!, 33.5 pts
24. Two Bad Neighbours, 33 pts
25.I Wash Myself With A Rag On A Stick, 32.5 pts
25.Our Team is Hatless! I Repeat, Hatless!, 32.5pts
25.The Denver Broncos, 32.5 pts
28.Ayn Rand School For Tots, 32 pts
29.Alright! Alright! We'll Walk In The Mud!, 31 pts
29.Balsam Specific!?, 31 pts
29.The Team That`s Collecting Canned Goods for the Starving People on, uh, You Know, One of them Loser Teams, 31 pts
32.Just a Bunch Of Rory Calhouns, 30.5pts
32.The Clinking Clattering Cacophany of Colligenous Cogs and Camshifts, 30.5pts
34.Iron Helps Us Play! Hello Joe!, 30 pts
34.We Are The Mediocre Presidents, 30 pts
36.5 Bees For A Quarter, 29.5 pts
36.I`m On A Rolla Gay!, 29.5 pts
36.Whale Kissing Dukakis Hugging Moon Maidens, 29.5 pts
39.The Wild Cats, 28.5 pts
40.The Fruit Punch Advisory Board, 27.5 pts
41.Don`t Do What Team Donny Don`t Does, 26.5 pts
42.My Granny Can't Fight, But You Should See Her Box, 26 pts
42.My Legs Hurt, 26 pts
42.Only I May Dance, 26 pts
42.The Rowdy Roddy Peepers, 26 pts
42.Tralalalumphadoos!, 26 pts
47.Hogging The Eyepiece, 25.5 pts
47.Heybuddyyougottaslowyourcardown and letmeinbecauseI'mabigfatguyandIcan'tgoanywherebecausethere'sgoingtobesomepoisongas Imeanthere'sREALLYgoingtobesomepoinsongasandeveryone'sgoing tobedeadESPECIALLYME!, 25.5 pts
49.Lousy Smarch Weather, 24.5 pts
50.We Paid For Blood!, 24 pts
51.Santos L Halpers, 23 pts
51.The Globex Corporation, 23 pts
53.Das Bus, 22.5 pts
54.Baby With A Nail Gun, 22 pts
55.Anything Slim!, 17 pts
56.You Killed Kenny!, 15 pts
57.Boshoooo!! Banana Tree!!!, 13.5 pts
58.The Flaming Maus, 10.5 pts
59.Stupid Lisa Garbage Face, 9.5 pts

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